true love wins over every hatred (episode 5)


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Recap – khushi slaps arnav in anger when he starts to flirt with her n so arnav leaves in anger

The episode starts with aman n lavanya sitting in a cafe.

Lav – u know aman, i feel bad for di, i mean if i was there i would have consoled her, but now she wont talk to anyone abt anything

A – but y r u saying that, i mean dad said that its only to tease her we r doing this but according to u it seems something else

Lav- ya aman, it is something else

A – what is it lavanya?? U can tell me u know…

L – aman, its that something bad happened on this date in di’s life… since then she hates guys, i eman the ones who flirt n act as if they love their partner, so whenever anyone flirts in front of her she gets really angry n u never know what she can do…

A- oh really?? Then i think we might want to run to office n see whats happening

L – don’t worry aman, i know khushi she wont do anything big this time since arnav’s ur brother… the most she’ll do is slap him… nothing more than that

A- r u serious?? I mean if anything like that happens arnav is going to be at the peak of his anger… i better leave

L – ok ok but first drop me at office i have to go to di!! Ya come

Suddenly aman’s phone rings n he sees its asr n picks up the call immediately

Aman – yes bhai, tell me

Asr – where the hell r u aman? I want u to be home in 5 mins… i m waiting n saying this he cuts the call

Lav – what happened aman??

A – lavnaya i think u guessed it right bhai sounded really angry n wants me to be home in 5 mins so can u go to office by ur self i mean if i get late even for 2 mins then bhai’ll kill me

L – ya no prob… u go ahead i’ll go by my self u just reach safely n text me if ur alive (she said to realx him a lill n make him laugh) n they leave.

Next scene –
Asr reaches home n storms inside the house n shouts – dad… where r u dad??

Raj hears him n thinks he’s angry so for sure something has happened n says- yes my plan’s working n goes down with a serious face

R- whts this arnav, y r u shouting like this?? Sit n relax

Asr sits on the sofa n raj comes n sits next to him

R – now tell me what happened??

A – dad, that khushi… what the hell does she think of her self?? U always praise her but she… she has no manners?? The khushi u always praise doesnt even know how to act with her clients

R- arnav tell me clearly what happened??

Just then aman enters n sees asr talking to raj n stops there

A – dad, she slapped me….

Aman thinks to himself- god lavanya was so right abt it n says – what?? Bhai who slapped u? When?why?how?

Asr gets angry seeing him n goes to him n says – where the hell where u?? Where u their for a meeting or something else?? U know how that khushi insulted me?? I lost my temper that moment… she was teaching me manners but she herself doesnt have any manners

Aman – bhai relax n tell me clearly what happened n dad can u plzz??

R- so raj understands n leaves

Aman – now tell me ….

So asr explains whatever happened in the office

Aman – bhai what was the need to flirt with her, i told u she gets angry when someone flirts with her.. N u should be glad she didnt do anything more than slapping u, if u werent related to dad she would have filed a case against u..

Asr- wht the hell aman?? When did u tell me that?? N moreover instead of taking my side ur telling me what would have happened… n first tell me where u were??

Aman – bhai i went to a cafe with lavanya

Asr – so u were enjoying ur coffee with her n left me alone over there to get slapped from her??

Aman – no bhai not like that, but forget that bhai tonight is a party at our house so get ready for some fun

Asr – oh really but for what??

Aman – we got a big deal thats y

Asr – ok then i’ll freshen up n n my mood will also be fine

Aman – ok bhai n they leave

Next scene –
Raj calls khushi. Khushi picks up n raj says- hi beta how r u??

K – fine uncle n now how is ur health aman told me u werent feeling good??

R – i m fine beta but r u okk asr told me u slapped him n the deal didnt happen

K – yes uncle but i was not in a good mood n everything but forget all that i m still ready for that deal

R – thats good then n i knew u would do it so i organized a lill party to celebrate this deal so we will sign the contract papers in the party itself

K – uncle i dont think i want a party today plzz can u postpone it

R – beta i cant everything is ready plzz dont say no

K – ok ok i wont say no since ur insisting but i don’t want a big one

R – ok beta as u say come on time beta bye tc

K – ok uncle bye

Next scene-
The party time. Guests have started coming… soon gupta family arrive. Akash is looking dashing in a blazer. Khushi is wearing a pink colored gown and lavanya is wearing a purple gown. Both r looking equally pretty. Raj and simran come n greet them n so all get distributed among people of their age group. Soon, aman n asr come down. Asr spots khushi n gets angry so he calls aman n asks him – aman, what is she doing here

Aman – bhai its not only her, its her whole family n the party is for her. The deal is was talking abt was the one with their company

Asr – what?? But she didnt do the deal then??

Aman – dad called her to confirm the deal n since she respects dad a lot she agreed to do the deal, so come lets enjoy the party

Asr – when she is here, i cant enjoy

Aman – oh come on bhai lets just go down n we will see what happens

So aman and asr also join in
Just then someone shouts – stop the party!!

Everyone look at the door n they see its payal

P – oh god i went for some days n people started partying over here!!

Asr – no barbie doll, how can we party without u… btw when did u come??

P – i called aman n he told me that there’s a party today so i came early itself

Asr – oh okk, but u should have told me?? I would have came to pick my doll up… y did u come alone
P – relax bhai aman sended a car for me

On the other hand raj hears akash inquiring abt payal to khushi so he comes to payal n says – so here she is.. My lovely daughter payal n introduces her to everyone

Suddenly, lights go off n a spot light goes on a boy standing in the middle of the hall n he starts singing. He turns n its abhi, abhi the rockstar, abhhi mehra. Asr gets surprised but starts singing with him n they all have fun time. The song finishes n khushi comes to abhi n hugs him saying – oh god, my prince charming is also here today

Abhi in his rockstar style says – offc my queen, y wouldnt i be here when i get special invitation

K – oh so u got special invitation, thats y u came…

Abhi – offc my jaan he says flirtingly n khushi laughs

Asr sees khushi laughing when abhi flirts with her n fumes thinking abt the slap but somewhere in his heart he feels she looks so good while laughing…

Precap – pragya enters n abhi gets mesmerized seeing her n loads of funny moments in the party

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Credit to: virja

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