true love wins over every hatred (episode 11)

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Episode 11 –
Recap – abhi – pragya meet again at asr’s house

Abhigya come to a cafe n wait for Khushi to come. Pragya was bored n said – abhi, u sure u know the khushi i m talking abt
Abhi – yes, pragya, i know her, u said she went to US in 9th std n that time even i was in US. since then we are best friends. Btw have u heard of Gupta Industries??
Pragya – ya many times!! Dad sometimes told me that a girl single handedly handles the whole industries. I m quiet impressed n inspired of that girl
Abhi – hmm. So that girl is ur very own gf Khushi.
Pragya – what??

Abhi – yup, she n lavanya, oh wait u know lavanya??
Pragya – yup i know her, we three used to be best friends, but after Khushi went lavanya’s parents had sended her to her aunt’s house so none of us met after that n i still remember, khushi n lavanya were like sister, glued with each other
Abhi – even today they are like that
Pragya – wait what u mean by even today?
Abhi – oh ya since u didnt meet them, u might not be knowing. Actually, lavanya’s parents died in an accident so khushi’s parents adopted lavanya n her brother akash since they were young
Pragya – ohh, thats so nice of her parents. But i feel really bad for lavanya, i wasnt there when both my gfs needed me. Suddenly, someone entered the cafe n pragya was shocked. She was rather surprised to see khushi n the change in her attitude. Khushi was also surprised to see pragya even though she couldn’t recognize her she had a gut feeling that she knew her. She came towards the table n hugged abhi – hii abhi!! What happened u called me so urgently?? I had to leave everything on lavanya alone over there…

Abhi – i’ll answer ur questions later. But first meet her, she’s my friend pragya!! Pragya this is khushi
Khushi – heyy pragya! Nice to meet u! I must tell its such a nice name n even i had a friend named pragya, but sadly i don’t know where she has gone now…
Pragya – nice to meet u too!! But i think u found ur old piggy back “happy”!!
Khushi was surprised to hear her childhood name “happy” (since khushi means happiness ner school frnds used to call her happy, pragya as piggy, n lavanya as lavendar)
Khushi – wait what did u call me??
Pragya – forget that y didnt u bring lavendar with u. When abhi told me that u n lavendar r now together, i thought u both will come
Khushi realizes that pragya is her childhood gf n so they both get excited n hug each other, while abhi is confused over the piggy,happy, n lavendar thing. So abhi breaks the sweet moment n says – omg who the hell is this happy, piggy and lavendar??
Khushi – it me, pragya n lavanya abhi. Trio take a sit n khushi continues – when we were in school everyone used to call us happy, piggy, and lanvendar.

Pragya – yess abhi, those times were so good but slowly everything got out of our hand n today were meeting almost after 10 years
Khushi – there r so many thing to talk abt n the first thing is how is my other little gf? Uncle – aunty?
Pragya – oh!! Ur gf has grown big but is still little by mind!! She is just like before stubborn n full of attitude.
Khushi – come on pragya she’s still a kid, offc she would be like that
Pragya – btw u werent here so u might want to know that there is a third princess in the house. Actually she’s my maasi’s (maternal aunt) daughter. My masi n masa died in an accident so mom n dad brought her home so that she doesnt feel lonely
Khushi – aww!! Thats so sweet of uncle n aunty!! Well, i would love u meet the new princess too!! N its obvious that i will have to meet my old doll
Abhi was bored by listening to their talks so he disturbed them n says – heyy girls!! If u don’t mind i’ll leave bcuz i think u guys r too busy talking aur jis speed pe tum dono jaa rahe how i feel ur talks r not going to be finished soon…

Khushi – offc abhi u can leave, n yup girls talk r always long. So u better leave, bye!!
Pragya – yup, bye abhi!! Pragya said with a smile n abhi vanished in his smile n stared at her while khushi n pragya returned to their talks. Soon after abhi leaves.
Khushi – actually piggy, y don’t u come home everyone would get a great surprise n especially lavanya.
Pragya – for lavanya i would love to come!! Lets go!!

Next scene –
The xyz college is shown. In the college , we see a long line of boys standing n waiting for their turn to come. On boy asks his frnd – bhai what is happening?? Y is everyone standing like this?
His frnd – arey yaar, u don’t remember?? Tmrw’s the college dance so evryone wants to go wid the one n only Bulbul

Boy – ohh. But what does the girl have in her that the whole college is after her??
Frnd – bhai. Have u ever seen her?? She his the hotest girl in the town. Everyone goes mad after her on smile. Suddenly they hear a loud sound. The sound was of a boy who falled down after getting dizzy. The boy next in line said omg bulbul just gave a flying kiss to him n he got unconcious!!
Bulbul turns n says – offc, he wasnt able to handle the flying kiss!! For today i think the proposals r enough, i’ll leave… bye guys, she smiles again n leaves. Outside she meets another girl n that girl says – di, u again did this?? Y cant u focus on ur studies?? Di, if piggy di, gets to know abt today, then for sure she’s going to kill u!!
The girl is none other than twinkle. Bulbul says – twinki beta, u n ur di, both of u r there to study na then i can enjoy to the fullest

Twinkle – but di, i know what happened today okay?? N i m going to tell piggy di abt it. N this time u wont be able to stop me. Saying this she starts to leave.
Bulbul – arey twinkle, plzz listen to me na. Look i m sorry. I wont do it again, plzz don’t tell di, u knwo she’ll tell mom n then mom would give long lectures to me. She said sweetly holding her ears.
Twinkle – no di, this time ur buttering wont work on me. I keep hiding ur things from piggy di bcuz u promise me to not repeat them, but everytime u break the promise. This time i wont ask for a promise, i will go to mom dad n directly tell them everything. After i reach home i’ll send back the car. Bye!! N she leaves siting in the car.

Bulbul – arey twinkle… twinkle…. Pata nahi aaj kya hoga when i reach home.
Suddenly someone says kuch nahi hoga, barbie doll, (nothing will happen)
Bulbul speaks to herself n says who is this n turns around to see it was none other than purab.
Purab – today if u go to ur house then only something will happen, but today ur not going to ur house!!
Bulbul – y m i not going to my house mr.purab??
Purab – cuz pragya di called me asked me to take u somewhere else
Bulbul – wait where did she tell u to take me?? N y did she tell u??
Purab – ms.bulbul she told me cuz u were too busy to pick her call up n where she wants u to reach is a place nearby my house. So can we go. I have to go home after i drop u off!!
Bulbul – what di called? When? Why? N y would i come wid u, twinkle is going to send a car for me after she reaches home.
Purab – bulbul, plzz don’t show ur attitude to me, n btw, pragya di called both of u n according to me twinkle must be raching there. N u know twinkle will tell everything that happened today to di!!

Bulbul – what?? N ur telling me that now? Plzz purab take me wid u. I cant take risk.
Purab – i think i didnt hear u right. What did u say??
Bulbul – purab i said plzzzz drop me to the place. I said PLEASE.
Purab – ok ok!! Bulbul. Don’t worry i’ll give u many other chances to say please. Its enough for today!! N they leave the college on a bike continuing their sweet nok- jhok.

Next scene – pragya n khushi r talking while suddenly a bell rings. Khushi says – i think its lavanya. I’ll go open the door. I think she’s going to be angry on me for not going back to the office.
Pragya – u go n open the door we will surprise her. So khushi gets excited n goes to open the door. Lavanya enters n khushi says – there’s a surprise for u lavendar. Lavanya was surprised to hear lavendar n said – ok khushi, but who reminded u off those old sschool names. I mean we never called each other by those names since we left school.

Khushi – arey i said na there’s a surprise for u!! She shouts surprise come out to signal pragya n so pragya came out. She also called lavanya lavendar which confused lavanya. She said- hold on, who r u?? N how do u know my childhood name?
Pragya – actually lavendar, i thought to remind u of piggy!! U know piggy was best friends wid u guys until u guys left her. Lavanya realizes that she is none other than pragya n so all 3 of them have a big group hug until another door bell rings. Khushi again goes to open the door n this time it was bulbul n purab. She was surprised to see purab n says – heyy purab, u here?? Did abhi call u here??
Purab – wait what?? Abhi bhai’s here?? Mujhe toh pragya di ne bulaya hai (pragya di called me here)
Khushi – yaa, abhi came here to meet raman, they had some work n so mom asked abhi to go after dinner. But y did pragya call u?? N how do u even know her??

Bulbul interupted n said – excuse me, but purab is my friend n pragya di is my sister, she called purab n askeed hiim to drop me here. But who r u to stop my way n question my frnd so much?? Move i want to know where my di is…
Khushi – omg bubbly, u r still the same. The same attitude anger on the nose n the same cute face the whole world would fall for!! Piggy was so right abt u my god!! N she came gave a bone crushing hug to her. Bulbul who didnt understand anything moved back n said – excuse me!! How dare u hug me without my permission??
Khushi – u come in first then u’ll understand everything!!
So purbul come in n purab goes to raman’s room. Bulbul surprisingly says- di… y did u call me here n btw twinkle didnt reach right??
Pragya – holds her ear – kyun?? Aaj konsa kaand kiya hai tumne (why? What did u do today??)
Bulbul – arey di, plzz leave my ear first. I swear i didnt do anything. It was cuz of the other girl in my class.

Pragya – sacchi bataa aaj kya hua?? Otherwise i’ll have to ask twinkle…
Twinkle comes from behin n says – di, aaj na bul bul di ne… before she continues bulbul keeps her hand on twinkle’s mouth, but twinkle bites her hand n say – today di n some girl in her class had a fight n so the proffesor didnt let her sit in the class…
Pragya – kya?? She twistes bulbul’s ear
Bulbul – arey di, it wasnt my fault, the girl was new to the college n she sat on my place so i got angry n shouted on her. But i didnt knew she was the proffesor’s daughter, so thats y the prof. Got angry on me.
Pragya – bulbul what was the big deal if she sat on ur seat?? U could have picked another one… but no u want the same seat, as if u will die if u take another seat…
While pragya was scolding bulbul, khushi n lavanya enjoyed hteir silly fight. Finally after a few mins khushi said – piggy, now stop scolding my bubly little princess. Its enough for today!!
Bulbul – yup di, see she is right… idk y she’s by my side but ya…
Pragya – happy, u plzz don’t say anything, when u were there, u were the only one supporting her n spoiled her n thats y she is like this now
Khushi – come on piggy, it wasnt only me, even lavendar was there!!

Lavanya – oh plzz khushi, don’t pull me into all this!!
Bulbul who was listening realized that the girl who huged her was her happy di n the other girl was her lavendar. She said – stop it!! N pointing towards khushi said – happy di??
Khushi excitedly said yess n opened her arms. Bulbul runs to her gives her a tight hug. Then she does the same with lavanya. Then says – omg di!!! U told purab to bring me here for this thing. Pragya nods. Bulbul continues – my god this is the best surprise of my life!!!!!

Precap – a little truth or dare game

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