true love wins over every hatred (episode 14)

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Episode 14-
Recap – ishu doubts abhi to be in love wid pragya
Pragya is driving the car, while bulbul goes to sleep so twinkle thinks to talk to pragya n says – piggy di.. I actually had a question…
Pragya – ya twinki, go on!!
Twinkle – di, actually i want to know how u feel abt abhi??
Pragya got surprised n says – what u mean twinki??
Twinkle – actually di, the way he proposed u…
Pragya – twinki stop over thinking, first he was just completing his dare n second he needed some one to stand in front of him so was just being friendly. N the biggest thing is we have met just twice. Do bar mein pyaar nahi ho jata!!
Twinki – di, don’t lie to me, the way u were blushing was telling it all!! N i didnt say u love him i just said that what do u feel abt him. For example u can say u like him, u understand him, etc, etc..
Pragya – noo, neither i don’t like him nor do i understand him. Its just that i get a different feeling abt him. When we went to cafe to meet khushi, i don’t know y but i shared everthing that i like i do, the kind of bonding we 3 have, how i iused to be, every little thing abt myself. know i just got got a weird feeling when i was with him. Its just something i cant even explain!!
Twinkle smiled hearing her response said – oh ok dii don’t know y but i thought its something else so
Pragya – oh plzz twinki!! Its nothing like that. So don’t get excited so early…
Twinkle – ok di !! By this time they reached home. After going to her room, pragya thinks abt the time she spended with abhi n while thinking only she sleeps wid a cute smile on her face n on the other hand same thing happens wid abhi.

Next scene –
Its morning. Khushi wakes up n goes to lavanya’s room. She sees n smiling n clears her throat. Lavanya comes out of her thoughts n says – oh hi Khushi, how come u woke up so early?? U usually sleep till late…
Khushi – actually na, i wanted to see my pretty little gfs’ cute smiling face, which was lost somewhere
Lavanya- come on Khushi!! U know i smile
Khushi – i know u n thats y i even know u don’t smile from ur heart. U smiled form the bottom of ur heart when big d n ma were alive. But since the time they went u never had that charm in u, the charm was lost. I wanted to get that charm back in u, n see i completed my mission. I m sure big d n ma would be so proud of me today n today they would be so happy to see the charm baack in u.
Lavanya – has tears – u r just the best person in my life; the things people don’t see are things that u see. N they hug.
Khushi wipes her tears n says – common my dear sissy, no crying, only smiling right, if u’ll cry big will blame me for making u cry
Lavanya – he wont blame u, i know instead he’ll be greatful that u took care of his princess so well, but he’ll blame me that i didnt take care of u….
Khushi – who said u r not taking care of me?? U r ddoing everrything that i want n that in a way is taking care so no need to be guilty n come… we have to tell dad n mom too!!
Lavanya – Khushi, u sure??
Khushi – lavanya r u coming or not!! I hope dad’s back n raman didnt blurt everyhting out!!
Lavanya – oh meri maa… ur even more excited than i m!!
Khushi – offc baby girl!! N they go downstairs. Downstairs, shashi is back n garima is talking with him. Khushi run to him n gives him a tight hug. N so does lavanya.
Lavanya – dad, how was ur meeting, everything fine?
Shashi – everything went perfect!! N we even got the deal. I m so happy!!
Khushi – arey dad, chodo aapki meeting, yahan isse bhi badi khush khabari hai!! (dad forget the meeting, here we have even bigger news!!)
Garima – arey khushi, what is it?? I was here only still i don’t know anything??
Khushi – maa, actually before she could continue raman shouted from the stairs – oye gabru ruk… i will tell them, don’t u dare say a word

Khushi – kya bola?? Ek baar phir se bolna zara.. (what did u say say it again..)
Garima – arey khushi, continue ur cat fight later first tell me the good news…
Shashi – yess beta now tell us, we cant wait anymore!!
Before anyone said anything else akash came from upstairs n said – woh na, yesterday lavanya proposed aman n aman said yes
Without realizing what akash said shashi says – oh ho itni si baat ko kitna kinch rahe teh tum log!! (u guys r pulling this short thing so much)
Khushi, lavnaya, n raman gave a surprising look to shashi while garima gave a shocked look.
Garima – shashi ji, did u even realize what akash said??
Shashi – offc he said lavanya proposed aman n he said yes, so whaa… he realized this n turns towards lavanaya n says – saachi baacha??
Lavanya blushed n shashi gavea bone crushing hug to her n said – omg my little princess is grown up so biig that she even found her prince charming today!!
Garima – lavanya idhar aa (come here), she kisses her forehead, n says – i m so happy for u beta, i hope u have a bright future wid him. U know i cant even express my happiness. Its beyond understanding!!
Raman – arey mom, y r u getting senti, first elt her marriage happen then cry in her bidaai, but for right now she is wid u so plzz stop getting senti
Shashi – raman u wont realise this now, when u get married n have a kid then u’ll realize y she’s getting emotional!!
Akash – waise maa, if gabru hadnt forced di for this, we could have never been able to see this day!!
Khushi – oye, who did u tell gabru!!
Lavanya – how dare u call my gf gabru??
Raman – lavanya di, plzz ur always on our side so today also u cant change sides
Lavanya – acha bachu, if she would have been a gabru then today none of us would have known what is love!! She faced everything, but she didnt let us know how she was feeling from inside.. N raman u know what it is like to loose our loved ones right??
Khushi – come on lavanya, stop it!! U don’t need to bring up that topic right now ok?? Btw mom, dad, now don’t u think u need to fulfill ur duties towards ur daughter??
Shashi – offc beta, but do u know if aman told abt this to his family or not??
Garima – ha beta, that is really important, if they don’t know n when they come to abt it, what if they don’t accept it?? I don’t want my daughter to be sad.
Akash – ma don’t worry, we r here na, even if anything like that happens, we wont let anything happen to di!!
Raman – yes mom, so relax, n i’ll find out abt that!!

Precap – raizadas come to know abt laman, a prank on aman

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