true love wins over every hatred (episode 2)


i m really sorry for my mistake in first episode. but i promise i wont repeat it again n thank you all for liking my story. Now lets start with the epi – 2

The episode starts with Khushi coming downstairs and sits next to shashi and starts talking about business so garima tells a servant to bring khushi’s breakfast

K – heyy dad, good morning, where’s everyone??

S – Akash went to college… n lavanya went to office early to do some arrangements for the meeting

K – oh okk.. Btw i forgot to tell u my frnd abhi’s dad is sick so he said he will not be able to come

S – but beta what abt the deal then?

K – ya dad i know but abhi is handling his business nowadays so it will be done don’t worry

S – oh then N ya what happened about the deal with raj??

K – oops sorry dad forgot to tell, he wasnt there tommorow so the meeting’s today n i guess i m late for it so i’ll leave

S – ok beta take care n be back soon

K – yes dad don’t wrry bye dad, bye mom

G – bye n come soon

K – yes teacher (she said teasingly)

By saying this she gave a hi-fi to her dad and left

G – u have spoiled both my daughters

S – u know how special they both r for me, i still remember how that incident shatterd my princess n how lavanya took care of her n brought her back to normal

G – i know shashi, but y do u want to remember bad things that have happened, u forget it n slowly khushi will also forget everything

S – i know she will but i m really worried, what if she doesnt move on, will she find someone who will help her overcome everything she has gone through??

G – sometimes i also worry thinking about how she doesnt share anything with anyone, but since lavanya and akash have come she has started to smile again n i m sure they will bring our old khushi back

S – i hope so too

G – okk forget all that think about the party.. What will happen if khushi doesnt like it??

S – don’t worry she wont create a scene in public

G – i hope so.. Btw forgot to tell u i m going to raj bhai’s house to check if they need help?? R u coming??

S – no u go, i don’t want to increase their responsiblities (tauntingly he says)

G – ok then she said not realising what he said

S – ok bye then saying this he left smilingly

Then garima realised what he meant but till then he was already gone so she also leaves

next scene –

We see a house. In that house we see a room full of race car posters. Then on a bed we see a guy sleeping. Suddenly there’s someon ebanging on the room door

The boy gets up n he is revealed to be our very own asr. He opens the door and there’s a servant on the door

S – arnav bhaiya plzz wake up n see raj sir..

A – what?? What happened to him??

N he runs out of his room and enters another room n sees a man sitting on the bed

A – dad are u okay?? Hp told me something happened to u?? What happened?? Y don’t u take care of ur self??

R – relax beta.. I m okay, i m just not feeling good so i thought if for today u can go to the office instead of me n there’s n important meeting if u can really go

A – oh now i understand it was ur trick to send me to office, but u know today i have a recording to go to

R – ya i know but the meeting will end by 11 so plzz go

A – but usually aman goes wid u then y cant he handle everything

R – i know he comes but u also think na beta, he handles ur meetings my schedules n does everything so cant u just go n help him out

A – ok dad just cuz ur saying i’ll go… btw where’s mom

R – beta she went to the temple early morning

A – oh ok then i’ll get ready to leave, but u take care n i’ll tell hp to give u everything on time

R – theek hai beta, oh ya n send aman in if u find him anywhere while leaving

A – okay dad

And asr leaves

precap – arnav and khushi’s meeting

Credit to: virja

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  1. Nice but wat happend to khushi in the past

    1. Khushi’s past will be revealed later

  2. Nice one.. Waiting for the next

  3. Waiting for the next..

  4. it’s nice but when abhigya entry pa????

    1. Abhigya will enter in the episode 4

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