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hi guyss, i m trying to upload a new episodee everyday, but i have a job to manage too so plzz forgive me if cant upload every episode in time. but thanks so much for ur support!! n keep supporting me through ur comments!! now lets start with episode 10!!

Recap – shashi and garima telling abt Khushi’s past to Raj n simran

Shashi- just to get both our daughters back we decided to let them do what they want. They came back but something more terrible happened with Khushi….
Before he could go on. Simran’s phone rang. Its was Asr on the other side.
Asr – heyy mom, where r u?? I came back from my recording but ur not home n where’s dad??
Simran – beta we came out for some work. We r coming back shortly. Did u need something??
Asr – actually mom, pragya’s coming home directly from college n she told me that she needs something to eat as soon as she comes. N u know na that she loves ur hand made food.
Simran – beta, plzz get food from hotel for today, i wont be able to come on… before she could complete garima said – plzz go if he’s insisting. We will talk later.
Simran to garima – no bhabhi i want to know
Garima – plzz simmi bhabhi, i swear i’ll tell u, but later. U guys plzz go now.
Simran – pakka. Ok then. Then she goes back to the call n tells asr that they are coming. N so they leave.

Next scene –
Asr’s in his room listening to music. Suddenly to door bell rings so he goes to open the door thinking its raj and simran. But to his surprise it was abhi.
Asr – heyy buddy, how r u?? N how come here. Saying this they come forward for a hug and then go towards the sitting area
Abhi – i m fine dude. I was passing by so thought to meet u! Didnt u like the surprise?
Asr – offc i did abhi… but i thought it was someone else
Abhi – oh wait, so r u expecting someone??
Asr – umm, actually yes. N i think you will be surprised, wait not surprised, but u will be pleasantly shocked…
Abhi – ohh, if its a pleasant shock i m always ready for it!!
Before asr could say anything again the door bell rings. This time even abhi was excited to see who it was. But to their surprise it was raj and simran.
Asr – hi mom! Hi dad! Btw where had u both gone?? U didnt tell me yet??
Abhi – arnav beta let them come in first. Then ask as many questions as u can…
Both raj n simran were surprised. Simran – abhi beta, u here?? (turning to asr) beta u didnt tell even he was coming…
Abhi – arey kya aunty, he told me that i would be “pleasantly shocked” by seeing who has come, but u n uncle came in. asr i didnt get surprised or shocked by seeing uncle n aunty, did u try to fool me??
Asr – arey mom, he was passing by so he came in. n abhi i was talking abt someone else, not mom n dad…
Abhi – oh then ok!!
Raj goes towards abhi – beta, shashi told us a few things abt the time u guys were in US together. N i m so proud of u that u helped that little girl of ours so much
Abhi – i m glad that i could her her in when she was in US, but sometimes i still feel guilty that i couldnt help her abt the matter with kriyaan… but that little girl of urs is an idiot, she never wants to share her pain with anyone. She always wants to spread happiness n keep the pain for herself. She always helped me n ishu whenever we needed her. She even bought lavanya n akash out of their trauma, but she herself was always in pain. U knoe uncle how the world says the most wonderful people have had been hurtede the most. U know even yesterday in the party she smiled but it was just for show off n so u guys get happy, but actually she was hurt so much that she bursted in tears as soon as she reached her home. But when i went to see her in the morning she had a bright smile on her face just so that we all can be happy.
Raj – wait a minute abhi, who is kriyaan, n y was khushi hurt by the party, i mean she herself agreed for the party, then didnt she like the party??
Abhi – uncle she doesnt like to party n especially on her birthdays. She hates when someone surprises her. She hates when someone flirts with her, n thats y khushi slapped asr yesterday. Khushi changed. She has changed since the day she found out the truth.
Raj – wait what?? Raman told me that his plan is just for fun n she likes to go to party. N btw who is this kriyaan??
Abhi – didnt shashi uncle tell u abt kriyaan??
Raj explains what happened n says – so before he can say anything else we had to come back..
Abhi – oh ok uncle, if he has told u half of the story i’ll let u. Before he could continue theie was another bell n since no one was around abhi went to open the door. N yess he found his surprise. It was pragya wearing a beautiful short yet appropriate dress. She was looking great n as she entered the house abhi’s jaw dropped looking at her. Pragya came by his side n said – hii, mr.romeo.
Abhi – hii…. Ms. angel… but before anyone of them could say anything,asr came running n held her in his arms sayin – heyy, barbie doll, u made me wait fro a longer time n so u get a punishment. (he brought her to ground)
Pragya – no yaar, not a punishment, see a came as soon as possible.
Raj who was standing near the sofa came forward n said – yes, arnav no punishments for my little girl.
Pragya was surprised to see raj n ran to hug him – yayy!! Big dad’s here, so no punishment for me, arnav beta (teasing asr)
Asr – arnav ki bachi!! Tu ruk, abhi ddekh ta hun tujhe main, n tries to run, but before he could abhi holded him n in a low voice said – btw, was this the surprise, becuz if it was i actually loved it!!
Before asr could reply pragya said – thanks mr.romeo…
Asr – abhi beta, tu meri behen ke baare mein baat kar raha hein, u remember (abhi, ur talking abt my sister u know). He said to abhi in a low voice n then turns towards pragya n teasingly said – ohhh, MR.ROMEO haan…. Right dad??
Pragya – no…. No… no big D its not like that
Raj – asr yeh bechara ladka hame kyun romeo nai lagta (y don’t be feel that this poor boy romeo)??
Asr – ikr, koi angel toh koi romeo…
Raj – asr romeo toh samaj me aaya par yeh angel??
Abhi – arey uncle yeh aapka pyaara sa beta bhi na kuch bhi bolta hai, and in his mind he says why cant he stay quiet
Asr – abhi beta speaking is my brith right ( bol na mera janam sidh adhikar hai!!)
Raj – understands everything n says – ok kids relax n have food. I’ll go cuz i have some work. N while leaving he also says – one romeo n another angel, waah!! What a couple!!
Abhi then goes towards pragya n says – miss angel, may i know ur name?? Kyunki in this house no one is going to say ur name
Before pragya could say anything asr came forward n kep this one hand on abhi’s shoulder n said – abhi beta what would u do even if u got to know her name?? U know she’s my sister n she doesnt do anything without my permission. Then in slow voice – not even tell her name
Abhi – ohh plzz arnav, i didnt ask u anything, i asked her, u go get food
Asr – abhi the food’s already on the table, u r too busy looking somewhere else
Pragya – i love u so much bhai, u had the food ready before i came!! I m impressed!!
Asr – sweetheart, just don’t talk abt eating come on we’ll all have food together. So the trio moves to the dining table n while talking asr accidently reveals pragya’s name. N on hearing her name abhi felt what a nice name! N said – ohh so ur name’s pragya. I must say nice name. I even feel that i have heard this name somewhere earlier
Pragya – thank u for the compliment n big d kept my name so u might want to compliment him
Asr – but where have u heard the name dude??
Abhi – idk yaar, but i feel i have heard it. Ohh wait now i remember where i heard it. Khushi told me once
Asr gets a little angry on hearing her name. But then calms down n says – oh that egoistic girl
Pragya – wait did u say Khushi?? What was her name?? Yes, Khushi Gupta, i remember she had gone to US after 9th std. I never meet her after that. I saw her dad in many business functions but we never talked abt khushi
Abhi – oh wait so ur the pragya she always used to talk abt. But didnt u see her yesterday in the party.
Pragya – what?? She was here in the party?? When?? Where?
Abhi -arey, the party was kept for her actually. Don’t u know? Raj uncle even called her name!!
Pragya – atcually, one of my sisters called me back home for some imp work. So, i told mom dad n went home
Abhi – oh thats y i couldnt find u in the end!! Oh well leave that, u want to meet ur gf??
Pragya – offc i do!! Its been a long time i have met her. But how will i?? I don’t even know where she lives now? Bhai u know where she is??
Asr – umm, ya i know, but i cant take u. N if u want to meet her go to her house, don’t u dare call her here. I m done wid my food n i have to go for a recording. So i’ll leave. Bye. saying this he left since he didnt wanted to hear more of Khushi the great
Pragya – arey what happened to him now?? Y did he leave.
Abhi – arey pragya, its a long story ask him some other time. For right now don’t u want to meet Khushi??
Pragya – offc i want to. But do u know her address or some place where i can meet her
Abhi – i know her very well n where we will be able to meet her. U finish ur food n we’ll go
Pragya – oh i m done already. First i’ll go n but the dishes in the kitchen so badi maa doesnt have to do it
Abhi – okk, come i’ll help u. So, both of them take the stuff in the kitchen. While leaving pragya’s feet slips since the floor was wet, but before she could fell our rockstar holds her from the waist n they share a cute eye lock n suno na sang marmar plays in the background. Suddenly a servant comes n they adjust themselves n leave.

Precap – pragya- Khushi milan; 3 new entries

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  3. Superb story especially romeo n angel it’s really sooooooooo cute n awesome abhigya scene s really superb n toooooo cute today’s episode s really amazing I love it a lotttttttttttt… Bt little bit disappointment tat khushi’s past u still dint revealed it n make it as a suspense lk b4 yaar

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