True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-3)

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“You are responsible for your own happiness”
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Laksh was getting ready to visit Baadi, to apologize to her. He was totally scared, scared to death, as if a small kid is going to attend a Parents-Teacher meet. He had no idea about what would happen there. He then quickly drove his car to Baadi.

After looking at the big entrance door there, he wiped his face which was profusely sweating because of fear.
Dadi had been feeding breakfast to her Laado, both faking their smiles. Dadi never wanted her princess to weep anymore and Ragini never wanted her Dadima, who had always taken care of her like a mother to spend even a single drop of tear for her . Both were trying to make the other happy, but still their hearts were filled with sorrow. Just then, Ragini heard HIS voice, which made her tremble totally, tears started flowing from her eyes without any limit.
“Listen Ragini! I want to talk to you”, he said entering her home. “Stay where you are!” Dadi shouted furiously. ” Do you even have shame? with whose permission have you come to meet my Laado? Dadi screamed. “Sorry Dadima, I just need 5 minutes to sort out things, Please excuse me” he said pleading. “Stay out or else I’ll ask Shekhar to throw you out” shouted Dadi.

Throughout this heated argument, Ragini stood behind Dadi hiding herself. She couldn’t tolerate this anymore, She wasn’t able to hide this pain anymore, She stood weeping very badly behind her Dadima.

Finally she gathered some courage and spoke out, “Let him talk Dadima”. “Ragini, am really really sorry Ragini. I had done the biggest mistake of my life, Please forgive me Ragini” he said trying to see her. “It’s ok Laksh, I forgave you” quickly she said weeping, still hiding behind her Dadima.”No Ragini! I am really sorry, I am here to seek your forgiveness whole heartedly” he said nervously, still trying to look at her. “Laksh it’s truly ok” said Ragini, sobbing heavily, bending her face down, as much as she could behind her Dadima.

He was in total shock, in extreme shock with his eyes widened. How could someone forgive easily for such an act. No! She’s lying, she can’t forgive me easily. I don’t deserve this. No! I need to talk to her, I want her to forgive me with all her heart.

“Listen Ragini!” he said and his words were cut by hers, “Laksh please leave!” said Ragini, with a firm yet a sobbing voice. Now this was an earthquake to him, Ragini! Ragini…!who never even dared to open her mouth in front of him, is speaking against him today.

Shock after shock, he couldn’t bear it anymore. Nothing was audible to him, he could only sense Ragini hiding behind her Dadima, who was screaming at him. “Leave the place right now, you have already broken her heart into pieces, I want my Laado to be peaceful at least the rest of her life, Leave!!!” she shouted.

He was numb, looking at Dadi trying to shut the door, he stepped back. He felt as if it was a nightmare, whatever had happened there in Baadi was just unbelievable. With so many thoughts wandering in his mind, he drove his car back to Maheshwari Mansion.

@ Gadodia’s place:
Ragini was totally shattered. She never wanted to even think of him, cuz she knew that it would pierce her. She was crying heavily thinking about her life. Just then she saw her Dadima entering her room with her Sitar. “Laado, you are my obedient child right?” asked Dadima with a fake smile and tears filling her eyes. “Yes Dadima, you please sit here, and why are you crying?” Ragini asked wiping her Dadima’s tears. “Dadima I am alright” she said trying to cheer up her Dadi. “Laado, can you do me a favour?” Dadi asked. “I am born to serve you” said Ragini smiling. “I want to hear you singing, it’s been a very long time, Please” asked Dadi holding Ragini’s chin. Though Ragini was definitely not in the mood of singing, she accepted for her angel. ” Give that to me” she said, and started singing for Dadi while playing her Sitar. After which, Dadi kissed her Laado on her cheeks and asked ” Will you accept my other request too??” “Yes definitely Dadima, tell me what to do” said Ragini looking curiously into her Dadima’s teary eyes.

“I want my Laado to join music academy again” she said with a hope in her eyes. Ragini then was lost in her thoughts. She never knew what has life planned for her, what should she do next? She never wanted to enter into Laksh’s life again and bother him anymore. She did not exactly know what to do, she was totally lost. Just then her Dadi cupped her face and asked “Don’t you trust your Dadima?” “More than myself” she answered quickly. “Then sleep soon, you are getting late for your classes tomorrow” she said smiling. Ragini did not have any other choice, but to accept it. One thing was for sure, she did not want her Dadima suffer because of her situation. She greeted her Dadima good night and switched off the lights with no hope of finding a ray of light anymore.

Precap: A cute new guy in music academy

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