Is this true: the new spoiler 2

I feel this article is not true
TEI: Kunj returns in negative avatar seeing Twinkle with Yuvi Upcoming Twist

Sunday, May 29 2016

Yuvi (Zain Imam) and Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) get married post Kunj’s (Siddhant Gupta) death in Tashan E Ishq

The upcoming episode of Tashan E Ishq will show that Twinkle is shocked when everyone makes her believe that Kunj is no more.

Yuvi takes care of Twinkle and her baby after Kunj’s death.

On the other hand, Twinkle try to settle her life with Yuvi and her baby thinking that she is doing all this for Kunj and her baby.

Twinkle soon gets storm in her life when Kunj returns in her life with a new face.

Kunj destroys Twinkle’s life

After accident, Kunj’s face gets changed and he comes to meet his wife Twinkle but is shattered seeing she is happy with Yuvi.

Kunj turns negative thinking Twinkle betrays him and decides to destroy her life.

Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

According to sources,
Rafi malik who was seen in tere shehar main as RAMASHREY will be our new #kunj sarna…..

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  1. This article is not true tei fc admin confirmed waise bhi sidhant left so show boring hojayega ab. No use

  2. no not rafi malik he is good but I don’t like his voice and ya he doesn’t soot to jasmin it is better not bring new kunj

  3. what ?? where is kunj and where is that rafi malik . no match at all . disgusting

  4. Nooo!! This can’t happen??. I want Sid back in TEI and that too as Kunj in a positive role

  5. Guyz we have to support kunj in jdj….we will vote for him… its time to show him our support

  6. Wtf
    It would have been better if kunj have died as sid won’t b there
    More over Twinj as sidmin was rockd
    Anyway I got news f jas leaving d showi don’t know if its just a rumer r its true but ??

    In sid no kunj no tei from now on

  7. lolzzz wht the hell.. its so stupid..i hope its fake…

    1. no dis is not fake tara i had also seen dat rafi malik is going to role as kunj
      its bttr if kunj had die i cnt see any other b*****d in plce of sid

  8. No yrr guyzzz chill it’s fake spoiler tei fc admin clearly stated that don’t believe on such articles ……we all have to only trust the articles from trusted source like telly chakkar nd Indian Forum….
    Don’t take tension ; waise bhi poora serial to barbad hogaya hai to ab chahe director Kuch bhi kre I don’t care….

  9. neverrrrrrr in wildest dreams…… cant jst directors wait yaar….. sid can make a cm back aftr jdj…. i would hv waited…. nd this rafi malik… .. arghh….. worst choice…. he is not even capable of playing role if cherry….. lead toh bahut durr ki baat hai…..

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