true love wins over every hatred (episode 4)


hii guys thank you so much to the readers to read my story n wait for my update daily. i thought to update a long episode since i’ll not be able to post on sunday. hope you all like it.
Now lets start with episode 4

Precap – asr, aman, and raj making fun of simran and simran hearing all of it

The episode starts with asr and raman leaving

R to himself – aaj toh teri shamat hai (i m sure she’ll not leave me today)

S – n u what were u saying?? I don’t make good food, then ok u make ur own food from now onwards i m not cooking for u (she said irked n left)

R – n.. no .. simmi, u cant do this.
He said while going out after her n buttering her – u know i loved the food u make, ur the best cook, etc.

Simran finally stoped, tired listening to his bak-bak n shouted – stop it

Raj got silent n kept his finger on hi slips (u know how kids do)

S – now don’t irritate n torture me more, i forgive u

Listening to this raj got happy n says – really, ok then now i’ll go and see the arrangements for the party tonight

S – oh yes i forgot about the party, i’ll go n get ready

N both leave to do their work

Next scene-

Asr and aman r in the car going to Khushi’s office and aman is giving details about the deal to arnav

Finally they reach and enter the office

Suddenly aman spots lavanya n gets mesmerized by looking at her

She is wearing a really beautiful yet formal dress and is looking damn pretty

Suddenly aman feels a jerk n comes back to scene

Asr – where r u lost brother?? R we going to stand here forever or we going inside

Aman- yess bhai, no bhai, i mean we r going inside only. Letss go!!

N so aman calls lavanya

Aman – heyy lavanya

Lav – heyy aman!! Good to see you!! Good morning

She hugs him n sees asr standing with aman n gets excited seeing him

Lav – omgg!! Asr the rockstar in our office (as u all know asr’s a rockstar in my story n ya no one in gupta family knows the he is raj’s son since he used to live outside india)

Aman – yes lavanya, he is asr the rockstar, n is really standing in front of you

Lav – but wait how do u know him n what is he doing here??

Aman – lavanya, he’s my big brother, n elder son of raj mehra

Lav – wait, u mean to say, raj uncle’s son is the rockstar??

Aman- yess lavanya, but wait can we go to the conference room n talk abt that till khushi di comes

Lav – oh yes, i forgot that in excitement

N so they all leave to conference room

In the conference room lavanya talks with arnav till the receptionist calls lavanya n she realizes that now she has to start her act so she calls aman out side the room

Aman – y did u call me out??

Lav- u idiot, khushi’s comin n receptionist called to let me know that she has com

Suddenly aman sees khushi coming towards the room n starts acting with lavanya

Aman – lavanya, can we go out to have coffee, u know i wanted to talk to u about something important

Before lavanya can speak anything khushi comes there n clears her throat to let them know of her presence unknown of their drama

Lav – oh good morning di!!

Khushi – good morning!! Where’s raj uncle?? Is he inside??

Aman – woh di, he is sick so he isnt able to come, but instead he sent asr with me

K – is he fine now?? N there was no need of anyone else when u were coming… n if that person has really come who is he??

A – ya i know di, but dad wanted him to come n he is my big brother.. Oh ya don’t worry he knows everything about the deal

Lav – ya di, u know he is the rockstar, asr the rockstar, can u believe it

K- yes i can sister n yes u can go with aman where ever he wants to take u

Aman – really di??? Then can we plzz go now, see u n asr can crack the deal

Lav – no aman we cant, we hav to be here to help them (she said just to make khushi force her to go)

K – aman, lavanya plzz go, i don’t want to hold u guys ups n i’ll handle everything in here

A – thank you so much di!!

Lavanya blushes a lil n leaves with aman

Khushi thinks to herself – i cant hold her off just b/c some thing bad happened in my life…
N enters the conf. Room

She sees it decorated beautifully just like she likes n sees asr sitting on the other end of the table

K – so u r asr.. Hi, i m khushi!! Saying this she forwards her hand for a firm hand shake

A – so i guess u already know asr the rockstar n ur my huge fan n blah.. blah.. but don’t bother telling me cuz i know everybody loves me so come here i’ll give u a hug n goes forward for a hug thinking khushi’s someone who works in the office

This angers khushi but she controls thinking about the deal n says – excuse me!! I m the owner of this company n the one who u have a meeting with… n yes u r just a client in this office so be in ur limits

Asr- attitude haan!! I like this attitude n i think u never heard my name thats y u r saying this otherwise, girls go crazy to meet me… just like it happened a few minutes ago… who was that girl?? (trying to remember the girl’s name)

K – her name is lavanya n she’s ur fan but i m not… i dint even hear ur name so just sit n complete the formalities for the deal (getting angry)

Asr thinks to flirt with her n says – of really u dint hear my name ever… y do i feel thats so not true cuz hot and s**y girls like you always keep their head in fame magazine n always want to meet them

Khushi was now at the peak of anger wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible but asr continued to flirt with her

Finally when khushi got angry she went close to asr n says – oh so u think i m like those girls who always wanna get close to the fame industry??

Asr thinks that she like other girls n says – yes offc see even now u r getting closer to me, i mean i dont mind but i m glad i was right

Suddenly asr feels a hand on his cheeks n looks aound just to figure out that khushi has slapped him

K- now what do u think about my character??

N before asr can say anything khushi says – just get out of my office and don’t ever show ur face to me… oh ya tell ur dad that this deal wont be done until u apologize to me

Asr felt insulted n started to shout – i n apologize, never… asr never apologizes to anyone forget the deal now u will see what happens when someone forms enemity with me n saying this he left from there

Khushi starts crying n thinks to herself – whatever i do someone comes n reminds me of my past. I want to forget that its my birthday today, but people keep reminding me of it.

precap – the party; entry of abhigya n raman

Credit to: virja

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  1. WOWWWW!!! Soooooooo nice yaar
    But why Khushi Slapped my Arnav… But overall the episode was AWESOME.
    Waiting for the next one..

  2. Its Awesome…….. eagerly waiting for next one……….

  3. What is kushi’s secret??? Very eager to know. Wow arnav so cool…. what a cool attitude. I like his character as a rockstar. Nice thought. You r excellent. Waiting for ur next episode eagerly. Plz update it ASAP

  4. hey we want abhigya plz….

  5. Great episode..actually I read it at 10 am itself but was unable to cmnt.. Now just I got to comment.. The episode is so.. So.. Nice.. Feeling sorry for arnav.. First impression is very bad for arnav and kushi.. Waiting a lot for Raman entry.. Plz introduce ishu soon.. It has been 4 parts and still Raman and ishu not there.. Waiting eagerly for it..

  6. we want abhigya scenes

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