true love wins over every hatred (episode 15)


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Episode 15 –
Recap – shashi n garima agree to get laman married
Asr gets a call n he gets shocked. He runs from his room to aman’s room. He sees aman day dreaming n shakes him. He says – aman, when did u come?? I was waiting for u to come!!
Aman – arey bhai, i was a little late, woh actually, i went to lavanya’s house since i had some questions abt he upcoming project. I went there n saw that pragya di, bulbul, twinkle, abhi, purab everyone was there n they were playing truth n dare, bulbul forced me to stop my work n play wid them. So thats y i was late.
Asr – oh ok! How was the game then??
Aman – it was quite good bhai. It would have been so much fun if u were there too!!
Asr – koi baat nahi, i’ll come next time!!
Aman – acha bhai, but u didnt tell me y u were here? I mean u would be sleeping till now everyday n today u r up this early??
Asr – woh actually i got a call so due to that i woke up n came to see if u were back or not? Nys chal u continue whtever u were doing. I’ll leave.

Aman – okk bhai. So asr leaves his room n comes downstairs. He sees raj n simran talkign so he runs to them n says – mom dad theres a good news.
Raj – what is it arnav?? N y r u running in the house like this? This is a house not a playground
Simran – arey raj let him speak first, after that u can scold him. Beta say what were u telling
Asr – mumma, if u hear the news u’ll start jumping too.
Simran – beta, just tell what it is. Don’t rise the tension
Asr – ok maa, now hold ur heartbeats n listen to what i have to say cuz u’ll be extremely surprised by the news, n the news is lavanya proposed aman yesterday!!
Simran – oh ho, lavanya proposed aman, n ur telling this is, she realized what asr said n said – this is a huge news arnav. Omg, what did aman say?? Plz asr tell me what was his answer.. I hope it was yes
Asr – ur hope is correct n he did say yes!!
Raj – what?? Ab toh uski kher nahi (now i’ll see him), when i was asking him abt it he told me theirs nothing like that, n now he even accepted??

Asr – whats the problem dad if he said yes??
Raj – beta there is no problem. Infact i m so happpy, i cant even explain it to u!! But my part is if he loved lavanya since the beginning, we would have got her in our way back earlier!! U know i always wanted a daughter like lavanya n khushi!! Payal is my princess, but she doesnt know much abt the world n she is never over her pranks n coolness. Btw arnav when did this happen?
Asr – actually dad, u know na yesterday aman went to lavanya’s house, since he wanted to clear some doubts abt the upcoming project. So when he went their he saw pragya, twinkle n bulbul there n bulbul forced him to stop his work n play with them. N in the game this happened..
Simran – but how do u know abt it??
Asr – arey mom, raman called me in the morning itself to tell me abt it. Actually not even to tell me abt it. He thought that aman had told me in night itself so he called to ask if u guys know abt it or not? N if u know r u happy with it or not??
Raj – oh, beta tell him that we r happy with this relation n also we will get them married as soon as possible!!
Asr – ok dad i’ll call him n tell. But before tthe marraige i have a better plan…
Simran – arnav, we will have a grand wedding, its the first wedding in our family so u don’t need to tell us what to do
Asr – arey mom u guys do whatever u want for the marraige, but i’ll add flavor to it. So u guys have to agree to my plan
Raj – arey beta, even we can add flavor to the function
Asr – arey dad u r not understanding. The thing is when i went to ask aman abt it, he didnt tell me. He said he was just late cuz of the game but didnt tell me abt the proposal. So lets have some fun!!
Raj – oh so thats the case, then i have already agreed for ur say whats the asr tell the plan n asks – mom, can we count u in??

Simmran – offc u can. I know aman will be hurt a little, but he will be even more happy when he gets to know the truth.
Asr – ok then, mission marriage starts. I’ll go n call raman!!
Raj – ok beta. Jaldi ja!! We’ll put our part in action!
So asr leaves n raj shouts – aman – to call him downstairs. Aman comes in running n says – yes dad, u called me??
Raj – ya aman, actually i have a good news for u!
Simran – yes beta, ur life is going to change now!!!
Aman – mom dad don’t confuse me, tell me what is it??
Simran – arey beta, i have selected a girl for u!! N i know u ‘ll love the girl at the first sight so i have agreed for the relation. Infact, i have called them here in the evening for ur engagement!!
Aman was shocked to hear this n says – mom, ur joking right? U should have atleast asked me before saying yes. I mean what if i don’t like the girl or the girl doesnt like me? Atleast u could have asked me my choice
Raj – arey beta, have u ever not liked ur mom’s choice. That this time u wont like it??
Simran – n u don’t worry abt the girl, the girl has seen u n has agreed already. So u just get ready for ur engagement in the evening!! raj , lets go! We have a lot of work to do. I have to call payal also, so she can come for the engagement. There r so many invites to hand out. Come we will start with gupta family. After all, they only finded the girl!!
Aman – what??

Simran – arey beta don’t shout u go get ready for tonight!! We r leaving n yes ask asr to bring ur sherwani!!. Come raj we will leave n so they leave.
Suddenly asr comes from behind n shouts – aman!! I m so happy for u!! Finally today is the day when u will get ur dream girl. I cant even explain how happy i m!! Oh btw i brought ur sherwani for tonight!! Come, u try it out so i can know how it is looking!! U should be looking perfect! N yes i’ll not listen to u today. Today u have to dress up so well that my future bhabhi would be clean bowled when she sees u! Lag na chahiye asr ke bhai ke shaadi hai! (it should feel like its asr’s brother’s marraige!
Aman – bhai plzz listen to me!! I cant do this. Atleast u guys could have asked me before doing anything. I don’t want to do this marraige. I cant do it….
Asr – aman what r u saying?? Look i don’t know y u r not agreeing neither do i want to know the reason. The only thing i know is that i don’t want anyone to hurt mom n dad. U know what happens when someone hurts mom n dad. So u better think it out by ur self n till u don’t get a solution don’t come to me. N as of right now u r going to try that sherwani i brought u n show me how it looks!! I m going to check the decorations n if u don’t find a solution of ur problem till the girl’s family comes, then u r silently coming downstairs n getting engaged to her!! He pats on aman’s back n leaves.

Aman – bhai, plzz listen to me!! Oh god now what will i do. If i don’t go for the engagement then bhai will kill me n if i go for the engagement i will myself kill my new found love. Plzz god give me some idea to stop this engagement. I cant break lavanya’s heart. She is a sensitive girl, plzz give me strength!! Saying this he also leaves for his room.
Its evening n guests started to come to raizada mansion. In the hall, we see asr handling the guests when suddenly aman comes from behind n says – bhai can i talk to u for a min??
Asr tells his guests that he’ll be back in a min n goes with aman to his room.
Asr – bol, kya hua?? Did u find any solution??
Aman – bhai can i meet the girl before engagement? I swear bhai, i would tell her my problem n if she agrees to get engaged even after knowing my problem, i wont back out.
Asr – let me think abt it. I’ll bring the girl to ur room if i feel its ok n then i’ll tell u.
Aman – thank you so much bhai!
Asr – ok now lets go mom n a few other guests r waiting for u!! So they leave the room n go to meet the guests.

Precap – arshi cute fight; laman engagement

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