true love wins over every hatred (episode 6)


i m so sorry guys. i know the regular readers of my ff must be waiting for me to upload my next episode but i couldnt cuz of some personal reasons n i m really sorry for that guys. please forgive me continue liking my ff. n sorry once again now lets continue with episode 6

Recap – asr fumes seeing khushi laughing when arnav flirts with her

Asr comes n intervenes abhi n khushi n says – heyy abhi!! So ggod to see u man!! How r u??

Abhi – i m perfect!! How abt u?? U were busy with a lot of concerts n all, haan??

Asr – ya man, but since dad had organized a party i cancelled a concert!!

Abhi – thats so good of u!! Btw i wanted to introduce u to my bestie, khushi gupta, co-owner of gupta industries n khushi this is arnav singh raizada, ur favorite raj uncle’s son n my best buddy

K says remembering the morning incident – abhi, i think i’ll leave u guys alone u carry on!!
So, khushi leaves

Abhi – arey, what happened to this girl?? Y was she sounding sad…

Asr – don’t talk abt it man… met that girl in morning n he tells abhi whatever happened in the morning

Abhi – oh thats y she was sounding sad.. Dude u shouldnt have done that… its a special day for her today!!

Asr fumes as aman aslso said the samething n syas – bhai u ok?? U r asking me to understand, everyone’s supporting her.. (a funny tune plays in background)

Abhi – offc brother, u know she is my bestie, n today’s so special day for her

Asr – if she is ur bestie then who am i?? N whats so special abt today even aman was saying something similar

Abhi – arey yaar ur my buddy, but she, shes like my guide, philosopher, a sister and the big of all my best friend. She understands me. I still remember i met her for the first time in US n we were in 9th grade n i also didnt like her. I thought she has too much attitude, but slowly she got mixed in with our group n slowly i started to understand her n since then she has supported me in my every decision. Even when no one in my family was supporting me to become a rockstar, she supported me. But i wish i could do anything for her when she was in trouble.. N saying this he gets sad

Asr- bhai.. Is there something serious??

Abhi – nope nothing serious.

Asr – Oh god this party is getting boring as time is going by..

Abhi – yup, i agree.. Lets go n have some fun… she the girl over there, shes the perfect types.. U just wait n watch

Asr recognizes her as his cousin n says – okay, but i don’t think she’s ur type so forget it there r many other girls better than her

Abhi – ohh really then lets see. He says in his rockstar style n goes towards that girl

Abhi – heyy miss beautiful, u know i was looking at u since a long time n i must say ur looking really pretty

Since the girl was talking to someone else her back was towards abhi so the other person signed her to look back. The girl turns n she is our very own pragya

She says – oh so u think i m really pretty??

Abhi – ya i mean, u r looking as an angel fallen from the heaven. If u don’t mind can we go for a coffee date

P – oh thats so sweet of u but u know when my brother comes plzz tell him also what u were telling to me

Abhi – oh ur brother??

P – yes my brother, hes a big personality, he’ll call the commisioner once u’ll be out of the world she says in a funny way

Abhi gets scared alill n says – no no i didnt mean anything n i was justing kidding yaar, plzz say my hi to ur brother n saying this sees towards asr n asr laughs looking at his condition n comes to pragya n says – hi baby

P – hii baby, how r u? U know this boy was saying i look like an angel n wants to take me on a date

Asr – oh really i think i know where to send him

P – ok then u send him i’ll go n so pragya leaves from there laughing

Abhi – bhai u know her?? N why was she laughing?? Moreover where r u going to send me n y??

Asr – did she tell u she has a brother??

Abhi – yes but how u know?? (confused n a funny tune plays)

Asr – cuz i think i know her brother n its me, she is my sister… oh n what where u saying angel, coffee, brother lets go i’ll come with u fro a coffee n asr puts his hand around abhi’s shoulder

Abhi – arey bhai y r u getting so hyper i was just joking n if u reaally have guts go n talk to that girln he points towards khsuhi but since her back was towards them they didnt she her face

Asr – oh ho itna easy task, she’ll be with me in next 2 mins n goes towards khushi but seh turns around asr sees her n puts a hand on his cheek with an open mouth

Abhi who was looking a tthis from far away laughed heartily watching asr’s condition n signs him to come back but asr who wanted to wini his bet with abhi went forward n says- hi miss khushi

But khushi who was still angry on asr says – ek thapad kum tha kya jo vapas agae (was one slap less that u came back n saying this she leaves

So asr comes back n abhi laughing says – what happened bhai?? U were saying she’ll be with u in 2 mins but she left in 2 sec

Asr – buddy first of all don’t laugh n second she was not my type

Abhi – oh really?? But what if she would have slapped u in the middle of the party?? What would have happened of ur respect?? (laughs)

Asr – oh plzz she wouldnt do that atleast in a public place.. Would she?? (he asks to confirm)

Abhi – no she wont, n today definetely not since its her birthday

Asr – wait u serious its he rbirthday??

Abhi – ys offc, u don’t know even the party is for her bday but don’t let her know abt it plzz… seh doesnt like to celebrate her bday

Asr – okay bhai, i wont tell her that i know. But asr thinks that it is the best way to take revenge from her for the slap. So asr, thinks something n goes. After sometime, he goes towards the center n holds a mike in his hand n says – hi everyone n thank you so much for coming to this party. This party is a really special one for our family members n close friends. N just now i found out that the party is kept for someone on really close to our family n its a special day for her today.

Someone in the party says – who is that lucky person, even tell us…

Asr – offc i will tell u n before he can say anything a voice interrupts him. Everyone looks on surprised towards the door…..

precap – khushi gets upset n leaves the party

sorry guys i m not spoiling the surprise so keep on guessing n if u liked today’s episode plzz keep on commenting

Credit to: virja

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