true love wins over every hatred (episode 21)

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Episode 21-
Recap – arshi fight as they r paired up

Arnav – aag aur paani dono saath mein?? Kaise?
Khushi – r u serious ur taking this literally??
Arnav – oh plzz i m better than u atleast thinking… u r not even thinking…
Khushi – accha, i know where this place is but i wont tell u now
Arnav – i also don’t need ur help i’ll figure it out
Khushii – well, i like winning, so u come with me since we r not shouting
Arnav – i m not coming wid u in any case
Khushi – ok, come soon its kitchen!! Bye

Ishra – andhera, song, log… raman i have no clue what is it talking abt..
Raman – ishu even i don’t know. But i’ll figure it out. Someone was passing by talking on a phone says – arey yaar, i was in the disco, thats y there was lot of soundn that was my favorite song ‘meethi si dhun’ (soory i just made it up). How could i miss it??
Raman hears this n says – ishu i know its the disco come!!
Ishu – what how did u know??
Raman – arey yaar, meethi si dhun, u know the hindi song, disco is all dark yet people r in there!!
Ishu – omg raman u have become so smart. Saying this she gives a peck on raman’s cheeck n runs towards the disco…
Pragya-kunj –
Pragya – arey kunj what is this yaar, i have no clue what this means, do something i want to win
Kunj – arey piggy, i don’t know what it is too. U know na i used to fail in studies, i suck at all this
Pragya – agghh, kunj u r useless
Abhi-twinkle –
Abhi – arey yaar, yeh adam or eve kahan se tapak pade??
Twinkle – abhi bhai what u mean tapak pade?? U know they r great characters from history… n she continues blah blah…
Abhi – baas kar meri maa, i didnt mean tapak pade literally, u r so… agghh
1 min passed by manager came up n announced to partner change n this time abhigya were together, radha-rishi n ashish- bina gave up n the others yet tried
Abhigya –
Abhi – pragya , finally i m paired with someone who is smart, otherwise twinkle was abt to start her history
Pragya – ikr same with kunj, he has no clue about studies, btw what did u think abt the riddle
Abhi – actually adam n eve ate apple in some garden
Pragya – even i know that but i don’t remember the name of the garden, n even if i do then i know that the garden is not in india, how r we going to get there in less than a minute??
Abhi – wait i got it its the garden, not any garden but the hotel’s garden,
Pragya – i already thought of it but then remembered that this hotel doesnt have a garden
Abhi – what??
Pragya – wait wait, gerden nahi toh kya hua, there is a flower shop n flowers come from garden
Abhi – omg angel, ur a beauty with brains… lets go n he kisses pragya on her cheek , pragya surprised, but runs behind him….

Twinj –
Twinkle – they look so good together right??
Kunj – offc tehy do, but is the mission successful or i have to something more??
Twinkle – half way through but is enough for today!! Aaj ka dose pura hua. Aur aage ka dose ab sangeet aur shaadi mein
Kunj – ur wish is my command! Toh phir main chalu… i have to go to pick my parents up!!
Twinkle – ya sure. U go ahead we all r here to manage everything else!!
Kunj – u sure?? I mean i can stay back. I’ll send my driver. I can do this much for my di. She is before my parents n u know that!!
Twinkle – i know that n thats y i picked u for this work, but u go on. Don’t worry abt here!!
Kunj – ok then bye, see u later. They hug n kunj leaves.

Arshi –
Khushi – i knew u would come, now u search what we have to so in here. I did half work, u do the other half!!
Asr – what the??
Khushi – now don’t shout in my ears, or i’ll leave the game!!
Asr – oh plzz r u challenging the ASR?? Its see how u leave the game in the middle!!
Khushi walks out of kitchen n says – like this!!
Asr – oh really?? Don’t u dare put ur foot out of the kitchen!!
Khushi – oh really, u r challenging me?? Lets see hwo wins n how u’ll stop me!! N tries to step out of the kitchen border. But before she can asr lifts her up, makes her sit on the counter n says – finger on ur lips n don’t u dare get down from here, if u get down, i’ll tie u up with the door!!
Khushi – okk 🙁 😛
Asr looks through everything roughly but doesnt find anything n says – yaar there is no work in here… what to do now?? Suddenly he sees the fridge in there n opens it – khushi dekh i found our task
Khushi – excited gets down from the counter – oh really, what is it??
Asr – u sit back on the counter, n then i’ll tell u!! Khushi sits back
Asr – we need to go n keep this cake on table #5. Come lets go.
Khushi – not getting down from the counter – i m not coming, u only said that i should sit on the counter n not get down. Now, i m not getting down!!
Asr – what?? R u kidding?? We don’t have much time. Just get down n come…
Khushi – no no no i m not coming, n now u cant even force me!
Asr – oh really??
Khushi – yess
Asr thinks something n says – hold this cake. Khushi holds. Asr picks her up in his arms n runs out of the kitchen n to table#5 to give the cake.
Khushi was shocked to see this n so were their parents!!

Ishra – entering the disco
Ishu – raman what r we going to do in the disco. I mean disco mein task??
Raman – ishu there must be something in here!!
Ishu – but how r we going to find our task in this big disco??
Raman – let me think ishu. If u constantly say something then i wont be able to think!!
Ishu – oh really?? Then i’ll definetly say something, ok?? So u know u don’t get bored!!
Raman – ishu plzz. When will u stop going against my words??
Ishu – when start to agree to me n stop telling lies to me!!
Raman remembered that she is talking abt how he lied to her in the past n says – ishu plzz can we talk abt this later. For now we have to complete the task otherwise we’ll loose
Ishu – ok ok,but how to find it?? Wait let me make an announcement!! N ishu goes near the DJ
DJ – mam, r u coming from the restaurant??
Ishu – yes, but how do u know??
DJ – mam we know abt the game n since our singer is not here y have to sing a beautiful song with ur partner for our guests
Ishu – what?? Song n me?? Have u ever heard my voice?? If i sing ur guest will run away!!
Raman came n says – no worries ishu, i m here then y to fear?? Don’t worry, i’ll cover u up if u have any mistake!!
DJ – handing them mikes – ok then, here u go!! All the best!!
Ishra sing cham cham n make the audience dance!!

Precap – abhigya scenes…

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