true love wins over every hatred (episode 20)

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Episode 20 –
Recap – arshi irritate abhi n he gets jealous of kunj
Everyone was having desert n again kunj arrived. Kunj – hi everyone!!
All – hi

Pragya – done with ur meeting??
Kunj – yup!! I was leaving but i heard abhi’s voice n remembered that u guys were here so came back
Pragya – oh thats so sweet of u!! Before anyone could say anything else lights went out n the hotel’s manager came with a mike n said – hello everyone n plzz don’t get worried or annoyed, we ourself have turned of the lights. We will start them soon but before that i have to make an announcement!! Actually today its our hotel’s fifth anniversary n so we had planned the whole day full of surprises. N its the time for the last surprise before the clock hits 12.
Everyone shout in excitement!!
Manager – i know everyone of u r excited to know the surprise. We r going to play a game. The game is simple, we will call upon couples. Round 1: we have a few tasks unfinished in the hotel, so we will give clues to u n u have to complete the task. For example, if the task is to bring a vase from one of the hotel rooms n put it on table no.21, then ur clue will be something like “bistar bhi hai sofa bhi, milega kitchen ka saaman bhi, lekin log wahan jate hai raat ko hi.” n when u reach the room u will find a note on or around the vase which u have to bring. Who ever will finish the task in 5 mins will go to the next level n others will be eliminated
Khushi – fantastic game!!

Aman – i know right!!
Manager – sir, mam plz don’t get excited, there is a twist in the game!! The twist is that if we select any unmarried pair then we would switch their partners according what we like, n at any time. N u cannot refuse us!!
Pragya – interesting!!
Lavanya – what interesting?? I don’t want to switch partners, i want to complete the whole game with aman!! Y would i change partners?? If its compulsory i m not playing!!
Manager – mam don’t worry, for couple we have a special list u can come up n wirte ur name over there, whoever’s name is on the couple list, their partners will not be changed!!
Lavanya – thats great!!

Manager – ok then everyone ready??
All – yes!!!
Manager – so i request all the couples who want to participate plzz come up n write ur name on this list! N all the singles write their names on the singles list!
Everyone goes n wirtes their names except for khushi raman – arey khushi di, plzz play na!! It wont be fun without u!
Khushi – arey raman u guys plzz go n play! I don’t want to play, i m good here. I’ll cheer for u guys!!
Ishu – arey yaar thats so boring, plzz come na, it will be fun!! If u will not play then even i’ll not play
Khushi – ishu plzz go na, mera mood nahi hai, tum sab ko meri kasam u have to play, now go
Ishu – khushi… ok fine
Khushi – now all smiles n go!!
Manager – ok so here r the pairs, 1) radha-rishi (random other people) 2) lavanya-aman 3) raman- ishita 4) ashish-bina 5) bulbul-purab 6) abhi-twinkle 7) pragya-kunj 8) arnav-khushi gupta!!
Khushi – shocked – wait, i think u had a misunderstanding!! I never wrote my name, plzz check there must be a mistake!!
Manager – sorry mam, but there is no mistake, there were two Khushi names n thats y i announced the last name too!!

Khushi – but i never wrote my name, i didnt even get up from my seat, then how did my name appear over there??
Manager – i don’t know about that mam, but rules r rules, n according to our rules, u have to play, no matter what!!
Khushi – oh k , but but can i switch my partner??
Arnav – oh hello, u should be glad i m ur partner, n before u say anything i want to change my partner, i cant tolerate this bak-bak ki dukan
Khushi – what did u call me?? U laad governer
Arnav – what the??
Manager – mam sir plzz behave, if u really want to fight, u can go out n fight, but not here, plzz i request u!
Arnav – oh plzz u just stay out of this, do u even know who i m?
Khushi – manager, plzz don’t mind him, he just says random stuff, we wont fight here but if if u change our partners, there will be total silence, so if u can plzz change our partners
Arnav – what do u mean by i just say stuff??

Khushi – arnav just shut up,
Arnav – u?? N they continue there cute fight, while manager tries to stop them each time unsuccessful. Finally, abhi shouted – baasss, now both of u shut up, u have already eaten my brain, now u r irritating this poor manager n the whole hotel, so now its final warning, if u guys don’t play quietly, i’ll call the security n ask them to THROW U OUT!! Understand??
Arshi – okk boss!!
Abhi – murmuring – waise bhi iss stupid manager ne uss stupid kunj ko pragya ke saath pair up kar diya
Twinkle standing next to him smiled n murmured – ikr, he is such a dumb boy, he doesnt deserve piggy di
Abhi – bilkul correct, look at them, pragya looks like n angel n that kunj he looks like a monkey, they don’t look good together
Twinkle – yup, but u know what kunj is really nice he cares abt di so much,
Abhi – even i care abt pragya, she is my angel. N u know what our pair looks superb,
Twinkle – really, i have never noticed that!!
Abhi – how could u not? Yesterday only we danced together n everyone praised us a lot!!
Twinkle – oh really?? Btw what do u like most abt her??
Abhi – her smile, her caring nature, everything, u know what i really cant describe what i love abt her, i just love her!!
Twinkle – what did u say?? Do u really love her??
Abhi – what?? When did i say that??
Twinkle – oh i thought u said that!!
Manager – so shall we start now??
All – yess!!
Manager – u have to pick a chit from this bowl n that will be ur clue to the place!
All of them picked a chit. Manager – n ur time starts now!!
Arshi – aag aur pani dono milenge mujhe mein, doondh ke baata agar himat hai tujh mein

Abhi twinkle – khaya tha apple adam or eve ne, wahin pe milunga mai tumhe!!

Pragya kunj also had the same thing as abhi twinkle

Lavanya aman also has same as arshi

Radha-rishi n ashish bina had same thing (i don’t know many riddles so sorry guys)

Purab – bulbul & ishra – itna andhera hai yahan phir bhi log jaate hai wahan; meethi si ek dhun bajti hai, lekin koi gaane vala nahin hai

Precap – arshi n ishra moments

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Credit to: virja


  1. Shara

    please dont use hindhi use subtitles for hindhi things its col but hindhi parts eats the whole fiction

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