True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Teaser)


“Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else”
Hello my lovely readers! Thanks a lot for your ever loving comments. Here we go with the teaser.
“Laksh don’t you think this is the best place in this whole world?” Ragini asked looking at the tiny tots playing so blissfully. “Exactly Ragini” Laksh replied, smiling. “I want to take all of them home with me, I would love to have all those kids Laksh” she said jumping in excitement. “We’ll adopt them” he said, lost in her eyes with a very stupid smile on his face.
Listening to which Ragini was initially shocked and then she turned totally pale.“I mean! Actually I..I meant that you could adopt them and I am sure that person won’t say no” he said, turning aside. “Excuse me Laksh Maheshwari, respect please. He’s my fiancée and he has a name “Kabir” ” she shot back with a very angry face.

Later he found her enjoying in rain with the kids. He was totally lost in the sight. For the very first time, he noticed a genuine happy Ragini, a Ragini who was just enjoying the moment. A carefree, full-of-life girl in front of him. He couldn’t stop himself, he came closer to her, held her hand and whispered “Ragini I lo..” “Ragini I love you” came a very loud voice. She immediately jerked his hands away and ran towards the person. “Kabir you? Here?” she questioned with a surprising look. “Me, Paaro and Chotu are missing you badly girl. Please come immediately with me, I promise we’ll have more fun” Kabir said holding her arms, jumping in excitement, leaving Laksh lose his temper. Kabir walked towards Laksh and, “Actually I am sorry, I need her please” he told Laksh with a wide smile.
“Is it a prank?” Laksh,with anger filled red eyes. “It might be Mr.Maheshwari.. But what is bothering you. My Anarkali, my fiancée. I love her, any problem?” Kabir shot at him, raising his left eyebrow and tilting his face a little, in a sarcastic tone.“She is my wife. You get that?” Laksh yelled in high pitch, holding Kabir’s collar. Kabir gave him a smirk saying “She WAS” showing him the divorce paper.

People I am really sorry, actually I’ve only 4 more days for my exam and it is the most toughest paper(Digital Signal Processing), a problematic paper. I hope you all understand me. So please do give me some time sweet people. Either on 18th or from 19th I’ll continue my work. Actually I wanted to pen down yesterday itself, but I had a sudden meet with school besties. We three are so crazy, Me, Priya and Kamesh. So within a single evening we visited each other’s house, ate plenty and went triples in my scooty. Had extreme fun guys. So that was the reason why I didn’t write yesterday.

And guys since our ff deals more about friendship, its cuteness and its craziness, I would love to know any most crazy moment you people had with your friends. Please do comment or inbox me in this regards, if you are ready to share. Spreading Love and happiness is really peaceful. Right? Please excuse my ff for some days sweet people. Love you all. Take care.

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  1. wow so sweet all the best for exam dear

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you Sneha?Love you?Take care till I come back?

  2. I think you are ece student,all the for your exam dear,

    amazing promo

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you Lovely? Thank you so much?Hope you like the further ones too?and I belong to CSE Lovely?

  3. All the best for your exam dear

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you Ammy?I’ll be back soon to torture you with my ff?Till then Take care?

  4. Wow it’s awesome teaser waiting for episode

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you Ankita? That’s really sweet of you? I’ll upload as soon as I find time?

  5. Superb promo dear and coming back soon. All the best for ur exam

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you Ammu? Thanks for your wish ? I’ll post as soon as possible? Take care?

  6. Megha123

    All the best 4 ur exam & promo is amazing

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you Megha?Thank you for the wish too?Take care?

  7. OHO pinky………………….teaser was awsm………………………but the qstn bothering me is what she was doing with Laksh?;)

    1. PinkChocolate

      Hehe? At least you noticed it? You’ve to wait a little to know that princess? Take care till I return ?Tata ?

      1. Did’nt saw ur questiona……………though I hav many friends but telling you craziness of my brother cum biggest enemy + biggest friend story. we share chattis ka akda ever since we are born. Hehe l am born spoiling his third birthday…………..Actually i am preterm child……….born one month earlier…………born bcoz of my brother’s birth day. That too a special date 15 th august!!!!!!( don’t forget to wish me;);0 and offcourse my brother too).So the story was we were fighting for last slice of our left out birth day cake and in running l kapt it on sofa and he came from behind and sat on the same sofa ( trust me more than his jeans , i was sad for my cake;). The condition of his pant was too worse and the whole family was laughing like hell.Lol….i got a punch from him too. Tell me ur ‘s yoo and if u have some intresting birth story then tell that too.

  8. All the best for ur exams
    The treaser was awesome. Just a bit confused about the pairs. I just hope it’s raglak

    1. PinkChocolate

      100% confirmation I could give yu that this is a Raglak ff? and thanks for your wish Chhahat?Take care?

  9. Anaita

    Superb promo… ?but what was Ragini doing with Laksh?

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thanks Anaita? To know that you’ve to wait a little girl? Till that keep guessing??

  10. Hey Dea. All the best fo ua xams. Im sure ul rock. Il pray fo u. N waiting fo nxt epi. Bt tats fyn. Ua xam is more important. Study well n do well.

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you Akaashi? Please do pray for me? And definitely I’ll write n post for you asap?Till then Take care?

  11. Dude plzzzplzzz don’t make kabir -ve…he is soooo sweet and understanding.. . Best of luck 4 xm dear … I am also having one..

    1. PinkChocolate

      At least Liya u felt that Kabir could also have negative shade? Kabir is so much sweet that none of us have thought of him having a grey shade ? Anyways doll u’ve to wait to know that ? N thank you so much for your wishes? Take care?

      1. Hey your also doing btech don’t worry I am also in the same boat

  12. SPP

    Awesome Superb promo
    All the best for ur exam dear
    Take your time to update next one
    Will be waiting ………

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you so much dear? and I’ll start writing as soon as I enter my home after exam? Take care?

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  13. O dear awesome teaser and u r a engineering student right. I don’t know from which dept u r but the paper u mentioned is my core paper as I’m EEE. And I know it is the most toughest paper of any dept. So no worries u please concentrate on ur studies first. Don’t think about ff now. All the best for your exams. Take care dear. Will wait 4 ur update ☺

    1. PinkChocolate

      Oh God!! ? EEE !!! I donno how Yu ppl remember all those circuits and all?? I belong to CSE Prateeksha?? and which yr are Yu currently pursuing?? And yeah I’ll complete this exam and return back with a good one? Take care?

  14. PinkChocolate

    Amnaaaaa! Finally! At least you turned up to ans my question?? I thought no1 loves me? And even I’ve a bro! A younger one..My biggest enemy and my craziest bestie he is?? We keep doing crazy things every single moment we are at home. Dance madly, sing with such a harsh voice and irritate each other and finally try helping our Mom and drive her more crazy?? I would like to share this one..Our mummy narrated this..When I was small and he was a baby, it was a late night and it seems mummy had put us to sleep and then mummy and daddy were having dinner, suddenly my mom has heard a very loud scream of Ajay crying and when she saw, she was in too much anger cuz I’d inserted the feeding bottle inside his nose??

    1. PinkChocolate

      Mouth* sorry?? I forcefully inserted the bottle in his mouth when he was sleeping so peacefully?

      1. Hehe??………debol sisters. Don’t worry dear ………..Atleast l love you.?? …… u a lot.??

  15. PinkChocolate

    Hehe?? Am so shyyy???? Amna?

  16. Sitaram

    best of luck for your exams love you ff

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thank you Sitaram? I hope you love the next part too? Take care?

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