true love wins over every hatred (epi 1)


The episodes starts with a huge house and then we see a room in the house. In the room we see a girl sleeping then suddenly a sound comes

Sound: wake up doll, its 7:30

Girl: hmm..

Sound: wake up doll, its 7:30

It was her alarm clock suddenly the girl realized something and woke up. She was none other than our gorgeous khushi.

Khushi: Oh god, its 7:30 i have to reach office at 9:00. How will i manage??

And runs to the bathroom.

After about half an hour we see her coming out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. She then goes to her closet. As soon as she opens it we see a lots of pretty dresses organized neat and clean. She picked a beautiful semi professional dress. She was looking really pretty. Next to that closet we see another closet full of shoes and handbags. She wore matching shoes and left. She had almost every kind of designer dresses, shoes and purses. Her every single little thing was branded and she had everything one could possibly have in their whole life.

Next scene-

We see a huge hall with family pics on one side of the wall. We see shashi and garima talking

Shashi – wheres my princess?

Garima – she should be coming and moment. But u remember, don’t wish her. You know today rajbhaiyya is giving a party for her. (she considers raj as her brother)

S – ha bhai, pata hai mujhe par mujhe toh darr hai ke kahin yeh ladki bura na maan jaie

G – darr toh mujhe bhi lag raha hai par mujhe pura yakin hai aisa kuch nahi hoga or kuch hua bhi toh raj bhaiya hai na

S – theek hai phir dekte hai kya hota hai

Suddenly akash comes in..

A- good morning dad, good morning mom, waise apko pata hai na aaj kya hai

G – humme pata hai aaj teri gabru ka b-day hai, par dhyaan rahe wish mat karna usse (guys akash, lavanya, and raman call khushi gabru)

A – pata hai maa, i don’t want to die so early. By the way is there anything special that you are telling me not to wish her?

G – tu bhul gaya na?

N she goes to the kicten

A – kya bhul gaya mein?

S – akash ab toh teri kher nahi, gabru ka toh pata nahi par teri maa tujhe zaroor maregi

A – par aisa kya kiya mein ne?

S- aaj raj uncle ne teri gabru ke liye party rakhi hai…

A – oops…. Acha kiya yaad dilaya apne varna mein toh gaya tha aaj, chalo mein chalta hoon maa
aa gayi toh me nahi bachunga… bye dad

S – acha theek hai par college ja ke kuch kha lena bye

A – theek hai dad

He leaves and garima comes from the kitchen

G – akash kahan chala gaya.. Mein uske liya nashta layi aur woh

S – usse college ke liya late ho raha tha toh v nikal gaya, canteen se kuch kha lega chinta kyun kar rahi ho..

N they start their usual day

precap – a deep look into khushi and her family

Credit to: virja

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