true love wins over every hatred (episode 9)


hi guyss its virja. finally my exams r over n i did a great job in them. i tried uploading episode 9 earlier but i dont know y it didnt got posted so here we go. i hope u like today’s episode. plzz comment n let me know ur views. and special thanks to all the silent readers!!

Episode 9
Recap – khushi’s little bit past revealed; ishra moments

The episode starts with khushi and raman coming down for breakfast after ishita. Everyone gets glad seeing khushi smiling
Khushi – good morning everyone…
Shashi – good morning beta, how u feeling now??
Abhi – ofc shes fine uncle, look shes looking so bright
Khushi – i m fine dad but what r u doing here in the morning itself n that too with ishita??
Abhi – arey yaar, i wanted to eat aunty’s hand made food so i came here n ishita wanted to meet u guys so she came wid me itself
Khushi – oh ok, btw howzz uncle?? Y didnt u bring him too?
Abhi – arey yaar he was not feeling well so he is resting

Khushi – oh ok… mom wher’s lavanya??
Garima – beta she said that there was a meeting in office so she left early to check the arrangements
Raman – arey akash don’t u think gabru’s better when she’s quiet (laughs)
Akash – true bhai, u know its just so nice n quiet when girls are not around
Khushi – accha bacchu, u just see now n she starts running after him n raman
Garima – beta careful don’t run like this if one of u fall n akash are u not getting late for college??
Akash – yes maa, i’ll go u carry on raman!!
Raman – arey yaar y r u leaving me alone wid this devil?? I’ll also come to drop u!! N they both run out of the house
Khushi – see dad… they both r the worst brothers ever…
Abhi – y do u worry doll when i m here
Ishita – ohho u both started ur sentimental talks!! Come on stop it both of u n bhai i have to go to work!! Can we leave?? (guys ishita is a designer n owns a shop)
Abhi – yes princess, even i have to go to studio for a recording!! Ok then bye everyone
Khushi – actually even i’ll leave lavanya must be waiting for me!!
Garima – ok beta bye n all of u go safely
Ishita – ok aunty, bye n take care,
Shashi – ok n u keep coming ishu!!

Ishita – ok uncle! Bye!! So ishu, abhi, and Khushi also leave

Next scene –
We see raizada mansion. In raizada mansion raj and simran are talking
Raj – simmi, i feel Khushi felt really bad abt the yesterday’s party… didnt u see how she left the party without telling anyone… n did u see how everyone of them left suddenly after abhi called?? I feel something’s not right
Simran – raj ji even i feel like that, y don’t we go to see them??
Raj – nice idea!! None of the kids would be home this time n even we r free
Simran – ok then lets go!! I’ll go get my purse u sit in the car.
Raj – ok. N so they leave for gupta mansion. Soon they reach gupta mansion
They enter while shashi and garima are watching TV.

Raj – hi everyone!! How r u? (goes forward to hug shashi n garima comes to hug simran)
Shashi – heii raj, hello bhabhiji!! How come u guys r here at this time?? Come sit
Garima – haan bhaiya, simmi bhabhi subha subha u guys here?? Come in come in!!\
Simmi – actually garima didi we came here for serious matter?? They all settled.
Shashi – kon si baat hai bhabhi?? Plzz tell us. Maybe we can give a solution
Raj – shashi actually i don’t know what happened to u guys yesterday, but the way all of u reacted at khushi’s sudden disappearance, the way u all left the party… i felt like something is there which we don’t know

Simran – your reactions got us puzzled, i mean it was just so weird… all of ur scared faces… i just cant take my mind off that.
Raj – and we actually came here just for this reason only. We really want to know what happened??
Shashi – nothing like that raj, it was just that we were worried abt Khushi
Raj – not this time shashi I mean when raman told me not to tell khushi directly abt the party i had a doubt in my mind but when Khushi left without telling anyone my doubt was confirmed. This time i want to know the truth n no excuses.
Simmi – shashi bhaiyya plzz, even we r worried abt Khushi, she is also like our daughter. I understand that parents worry abt their kids n especially daughters, but the way u all were last night, it was something different u were worried abt

Garima – actually yes there was something more to it
Shashi – garima??
Garima – shashi ji plzz, not today… let me tell them the truth. They deserve to know.
Raj – bhabhiji what is it??
Shashi – actually raj my khushi is different from everyone else since childhood. She always cared about her family the most. She has even seen me stuggle for money when i had just started my business. She would laugh in fron tof us both just to bring a smile on our face but from inside she used to worry abt me n her mum. She never said anything to anyone n even raman. During that time when raman used to ask for anything khushi would give her pocket money to raman n let him do whatever he wanted n forgot abt her own wishes. When my business started to grow i was happy. But once again a time came when i had to take many loans n once i took loan from market, but when i couldnt repay it they started to threaten me on khushi’s name. So i decided to send garima, khushi n raman to US so that their lives couldnt be in danger. I didnt even tell garima abt the threats otherwise she would have been worrying abt me all the time.

Garima – at the time we went to US Khushi was in 9th std. She didnt want to go away from her dad, but we forced her to go to US by telling lies. There i started to work so that we can together pay off the loans, so i didnt get time to spend with my kids. That time, it was khushi who had turned a motherly figure for raman. She handled her studies, household chores, etc. very smoothly n in her free time she used to help her father in his business too. She didnt say anything in front of anyone, but used to cry secretly. She missed shashiji a lot over there. Even though she had many friends but she never felt comfortable sharing everything with her friends.
Shashi – everything that she faced shaped her into an introvert person. It was Abhi who was always by her side as a bigger brother. But it couldnt help much. Abhi used to cheer her up but it wasnt enough for her. Whenever i used to visit them she would hug me n cry. She always wanted to come back to me.

Garima – it took us abt 8 years to pay off the debt n by that time khushi was in last year of her college, planning to come back to india after shes done from college. She had one more month before she graduated from college. At that time she heard the news of lavanya’s parents death.
Shashi – she n lavanya were best friends from childhood. Lavanya was born in riches n khushi was born in poverty, but that didnt affect their friendship. They were like sisters. Khushi was more close to lavanya’s parents n lavanya was more close to us. Khushi called lavanya’s parents bade papa and badi maa. They were like 2nd parents to khushi

Garima – the news shattered her. She was so happy abt coming back to her father, her badi maa and her bade papa. She missed them all so much. But the news made her realize that her bade papa n badi maa is no more. She somehow gave her final exams n came back to india as soon as possible.
Shashi – when she came back, both the girls went to stay at lavanya’s house for some days just to feel their parents’ presence and on the other hand we decided to adopt lavanya n akash. Both of them took their time to overcome their grief and we supported them to our fullest.
Garima – slowly we could sense a change in lavanya and khushi. Both were getting back to normal. One day, lavanya told us that according to her father’s will half of their property will go to different charities and the remaining half would be divided equally into 4 parts n each kid would be given 1 share. She also told us that her father always wanted to merge with the gupta industries n so we fulfilled his wish n merged both the industries.

Shashi – to get over her grief lavanya decided to join the company and work. So we allowed her to join n supported her whenever she needed help. She got back to normal, but Khushi wanted to take a break from her work n her daily life. She wanted to go back to her old self, who was always happy, fun-loving, and party animal.
Garima – even she had suffered a lot n so we decided that we will let her go back to her old self. We knew she need a break from her work. We even realized that if khushi goes back to her old self, she will force lavanya to return to her bubbly n sweet nature
Shashi- just to get both our daughters back we decided to let them do what they want. They came back but something more terrible happened with Khushi….

Precap – cute abhigya scenes and some fun….

Credit to: virja

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