true love wins over every hatred (episode 18)

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Episode 18 –
Recap – asr gets to know that khushi’s marriage was broken once…
Gupta mansion – gupta family sitting in the living room
Khushi – finally, my gf has meet her prince n is soon going to get married to him!!
Akash – ikr, finally one person will be out of the house!! Ek se toh pichha chuta, kyun raman bhai??
Raman – ur so right akhi!!
Lavanya – what did u say??
Garima – arey u guys don’t start again, r u guys not tired enough to fight right now??
Shashi – yess bacho for the first time ur mom said something that is right!! 😛
Garima – acha??
Khushi – arey mom u only told us not to fight n u r starting it again…
Garima – it was ur dad who started not me, tell him to stop
Lavanya – yess dad stop ur fight right now!! Nys i m so tired, then tmrw have to go to office!!
Garima – arey beta kal office??
Lavanya – yes mom there is an important meeting tmrw!!
Khushi – oh important haan??
Lavanya – stop it khushi, there is actually a meeting, u also have to come wid me!
Garima – not also, only Khushi has to go! Ur not going anywhere tmrw, u rest khushi n shashiji will hadle all work!!
Lavanya – but mom??
Shashi – no buts n no ifs, we both r there so we will manage everything! U sit n relax till ur marriage!!
Lavanya – okk dad

Garima – now everyone go n rest!! N ya remember tmrw we r going out with raizadas for a family dinner n i want everyone to be there!! Khushi u call pragya n abhi too
Khushi – ok mom!! N everyone leave for their room!! Khushi goes to her room n thinks – chalo i’ll call abhi n inform him! She dails his number n then cuts it n says – wait wait i have to call ishu to ask abt his n pragya’s relation. Let me call ishu n invite her too! So she calls ishu. Ishu picks up n says – hi Khushi!! Y did u call at this time?? Is there an urgency??
Khushi – actually ishu, today remember in the party how abhi was looking at pragya?? I mean i felt something has happened!!
Ishu – arey no khushi, i mean even i felt that but when i asked him he is saying no!
Khushi – u even asked him??
Ishu – actually na u know when at ur house he proposed her??
Khushi – ya i remember, but then what??
Ishu – ya at that time, i actually felt that it wasnt just for dare, i thought he had actually fallen for her, but when returning i asked him abt it but he said its just friendship. But u know what even now i feel like he has fallen for her!!
Khushi – arey yaar, we both r the same! Even i was thinking that!! N when we both can sense this it cant be wrong! N how that u have told me do u want to check??
Ishu – check??
Khushi – yes, check if he has actually fallen for her. But i don’t have a plan… 🙁

Ishu – me too yaar. Btw did u call for this??
Khushi – yes n no! Mom told me that tomorrow they have held a family dinner. So she asked me to inform u guys abt it since u guys r our family members too!! So i called to inform n then i remembered abt this so!!
Ishiu – oh ok!! Well then we will meet tomorrow, nys good night!!
Khushi – good night! N they hang up! Before khushi could keep her phone aside again her phone rang n she picked up…
Khushi – hi twinkle!! How come did u call at this time?? Is there an emergency??
Twinkle – arey no di! Everything is fine. I just wanted to talk to u abt something imp.. I mean if u have time n if u were not sleeping! If u r sleeping then we can talk tmrw!!
Khushi – tell me twinkle, i was not sleeping n i m free!
Twinkle – woh di, actually na, remember how abhi bhai proposed di??
Khushi – haan! I remember, but what abt that??
Twinkle – woh na i feel that pragya di likes him!!
Khushi – surprised – what?? I mean even u feel like that??
Twinkle – i always felt like that but who else also feels the same??
Khushi – arey even me n ishu feel the same! We were just talking abt it. U know what ishu had even talked abt this with abhi, but the result was zero… he said they r just friends!!
Twinkle – omg di!! Even i talked to pragya di abt it n even she responded the same… ab toh pakka kuch chakar hai! (there is surely something going on now)
Khushi – kya baat kar rahi hai twinki!! Wait i think they both love each other but have not realized it yet, but u know what now i have a plan!!

Twinkle – what is it di??
Khushi – i’ll tell u the plan but firsrt tell me, do u know any guy from pragya’s college time?? I mean her friend or someone??
Twinkle – haan did, there r many of guys who r pragya di’s friends!
Khushi – but i mean a nice sanskari kinda guy! N someone who she hasnt meet since long time!
Twinkle – ya di!! There is only one that type of guy! If u want i can call him now!
Khushi – oh thats perfect!! For now i’ll tell u the plan n u explain him everything tomorrow!! Wait i’ll make a conference call to ishu so u both can know the plan!!
So khushi calls ishu n tells the plan which is muted!!! Khushi – okk guys now remember, abhigya don’t get to know abt it!! N twinkle u plzz explain everything to that guys!!
Ishu – yes twinkle!! N khushi we have to make sure that this plan works!!
Twinkle – yes i’ll make sure it works!! Now lets go to sleep… good night!!
Ishu – good night n all the best!
Khushi – yup good night, see u all tmrw!! N they hang up..

Next morning. All the young members come on the dinning table. Khushi comes n says – god morning everyone!!
Lavanya – good morning khushi, but now tell us y did u call us all here before mom dad come??
Khushi – actually yesterday something fantastic happened!!
Raman – plzz gabru say it fast, don’t build up the suspense
Khushi – ok ok raman, now listen carefully what i have to say n what u guys have to do!! So khushi tells them the plan n all agree to act upon it. Khushi – everyone clear on their part??
Raman – yup!! Btw u call twinkle n ask her if that boy is ready to act or not??
Khushi – ya raman, i’ll call her, but first u guys start acting normal, mom dad must be coming by now n lavanya u go meet aman n tell them all over there abt this plan since even they r going to be over there.
Lavanya – ya khushi!! I’ll explain it to them too!
Khushi – oh ya n especially make ur rockstar arnav understand, he is such an over-protective bro!!
Lavanya – ya khushi, u don’t worry i’ll manage everything over there, u just relax
Khushi – ok!! Akash u come wid me i m going to office so i’ll drop u to ur college!
Akash – okk di!! Bye everyone!
Khushi – raman u plzz keep ur mouth zipped up before abhi otherwise u’ll ruin the plan! Bye
Raman – i know what to speak n when to speak, u just go n don’t forget to call twinkle!
Lavanya – wait Khushi u plz drop me to raizada house, i don’t have any work at home so i’ll just go there
Khushi – okk ya, come, raman tell mom n dad that will be back early!! Bye!
Raman – bye!
Khushi reaches office n calls twinkle – hi twinkle!!
Twinkle – hi di, how did u call??
Khushi – woh i wanted to know if u asked that guy if he’ll help us or not??
Twinkle – oh ya di, i forgot to call u. I had actually asked him early in the morning itself. He said yes to help us out
Khushi – oh thats great! He knows exactly what to do right??
Twinkle – yes di, he knows n i m sure he wont mess up!
Khushi – okk btw whats his name?? For my information!!
Twinkle – he’s name is kunj. N ya he’s going to be present there according to our plan!
Khushi – okk ya perfect! Chal i’ll talk to u later. See u in the evening, i have some work so bye!
Twinkle – okk di!! Bye!

Precap – abhi gets jealous….

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