true love wins over every hatred (episode 3)


recap – asr agrees to go to office

the episode starts After asr leaves raj gets up from his bed n laughs a little n just then aman comes

R – my god, he believes everything i say

A – i know dad, but i don’t think he’ll like it, i mean when he finds out he is going to be so mad

R – i know beta, but what can i do, if i want to arrange a party for khushi i have to make her angry
n u know nobody can do that better than him

A – true dad!! But who gave u this fanatastic idea??

R – who else could it be??

A – r u serious dad? U mean to say raman gave u this idea??

R – offc, who else knows khushi better than him

A – i agree dad, but when khushi gets to know about this i m sure raman’s dead

R -don’t worry u will be able to see that tonight

A – hold on, u mean to say he is coming too??

R – yup he is, he said he is free so he’ll come

A – ohh thats good!! Nys u’ll have to handle asr when he comes back, cuz thers’ going to be a
bomb blast in the office

R – ya i’ll take care of him, b u n lavanya know what to do write??

A – yes dad, n lavanya is also ready to play her part

R – (laughs) oh okk beta, btw y do smile so much when u take her name?? He says teasingly

A – (blushes) n.. No.. no.. dad theres nothing like that

R- oh okk, a suggestion if there’s anything don’t hesitate tell me i wont tell anyone he said teasingly

A – no dad!! There’s nothing like that n even if it is u’ll be the first to know…

Just then asr comes to raj’s room to call aman

Asr – aman lets go its already 8:30 i have to come back before 12

Aman – okk lets go, dad u take care n plzz tell mom to make something nice for lunch today

Hearing this raj laughes n says – ur mom an nice food no chance

Asr & aman together – true n all three laughs and raj continues saying bad things about simran’s food

N suddenly aman sees simran standign behind raj n signing him not to say anything. So he signs asr to see n leave

Asr- dad u shouldnt say bad about mom’s food

Aman – ya actually dad mom is a really good cook

R – kya khak acha banati hai, sirf acha fool banati hai sabko (what good food?? She only knows to
how to make someone fool?)

S – do i really make bad food??

R thinks to himself – y do i feel that simmi said this??

A- dad i think u might want to turn around

R – acha n he turns n see simran standing n gets scared, says – simmi i didnt mean anything like that, woho toh bcuz this two were saying u make bad food so just that thier heart doesnt break, i said it

S- on really??

R – yes, simmi really right guys??

Asr and ama together say – no mom we didnt say anything he was the one who started

R – arey, y r u saying like this, n signs them like plzz save me today

Asr & aman – u handle her we’re leaving, bye mom, bye dad n saying this they run from there

precap – asr and khsuhi meet a big fight between them

Credit to: virja

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  1. Virja,
    But when ishita and raman meet

    1. really soon

  2. Wow so nice.. Where is ishu…

  3. Wow!! Nice episode yaar

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