true love wins over every hatred (episode 17)


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Episode 17 –
Recap – laman ring ceremony! N couple dance on a medley

The episode starts with garima talking with the guests. One of the guests says – garimaji, i don’t understand y u r getting this lavanya married in this big family
Guest 2 – ya, garima, if u had told us to find a groom for her we would have found an okayish guys for her
Guest3 – offc, u should have gotten ur khushi married in this house not that lavanya
Garima – oh plzz, lavanya is same as khushi for me. N i have never forced any of my four kids to do what they don’t want. We have always supported them in everything they do! N if this family doesnt have problem accepting lavanya even after knowing that she is an orphan whats ur problem??
Guest 2 – arey garima u r just over-reacting we didnt mean that!! We were just saying cuz khushi’s bigger than lavanya n u know how people will talk that something is defenitely wrong with Khushi thats y u guys got lavanya married first!!
Guest 1 -yess dear, we r just saying for ur good!!
Garima – arey, u guys r so sweet but u don’t need to think abt my family ok??
Guest 3 – arey bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi hai. Badi beti ki shaadi tu gayi hai isliye uske toh rishte hi nahi ate aur yahan, yeh log sauteli beti ki itne bade ghar mein shaadi kara rahen hai!! (we r telling for her good only. Her bigger daughter’s marraige has been broken once so she is not getting any proposals n this people r getting their step daughter married ina grand way in this big family)
Khushi who was passing by hears this n comes towards them n says – hi aunty!! I m so happy that u came here for my sister’s engagement! I hope u had dinner
Guest 3 – yes beta, we had dinner, n the function was also done very well
Khushi – oh thank you aunty! Btw aunty i just got to know that ur son was arrested cuz he did something to a girl?? Like rape or something
Guest 3 gets shocked n says – arey no beta i think u have heard it wrong. My son is a very kind boy n respects girl very much!! I think someone spreaded rumors abt him!!
Khushi – oh ok. Its good that u told me other wise i would have believed it to be true. (turning towards other lady she says ) oh vimla aunty i even heard that ur daughter is getting divorced cuz her husband beats her .
Guest1 gets shocked n startles – beta nothing like that probly rumors. My daughter i really happy in her life.
Khushi – offc aunty. But i saw her in town 2 days ago so maybe i thought to ask u abt it!! I know u would select a best guys for ur daughter but u know what i can select an even better guy for myself by myself!!
Before khushi could say anything the third lady says – beta i think its quiet late so i’ll leave
The other ladies also said – yes yes, we will also leave. Namaste garimaji, bye beta n so they left. Khushi turns towards garima n says – mom u do u keep listening to them?? U should answer them na!!

Garima – beta when i have a wonderful daughter like u, y do i need to answer them?? I know u can handle eveything on ur own.
Khushi – but ma, if in future i m not there what will u do?? If something happens to me then u have will to learn na??
Garima – beta i know u will never go away from me, so i don’t need to worry abt anything. My princess has grown up n so she would never let anything come towards me right??
Khushi – offc ma. but ..
Garima – arey beta, leave that but vat n go to lavanya she must be alone. I’ll go meet some other guests!
Khushi – okk mom!!
Asr who was watching all this from a distance thinks – wow!! This girl has something her!! N moreover she cares abt her family n close friends so much!! But what did that aunty say?? I think i’ll go n ask abhi. He knows everything abt her!! So he goes to abhi n says – abhi can i talk to u for a moment??
Abhi – ya sure bolo… what is it??
Asr – woh actually, its abt that khushi girl…
Abhi – wait r u going to tell me that u like her n have started to fall for her n all that… if u r then let me tell u that she hates u n she cant even think abt falling for u!!
Asr – mujhe bol ne dega bhai?? (will u let me speak??)
Abhi – offc bolo bolo what is it??
Asr – woh actually na their were a few aunty taunting garima aunty abt lavanya n khushi. I mean i don’t have the right to ask but they said that lavanya’s not their daughter??
Abhi – yes actually, lavanya’s parents died in an accident a few years ago n since then she lives with the guptas!! They r really sweet people they took her n akash in their house when their parents died!!
Asr – wait, so u mean to say they r adopted?? Does anyone know in my house??
Abhi – everyone knows abt it asr!!
Asr – oh thats good that they know!! I also had another question i mean if u don’t mind answering!!
Abhi – if i know the answer n if i can answer, i’ll surely answer!!
Asr – woh actually the aunties also said something abt khushi’s marraige broken… i mean i just want to know out of curiosity, if u cant tell me thats fine but its just that the way garima aunty was standing after this topic came out, i was wondering who can answer my questions n u came in front of my mind…
Abhi – surpised – well, i don’t know where to start from asr! I don’t know y god put tough situations in the way of good people. She has not done anyone’s bad but bad things have happened to her. N for ur question yes her marriage was broken n in fact was broken in the most horrible way!!
Asr – oh ok! I mean can u tell me the whole thing??
Abhi – asr i think today’s not a good day to talk abt all that. I’ll tell u everything some other day!!
Simran who was standing behind them heard everything n was shocked!! Before she could react someone calls her so she goes!!
Asr – ok ok! Btw abhi, i heard that u also like someone!!
Abhi – what?? Who? When? What r u talking abt bro??
Asr – itna ban ne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai!! I know whatever happened at gupta house yesterday night!! So don’t u dare fool me… aur haan always remember that she is my princess so don’t u dare ever hurt her!!

Abhi – arey yaar u r getting so serious abt it, it was just a thing abt a dare nothing else!!
Asr -acha? I saw u when pragya came, u didnt even talk ur eyes off her for a sec!!
Abhi – oh really!! Mujhe toh laga ki tumhara dhyaan kisi aur ki taraf tha!! 😛
Asr – what u mean by i was looking towards someone else??
Abhi – arey i mean the girl u suddenly started caring abt!!
Asr – u!! Just wait, i’ll show u who asr is!!
Abhi – i have already know who asr is n i have also seen him! N saying this he runs from their n while running away from him, he hits into pragya. Pragya is abt to fall when abhi holds her by her waist which makes pragya get lost in his eyes n they share an eye-lock. Asr who was standing looking at this smiles. While ishita n khushi r standing on the other side also smile!

Precap – a plan to make abhi realize his feeling for pragya!

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Credit to: virja

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