true love wins over every hatred (episode 12)

hi guys, i know the regular readers must be waiting for me to upload the next episode but i couldnt upload it on time. plzz forgive me n continue liking my ff. also forgive the typing errors if there are any n thank you so so so much for encouraging me through ur comments. now lets start with episode 12

Episode 12
Recap – purbul n twinkle entry
Twinkle who was quietly standing smiles n comes near pragya n says – piggy di, see bulbul di’s so happy.
Pragya – offc, she would be twinki, u know we 3 were childhood frnds, n bulbul played with all of us since her childhood, but then we got seperated cuz of circumstances n we r meeting today after almost 10 years. While saying this a drop of tear falls from pragya’s eyes. Twinkle notices.
Twinkle – r u crying di??
Pragya – no twinki, it’s tears of happiness.btw y r u standing here alone, come on i’ll introduce u to them.
Twinkle – ok!! So pragya introduces twinkle to them n they connect instantly n start their girly talks. Soon, garima calls all for dinner. All the people settle. Soon garima finishes n leaves, while everyone else is just talking abt their own thing. Suddenly an idea strucks to bulbul n she says – happy di, i have plan!!
Khushi – what is it bubly??
Bulbul – y don’t we all stay here tonight for a sleep over?? We can play games all night!!
Lavanya – u guys carry on! I have some work to do n since dad is also not here. I have to finish the work.
Khushi – plzz stay na lavanya, i’ll help u out wid that project tmrw!!
Twinkle – plzz di stay na!!
Lavanya – plzz guys i cant
Abhi – guys hold on, i have a solution, we can have a sleep over some other time, since purab, bulbul n twinkle have college tmrw, but today, we stay up fro some more time n play something, ok??
Pragya – yup abhi’s right, we can have a sleep over when their vaction starts
Lavanya – sounds like a plan
Bulbul – ur just great bhai!!
Abhi – ok then, u guys choose a game n i’ll call ishu to let her know
Raman – abhi, listen, just call her here plzz
Abhi understands n says ok!!

Suddenly lavanya’s phone rings n its aman. He says – heyy, lavanya,
Lavanya – hii, aman, kaise call kiya??
Aman – actually, i wanted to talk to u abt the deal… if u got time
Lavanya – aman actually, khushi knows more abt the deal wid ur company, do u mind coming home?? I mean none of us would be able to come since we have guests, if u come we can discuss it over here, n ours guests would be handled also!!
Aman – oh no problem!! I’ll be there soon!!bye
Lavanya – bye!! Then she turns towards khushi n says – khushi, aman’s coming to discuss the something abt the deal.. Do u mind
Khushi – offc not lavendar!! N its good that u called him home cuz even i had some doubts to be cleared!!

So, everyone went to the terrace to play since garima was sleeping. Bulbul decide to play truth or dare n even aman n ishu were there by that time n bulbul forced him to stop his work n play with them
So starts the game. Twinkle spinned the bottle n it stoped on abhi. Raman thinks of having some fun – hmm.. I will give u a dare abhi!! U have to sing a romantic song for ur dream girl!!
Abhi smiles – raman, i love u yaar, u gave me the world’s easiest task of the world!!
Raman – wait abhi wait!! There’s a twist in it…
Abhi – no raman…. I hate ur twists. They r horrible!!
Raman – the twist is u have to say ur dream girl’s name after u finish ur song n show us how u’ll propose her!!
Abhi gets a little smile thinking abt pragya n says ok, i’ll do it!!
He sings tum hi ho… n after finishing his song he comes near pragya n says – Ms. angel can u stand up!!
Pragya smilingly stands up n abhi holding her hand goes down on his knees – ms. angel, the day i saw u, was the best day of my life. The day i heard u, i couldnt hear anyone else. The day u came in my life, my life turned into heaven. I didnt even realise when u made a place for urself in my heart. Just took me away from the reality n captured me in a world where i couldnt feel, see or hear anyone except for u!! U made me who i m today. I want keep my heart in ur feet so that u can take it wid u so that no one else except for u can find it!! I used to love u!i love u! N will always love u!! Whether u love me or not!!
Ishu n khushi noticed that he wasnt just completing his dare, but he was actually proposing pragya. They both got happy n exicted seeing abhi getting his true love. While pragya keeps blushing which is noticed by twinkle. Raman interupted – bhai, khatam hogaya?? Everyone bursted into laughter hearing raman. After a few mins everyone settles down n again come to the game.

Again the bottle is spinned n it stops on raman. Abhi says – oh ho, raman i’ll take my revenge now!
Raman – abhi plzz, forgive me
Abhi – how can i raman, ok now ur task is, he looks at ishu n says – to ask for forgiveness from anybody u want for something which u think hurted them…
Raman realizes that he is talkign abt him n ishu, but before he could say anythin abhi says but there’s a twist!!
Raman – not fair abhi, if i gave a twist that doesnt mean u have to give me a twist too!!
Abhi – everything’s fair in love n war!! The twist is that if the person doesnt forgive u just by ur words, u have to sing n dance while asking forgiveness!!
Lavanya – come on raman u can do it!! Be a sport!
Khushi – yup raman, go on, n u know what my heart feels the person will forgive u!!
While Khushi says this ishita eyes Khushi angrily. Khushi notices this n asks – ishu y r u staring me?? Is there something on my face?
Ishu – Khushi u know y.. N abhi u come home, i’ll see u there. While ishu gets angry khushi n abhi gigles.
Raman – may i start now guys??
Khushi – chal mere bandar suru hoja!! Raman stares her so khushi says – i mean sher (lion)
Raman – better!! Hmm…. the person from whom i want to get forgiveness is my stubborn little ishu. The girl who made me realize what love is!! Ya i agree i left for US without telling her but she didnt understand that it was for both of our betterment. Plzz ishu forgive me. He holds his ears

Ishu – oh plzz raman, y r u asking for forgiveness, i should be one saying sorry right? U went to US without informing me. U didnt talk to me cuz u were too busy with ur so called gf shanaya. U didnt pick up my calls cuz u thought i was always disturbing u. U were too busy to talk to me. But u know what the mistake was mine that i used to call u, i wanted to talk to u, i wanted to know how u were. She started crying by this time. But u know what today, i accept it was all my mistake. Plzz forgive em raman for interfering in ur life. Raman couldnt see her in tears he also had tears in his eyes. He says – plzz ishu stop crying, u know i cant see u crying. N plzz don’t take those blames. U were always right in every little matter of my life. I wont be able to function without u in my life ishu. Plzz stop crying.
Ishu – raman plzz i don’t want to listen to anything, everyone’s in a happy mood, don’t spoil it. N plzz if u don’t stop right now i m going home
Abhi – ok ok ishu plzz don’t go back, raman, plzz sit down, we can talk abt this later n i even take back my dare. Plzz raman, come on.
Khushi – ya raman plzz sit down, we will solve this matter later some time
Raman – ok but ishu u plzz don’t go!
Ishu nods n lavnaya says – come on continue wid the game.

Precap – lavanya proposes aman

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