true love wins over every hatred (episode 22)


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Episode 22 –
Recap – arshi ishra find their task..

Abhigya – garden
Abhi – arey yaar what will we find in the shop
Pragya – abhi stop complaining yaar, look around n we will find something…
Abhi – i m not complaining angel, but garden??
Pragya – sees something – oh here, i found it!
Abhi – what is it??
Pragya – here it is. It says that there is a proposal going on on the terrace, plzz make this flowers reach the terrace!!
Abhi – oh wow, i want to see it!!
Pragya – me too lets go! N they go to terrace!

After a few more mins everyone r back in the restaurant area.
Manager – welcome back all. I hope all of u had fun!!
All – yes, a lot.
Manager – ok then. Now we have the second round of our game n whoever wins it will become the prince n princess of tonight n will get a special hamper!!
All – yaayy!!!
Manager – so the pairs which are going to the next round are abhi-pragya, purab-bulbul, arnav-khushi, raman-ishita, and aman-lavanya!! The second round is a dance marathon n whoever lasts the longest will win this game. The four pairs will come forward n start dancing as soon as the music starts n our guest judges will judge your performances. If you do any mistake you will be taken out but other will continue their part and should not stop until the music stops
Lavanya – sounds great!
Arnav – what?? Now i’ll have to dance with her?? I don’t even know if she can dance or not…
Pragya – great!! I m glad that i m not paired with kunj or else i would have lost…
Abhi – kyun lost? Doesnt he know dancing??
Pragya – dancing?? Dancing ka d bhi nahi aata hai usse (he doesnt even know the d of dancing)
Abhi – toh toh tumhe mujhe thank you kehna chahiye that i became ur partner!!
Pragya – oh really do you know dancing??
Khushi – dancing? He is the master of dancing!! He has won almost 6 awards in dancing when he was in school and college. Yet less than his music awards, but he is a dancing specialist, u guys will surely win
Asr – look who’s talking abt dance!! Khushi, agar tumhe dancing ka D bhi aata hai toh main toh darr jaunga!!
Abhi – then i think u have to scared of her cuz she has learned all the styles of dancing. N won atleast 15 awards in dancing!! She was a very popular dancer till she left dancing due to that… he was about to say that kriyaan but stopped thinking it would hurt khushi.
Asr – that who abhi??
Abhi – leave it na. Lets take our positions before the music starts.
So all of them come forward n take their positions. Music starts. Soon, purab-bulbul r eliminated, then ishra, then laaman. Their was a tough fight between abhigya n arshi but finally arshi won.
Asr – not bad, u did make me win!!
Khushi – offc i did! Btw what did u say about me n dancing??
Asr – well, i m surprised that u dance so well. When u do dance so well, y did u leave dancing??
Khushi – thats my personal matter n my decision n i don’t think i want to discuss it with anyone else.
Asr – who even wants to know.. I just wanted to know n thought if i could be of any help… but no u always want to fight
Khushi – i m not the one to fight, its you, i didnt ask you for help. N when i don’t share anything with my parents too, then who r u??
Asr – u r just impossible khushi!! Do whatever u want…
N they walked away in two different ways… everyone else who was standing a little far watches this n keep their had on their head. Aman – my god, don’t know when they will stop fighting!!
Abhi – i agree, itne bade hai par bacho ki tarah ladte hain!!
Pragya – i think hame inki dosti karvani chahiye. Aur waise bhi ghar mein shaadi ka mahol hai, aise yeh log lade toh accha nahi lagta
Raman – ur right di, par sher ke gali mein ghanti kaun bhandhe gaa??
Everyone think n in a few secs all the eyes roll up on abhi.
Abhi – wiat, why r u guys staring at me?? N-no , n-no i m not doing this
Pragya – abhi, u know ur so nice n sweet, plzz do this work for us
Purab – bhai plzz, u r the only one who can handle both of them
Bulbul – right, n u know everything abt them,
Raman – yes, the things that we don’t know abt them r the things u know
Ishu – yes, n u consider khushi as ur sister right?? Then wont u do it for ur sister?
Abhi – no no no. i m not doing anything. U guys do whatever u want but don’t involve me in it!!
Pragya – abhi plzz na, agree for ur sister’s sake!!
Abhi – angel! Even u can do this job, u also know khushi since childhood, u call her ur best friend, then u should also help, y should i be the only one. N if khushi is like my sister, then asr is also ur brother, so u also got to help me!!
Lavanya – true, i agree with abhi!! Piggy, go ahead
Pragya -arey, lavendar? Waise toh, even u consider khushi ur best friend. U should do it, moreover u also know many things that i don’t. So u go on.
Aman – arey, khushi will kill my lavanya if she talks abt bhai n nys we r getting married in a few days, i don’t want to become a “vidhva” before i marry!!
Ishu – just shut up aman, u sound like ur out of ur mind, n pragya abhi knows everything about khushi n u know arnav very closely, so u guys together have to solve out there differences!
Pragya – but ishu..
Lavanya – no ifs n no buts, u guys r going to this together so get ready!! Lets go guys, i think they need time to plan…. N so everyone else left leaving abhigya alone!!
Abhi – now what angel?? No ones here to help us too..
Pragya – why r u telling me that?? I already know..
Abhi – do u have any idea what to do??
Pragya – how would i?? Waise toh bade rockstar banke ghoom te ho, toh abhi kya hua??
Abhi – oh plz, i just don’t say that i m a rockstar, but i m a rockstar actually!!
Pragya – then u don’t u have an idea.
Abhi – don’t just ask me chashmish, even u know think..
Pragya – wait what did u call me??
Abhi – arey, u r my chashmish angel, common now think. POV – she has this big glasses, but she cant use her mind??
Pragya – don’t try to flatten me by telling angel, i know what u r thinking. So instead of thinking abt me it would be better if u think abt a plan. Or else the others will eat us raw.
Abhi – theek hai chashmish. But lets just go home first, its already late..
Pragya – ya ur right, we can think abt a plan n then tell each other!! Lets go. Pragya looks towards the parking, but she doesnt find her car. She gets worried n says – abhi, look my car is not there, now how will i go home??
Abhi – arey chashmish, chill out. I think bulbul took the car. But y r u worrying, i m still here, i’ll drop u home. Come! N they leave

Precap – laman sangeet and abhigya’s plan

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