true love wins over every hatred (episode 19)

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Episode 19 –
Recap – khushi plans to make abhi jealous

Evening. Gupta family arrive at the restaurant. Soon, raizada family also arrive. Raj – hello everyone!! Attention please, i have already booked a special family table for us so come on in b follow me! Shashi – lets go then… kids please come in as soon as possible, we guys r waiting for u!
Khushi – yes dad, we r coming after u. But let just abhi n pragya come…
Garima – ok ok! Till then we will get seated
Simran – yup, what will we anyways do in middle of this youngsters!! So all four get in.
Asr – arey yaar where r they?
Khushi – they r on their way, i called them n they said in five mins they’ll be here! Nys first i’ll call kunj to check!!
Asr – oh ya, call him, i need to warn him abt some stuff
Khushi – oh please, don’t u dare say anything to him, Mr.over-possesive brother!!
Asr – what the?? I m just protective of my sister so just keep out of it, she is my sister not ur
Khushi – oh really, she is my friend first! So u just shut up. I had just let u know so that u don’t make any scene in the restaurant!
Aman – guys plz stop it, n khushi u plzz call kunj n ask him where he is!!
Khushi – aman tell ur brother not me, woh jagdalu hai, not me, i m very peace liking person!
Asr – mein aur jagdalu, what the?
Lavanya – guys plzz, if u really want to fight, we’ll give u time but khushi plzz call kunj right now…
Khushi – ya ya, i m calling, wait, its ringing, ok ya, hello kunj, where r u?
Kunj – who r u? N how do u know my name??
Khushi – kunj its me khushi! U remember me right?? N did u forget the plan too??
Kunj – oh khushi di!! I remember u n i even remember the plan, i just didnt have ur number saveed so thats y i asked who it was. But u don’t worry, i m in the restaurant already, n everything’s going according to the plan!
Khushi – ok ya thats great!! See u then in a few mins!! Bye
Kunj – okk di! Bye..
Khushi – guys he is in the restaurant already! N no worries everything’s going on perfectly!
Raman – good!! Oh see there they r!
Asr – who??
Raman – abhi n pragya!!
Abhi comes near – heyy guys!!
Khushi – hi! How come u guys r late, we r waiting for u since long time
Pragya – arey khushi, there was a lot of traffic, so i got late
Raman – but abhi where is ishu??
Abhi – oh she’s coming in the other car!! As she was late she called me n told that she’ll come directly from the shop since thats nearer. So now can we get in??
Aman – offc, we were waiting for u only!
Pragya – okk then lets go!! So they all get in the restaurant khushi calls twinkle n asks – u know what to do right??
Twinkle – yes di, u guys just sit n see the show!
Khushi – perfect!!

They all come to their table n order some food. Suddenly someone comes n keeps his hand on pragya’s eyes, n says – guess who??
Pragya – who r u? Wait i know who does this!! Kunj its u right??
Kunj – ohh ho piggy, u again recognized me!! Pragya gets up from her seat n they hug!
Pragya – its been a long time, i had not seen u. Btw how come u here??
Kunj – woh i had one meeting in this hotel, so i came but how come ur here??
Pragya – arey didnt u see all of us r here! We came for a family dinner. But see a got a big surprise when i came!!
Kunj – offc, if i had known earlier that u were coming, i would have cancelled my meeting had spended some time wid u
Pragya – oh really kunj?? Thats so sweet of u but u continue the meeting. When u r done u can come n join us right guys??
Khushi – ya offc he can, i mean if u know if so well, he can come n join us!
Pragya – oh i m so sorry forgot to introduce him to u guys! This is kunj, my college buddy, n kunj this is …. (introduction over).
Kunj – it was pleasure meeting u all!
Asr – same here, n now as we all know ur pragya’s college buddy, u also have to come to her gf’s wedding
Kunj – pleasure wil be all mine u guys carry on, i’ll come back in few mins, after my meeting is over!!
Abhi – ya plzz go, n then he murmured don’t ever come back. Khushi who was sitting next to him heard n smiled n said – did u say anything abhi??
Abhi – no no i didnt say anything
Khushi – oh ok, i thought u said something. Btw kunj is so sweet right?? He cares abt our pragya so much!! He was even ready to cancel his meeting for her!!
Abhi – kya khakh sweet?? Uske jaise ladko ko sweet nahi flirt kehte hain!! Dekha nahi kaise chipak-chipak ke baat kar raha tha?? Maan kiya abhi ke abhi uska khoon kardu… kaun aise chipak ke baat karta hain?? Acha kiya jo khud chala gaya, vaarna toh!!
Khushi – wanted to laugh but controlled n said – what?? Mujhe toh woh kitna sweet aur well-mannered laga, pata nahi tumhe kyun woh flirt laga…. Hmm… aur agar woh nahi gaya hota toh tum kya karte??
Abhi – woh main toh , main toh mazak kar raha tha, what would i have done, i would sended him to attend his meeting, u know meeting r more important n one should never leave a meeting in the middle..

Khushi – oh really, but u have left many meetings half way through n cancelled them for me!!
Abhi – arey ur case is different, u r my princess, for u i can cancel my life, what is a meeting
Khushi – ya then think it that way, he would have left his meeting, cuz piggy is his princess!!
Abhi – no way, she is my barbie doll n my angel, she is not a princess for him, n even if she is i’ll not let her be wid that flirt!!
Asr was also listening to their conversation said – who is ur barbie doll abhi??
Abhi – shocked – what?? Who?? What r talking abt asr??
Asr – actually u said barbie doll, so as i friend i wanted to know who is that special girl??
Abhi – no no i didnt say anything like barbie doll, i actually said bhabhi bol, i mean i told khushi to tease lavanya by calling her bhabhi u know now she is ur bhabhi n all
Asr – ya i’ll call her bhabhi but y were u telling khushi to call her bhabhi. Are they not sisters??
Abhi – ya, but
Asr – but what bhi??

Abhi – but nothing, did u guys invite me here for food or to interogate me??
Khushi – arey we invited u for dinner, n if u don’t realize u r already eating something!!
Abhi – ya i know what i m doing, but will u guys eat something n not my brain? I m hungry..
Asr – sure, u have food, we will also have our food. It would atleast taste better!! Right khushi??
Khushi – ya offc. N they did a high-five behing abhi’s back
Abhi – irritated – do u want to me to move over some other table?
Khushi – ya if u can, i mean there r no empty chairs. So if kunj comes where will he sit?? If u really want to go u can go, we don’t mind!!
Abhi – will u let me eat quietly? This time he said a little loudly. So everyone got surprised
Raj – what happened abhi?? Y did u suddenly shout??
Abhi – arey uncle, this 2 idiots r irritating me so much, they r neither eating nor letting me eat!!
Raj – what’s the matter guys??
Khushi – kuch nahi uncle kuch nahi, we were just annoying him, but i think it was more than needed. Abhi plzz have ur food, now we wont say anything!!
Abhi – thank you!

Precap – a game in the restaurant, arshi fight, abhi jealous

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