true love wins over every hatred (episode 8)


hi guys… its virja. finally i have 3 more papers to go n i will be done with exams. i had time so i decided to update the next episode. n i just want to say that if i post more abt one pair plzz dont get sad bcuz i post abt another pair on the next episode. n i m really sorry for any mistakes. now lets tart with the next episode

Episode 8
Recap – khushi leaves the party

Khushi is in her room sitting on her bed with a pillow crying. Suddenly she hears some foot steps n stops crying n spreads some of the files on her bed n acts like reading something in the files. Abhi sees her so he calls raman n tells him that he found khushi n also tells him to tell everyone too. Abhi enters the room n sits in front of khushi n asks – Khushi y did u leave the party??
K – abhi i suddenly realized that i left some imp work incomplete so i had to rush. I thought that if i tell anyone of u abt it u guys wont let me leave so i left silently
A – oh really, n u think i’ll believe your stupid story??
K – really abhi! Its not a story
A – just shut up don’t lie to me… i know u very well…did u remember him??
Khushi starts crying vigorously n says – when u know everything y do u want me to say it?? U know na what happened 4 years ago with me?? What kriyaan did with me?? U know me top to bottom then y do u make me say everything??
Abhi also starts crying n says – heyy my princess, u r so strong right?? Y r u crying?? Tears don’t look good in ur eyes… i know what ever happened was not right but just forget him, come on ur my strongest sister right??
K – baas abhi, i m tired to listen that khushi’s strong, even i m a human, even i have a limit, i understand everyone’s emotions but y cant people understand my emotions? Everyone knows how to hurt me, nobody knows how to make me happy and comfortable. After whatever kriyaan did with me i forgot how to stay happy, i don’t feel comfortable in crowd, i am not that old khushi who used to love parties n who always stayed happy. In the morning arnav reminded me of kriyaan, he was just as kriyaan was, every moment that i had spended with him just came in front of my eyes. Then i had to agree for raj uncle’s party since he insisted too much n i wasnt in the mood to argue wid him bcuz of the morning incident n there the way he had arranged for my birthday, everything that happened today everything reminded me of that person who has hurted me that most
Abhi was trying to console her – plzz baby, u have to move on from him. I know he has hurted u the most, but u know he has also lost the most precious thing n thats u. U cant cry like this my doll, u cant loose strength, if u will loose strength then who will take care of us
K – abhi, plzz, i don’t have strength anymore, i feel like i m done wid my life, i smile and laugh just cuz of dad, mom, and u guys, i don’t want to see u guys sad, i cant see u guys sad cuz of me, but even i have a limit n today whatever happened i don’t know if it was planned or a co-incidence, but it reminded me of kriyaan
A – if i tell u the truth then yes it was pre-planned but it was just so that u remember that he cheated u on the last the day n u hate him so much that u force urself to forget him and move on
Khushi was shocked to hear his confession – so u knew abt it?? Y did u guys do it, on one hand u want me to move on but at the same time u want me to remember him?? Actually abhi plzz leave me alone. I don’t want to talk wid anyone, just go out if u don’t i’ll go
A – no khushi i wont go plzz try to understand we didnt want to hurt u
Khushi raised her hand n calmly asked him to go but when he didnt she pushed him out of her room n locked the door. By the time gupta family had arrive n started to question him.
Shashi – beta, where’s khushi is she fine??u talked to her??
Abhi – uncle relax… shes fine.. Shes in he rroom and has locked herself in since shes quite hurt by whatever happened n then he tells whatever happened in her room
Raman gets worried n says – abhi y did u tell her about our plan
Abhi – raman relax i had to tell her i couldnt see her crying n i felt we had really hurt her too much.
Raman – gets teary eyed – dad i have to go see but before he can leave abhi holds him back n says – i think we r really pressuring her, in these last 4 years she didnt even say that b****’s name but today she was really hurt. I could see the sadness in her eyes. U know i have never seen her crying like this before. She has been enough hurt n i think we shouldnt force her for anything. I know we all want her happiness, but that can be only possible when she herself is ready to do it.
Garima – i think abhi’s right. I want my daughter to be happy, but not by hurting her more. She has already seen enough in her life. Shes just a young girl n she has faced many things since childhood. Even though she doesnt say anything she gets hurt. Even if she laughs with us she cries when shes alone n i know it being her mother. So now its decided, let her take her own time, let her move on by her own don’t force her.

Raman – but mom i cant see my di like this.
Lavanya – raman plzz, even i think mom’s right. She needs her time. She thinks abt all of us before taking any step. She keeps a smile on her face to see us smiling. If she can think about all of us then even we have to respect her emotions n give her time to get over everything
Abhi – n mark my words, when she gets out of her bed tommorow she will be smiling just to see a smile on all of ur faces
Garima – abhi’s absolutely right. She will have a bright and shining face by morning.
Shashi – if u guys are saying, i will agree but i want to see her right now till i don’t see her i wont feel good.
Raman – ya dad come lets go
Akash – even i m coming bhai n then the trio leaves
Abhi – u guys go on its late and ishu must be waitingg for me so i will leave. i’ll come in tommorow to check on her
Garima – ok beta, but go safely n call after u reach
Abhi – surely aunty. N so abhi leaves
Garima – lavanya, beta plzz go n take rest, tmrw u have a meeting right??
Lav – yes mom, i have to reach early, n ya mom i was thinking that i’ll take her office early tommorow so u know she can get busy in work n not think abt whatever happened today
G – even i was thinking the same beta, atleast she can take her mind off of everything
Lav – yes mom, but for rite now lets go n take rest… good night mom
G – good night beta n so they leave to their respective rooms.

Next scene-
Its morning. Akash, shashi and garima r on the dining table having their breakfast. Suddenly abhi enters with ishita n they both greet the three of them n abhi asks – btw how is khushi?? Is she fine now??
Shashi – till we went in her room she had been already slept
Abhi – oh ok then. I’ll meet her n then leave for office n till then i will eat aunty’s hand’s food he said laughingly
Ishita – yes bhai, even i want to have food but with Khushi n lavanya. Aunty r they upstairs?
Garima – beta lavanya had to go for a meeting so she left. She wanted to stay but couldnt n khushi is in her room upstairs
Ishita – what if lavanya’s not here i m here now so don’t worry aunty. I’ll go to check on her
Garima – ok beta go n so ishita goes to khushi’s room. While ishita’s going to khushi’s room raman is coming out of his room n they both accidentaly hit into each other. Raman gets delighted to see ishita but ishita makes faces. Before she could say anything or leave, raman pulls her into his room n pins her to the wall. Ishita gets shocked n tries to shout but raman closes her mouth tightly n says – my dear ishu darling don’t u dare u shout, but listen to me once n so he leaves her mouth
Ishita – oh plzz raman, i don’t want to listen to ur bak-bak leave my hand i have to go to khushi
Raman – oh my dear darling, i also need u here, everyone is there to take care of khushi but who will take care of me??
Ishita gets irritated – ahhh raman, first of all don’t call me darling, n second of all just come to the point, i don’t have time for ur stupid talks
Raman – ishu, u know exactly what i m talking abt… plzz yaar i said i m sorry… i didnt want to leave u guys but i had to. It was important for me, you, our future
Ishita – raman, i already told u i don’t want to talk abt it. I came here to see khushi n i don’t know if anyone else knows it or not but i m sure that yesterday’s idea was urs, right?
Raman – ishu come on yaar, do we really have to talk abt this??
Ishita – yes raman, we have to. Tell me one thing, if u can hurt ur own di what is the gaurantee that u wont hurt me again n i know u want her to get out of her depression but ur way hurted her more than helping her.
Raman – ishu plzz… i already told u thats not going to happen again.
Ishita – raman plzz i have to go, i don’t want to talk abt us rite now
At the same time khsuhi was passing by n she sees them so clears her throat. Hearing her voice ishra seperated themselves as they wer standing to close. So khushi smilingly says – raman beta, as soon as u come back ur romantic train starts running on fast track right??
Ishita gets shocked n says – khushi its nothing like that ur mistaken
Khushi – ohho, my dear future bhabhi, u don’t need to get shy in front of me, u guys carry on i’ll leave
Ishita – wait i’ll also come wid u n she stares raman angrily n leaves from there
Khushi – bacchu, u have to work hard on her this time. Shes damn angry
Raman – i know khushi, shes not going to agree easily this time, nys u ok na?? N i m really sorry for whatever i did yesterday. I didnt want to hurt u. I m really sorry di. He hugs her n starts crying so khushi hugs him n says – babu don’t cry, its ok n see i even forgot what happened u reminded me… come on now stop crying n lets go downstairs everyone must be waiting. So the siblings leave for breakfast

Precap – flashback starts

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Credit to: virja

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  1. U kow what in ipkknd i always wanted khushi to be this much strong and self dependent when arnav hurted her but i gotted my dream complete over a ff it is really nice

    1. oh thats so sweet that ur dream was completed with my ff. i m really happy thank you!!

  2. Wow!! Really nice episode… And same pinch with Kajal… Waiting to knows about Khushi’s past… And eagerly waiting for the next episode..

  3. Its amazing virja… Who is that idiot who made my kushi cry like this… Really want to know…

    1. you will son get to know who is that!! maybe in 3-4 episodes..

  4. Awesome yaar

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