true love wins over every hatred (episode 13)


hi guys, hope u like my ff n continue reading it!! n i m really sorry for disapointing arshi fans n not having enough scenes of asrshi, but dont get upset as i said earlier i’ll make it up n have their scenes too soon. i promise i’ll give equal attention towards all teh main pairs. so please continue commenting n tell me whatever ur views r without any hesitations.
i even want to tell all the other writers that they r doing a great job. now enough of me n lets tart with epi 13

Recap – raman n ishu fight
This time bulbul turns the bottle n it stops on lavanya. Khushi gets thinking n says – guys guys guys… i give her a question. Lavendar, today i want to know who u love truly??
Lavanya gets shocked by her question n says – khushi??
Khushi – don’t repeat my name sweetie, i really want to know n yes there is a list of exception. U cant say mom dad badi ma big d, me akash, raman abhi or any of the other girls
Lavanya – what?? Thats too many exceptions khushi…

Khushi whispers in her ears – plzz apple pie, i know u both n he feels the same way u feel for him, this is the best time to do it. Plzz let him know abt ur feeling dear… u’ll always suffer if u don’t. Plzz trust me n open ur heart to him
Lavanya – do i really have to do it now Khushi?i mean there r so many people?
Khushi – so what lavanya??

Lavanya – ok ok khushi!! I’ll say. Then she turns towards everyone n says – okk guys, here i go!!i actually met a boy around 2 years ago. At that time i just started working after my parents death. Since the day i met him, i got a weird feeling abt him. I actually liked staying in his company, he used to make me feel good abt myself. He made me laugh after a long time. N even i used to share everything wid him. He was just like my dream boy, who listen to me quietly, n understand me, cheered me up when i wasnt in happy, he got me back form the trauma. Hearing all this akash had tears in his eyes n a cute smile on his face n everyone else just smiled, while aman gets hurt hearing all this since he liked lavanya since the begining n may be he had even started to love her. Lavanya noticed his sad face behind the smiling one n understood that Khushi was right. He loved her truly.

So, to make him happy, lavanya went in front of aman n continues what she was saying – he brought me back to life, due to which i think even my family accepted him. I don’t when i started to love him. The only thing i know is that i love him till my death,if he loves me or not. I don’t even know if he loves me or not. The only thing i know is even if he hates me, my love is greater than his hatred. N the boy i whom i love is you AMAN. I LOVE U AMAN!!!
Aman shocked n equally surprised gets up n gives lavanya a bone crushing hug n lavanya also does the same while the others just stare at them n smile. A few moments later abhi interupts n says – oye love birds, stop romancing over here, we will get u guys married soon so u can romance, but u see we’re all singles here

Pragya gets annoyed since he ruined the moment so he throws a pillow on him n says – ahh abhiii!!! U r just so annoying, cant u just stay quiet for a few more mins…
Abhi – ohh plzz babes, cant u see they r making out in front of this young little boy n girls!!
Bulbul – oh plzz abhi bhai, we’r not kids anymore, we r grown ups now!!
Lavanya – okk okk enough guys, now lets continue the game
Aman – yes guys, see its getting late. We have to finish the game, right??
Khushi – pullin laman’s leg – oh really, if u want to finish the game then u guys can leave n have ur own time, u know we understand….

Lavanya – khushi, he doesnt mean that
Khushi – ohho, u know everything abt what he means right??
Ishu – offc Khushi, u know, ab lavanya ke alava kise pata chalega, aman kya bol na chahta hai??
Lavanya – oh plzz u guys, stop it right now… n lavanya blushes a little
Pragya – ok ok guys, now stop this n lets finish our last round. So, this time pragya rotates the bottle. This time bottle stops on Khushi n bulbul says – wait wait i’ll ask my happy di a question.. N the question is i want to know whether anyone has proposed u till now or not?? N if someone did, did u say yes to his proposal??
Khushi gets shocked hearing the question n she is reminded of how kriyaan proposed her n how happy she was while accepting his proposal. She gets a tear in her eyes. While ishu, raman, lavanya n ahbi get worried abt how she will react. Khushi removes the tear drop from her eyes n says – bulbul, u know very well that if someone would propose me how would i react. So no one dares to propose me n those one or two people who proposed me have gotten a tight slap of my hand
Aman – yea bulbul, n one of them is ASR, right abhi??

Twinkle, pragya n bulbul get shocked n shout togetherr what??
Abhi – don’t be so shocked guys!! Something was going on in her mind at that time n asr was too busy thinking abt his own thing so they had a little fight n asr was slapped
Purab – bhai don’t lie, we want to know the truth!! I know that cant happen!!
Abhi – ok ok. So abhi tells everything to them that happened n everyone bursts out in laughter.
Twinkle – ok everyone, do u guys want to play another round or want to go home??
Purab – ya actually, its quiet late n tommrow we have to go to college so if u guys want to play, u guys carry on, i’ll leave

Abhi – wait for me purab, we’ll all go together
Ishu – ya purab!! N even i m sleepy, i have to go to the shop early tmrw
Aman – ya actually, its getting late n bhai must be awake waiting for me so i’ll also leave..
Khushi -arey aman, they all have a reason to go,but u have a reason to stay AMAN JIJU…
Lavanya – arey yaar Khushi plzz stop it!! Aman u leave, asr must be waiting, we’ll meet tmrw!!
Pragya – haan bhai, ab toh milna julna chalta rahega (now the meetings will increase)! Nys we’ll also leave n i feel twinki’s sleepy so i don’t want her to be sleepy for the classes tmrw… cuz she’s my special little bookworm.
So they all leave for their homes.
While going home purab sleeps in the car so ishu says – abhi, actually, i wanted to talk to u abt something…
Abhi – yes di, say na, what is it??

Ishu – actually abhi its abt the way u proposed pragya
Abhi gets surprised n says – di first of all i didnt propose her, i was just completing my dare, second, i just needed someone to stand there in front of me so
Ishu – abhi don’t lie to me, n if u really wanted someone to just stand there u could have picked any of the other girls but u only picked pragya, n it wasnt even like pragya’s sitting next to u, so plzz don’t lie to me
Abhi – ok di, ya i like her. I mean when we went in the cafe she was telling me how she loves to be around kids, how she goes to an orphanage every weekend to meet kids, how she helps her father in his work, n everything. I felt a weird connection when i was wid her. It was like i was in some another world. The way she told me every little thing abt her, i was just so impressed by her. I mean i have never seen a girl like her. We have just met 2 times n she told me every little thing abt her n her family. U know when i see her smile, i just get lost her smile, its like when i m wid her, she makes me forget everything thats going around me. She makes me forget all my tensions n makes me feel peace. I mean u know i m so much atracted towards her.
Ishu just smiled hearing hime n finally said – ok my little brother, i got u, it was just an attraction, right??

Abhi – no di, r u even paying attention. I said i like her.
Ishu – ok ok abhi, i got it. U just purely like her.
Abhi – yup did, ur on the right track now. See while talking abt pragya, i didnt even realise that we r back home….
Ishu – yup even i didnt realize that, now u wake up that sleeping beauty n bring him up, i’ll go n see if mom n dad r sleeping or not, ok?
Abhi – ok di, n then u go to ur room n sleep, good night!!
Purab – in a sleepy voice says – good night from me too di!!
Ishu – good night, both my heros!! N they all go to their respective room n sleep.

Precap – gupta family comes to know abt laman n agree for their marraige

plzz forgive me for any spell mistakes

Credit to: virja

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