True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (FINAL CHAPTER)


So yeah guys we are at the final chapter of TRUE LOVE WILL THAW and I would sincerely love to thank all my readers who are the only reason behind this happy ending of my ff. And yeah an epilogue will follow this update don’t worry. Thank you all once again. Love you all.
Baadi was in full-on celebration mode. The decorations were on high swing and so was Swara-Sanskar’s romance the other side. Dadima was the one fully excited, she kept on working without giving any heed to the time, Dadaji was admiring this side of his wifey only to get teased by Kabir and Chotu. Shekhar and Sharmishta were climbing up and down and hardly relaxed. So yeah! As guessed, Kabir made the Caterer to place all the sweets in front of him to check if they were good and caterer was fed up giving Kabir more than 3 sweets in every model for…Sample. Officer Chotu had now converted himself to Chotu, the fashion designer. He was throwing all sorts of tantrums saying “No something better” “This is so dull” “This?? No way” to the poor man who had now spent literally more than 2 hours showing Chotu the dresses for bride and groom.

“Woah! Fix this” Chotu commanded with a big smile. “My Anarkali would look like princess in this” he said dreamily. The man smiled at Chotu proudly to which Chotu shot “What? Why are you smiling like that? It’s not my Anarkali, it’s your dress who needs Anarkali to look gorgeous”. The dress was an amazing pink lehenga which had golden sequins all over it. “Now for the groom!” instructed Chotu and the designer showed him the matching pair. A pink with blue Sherwani accompanied by a pink stole. “Not bad” Chotu dragged with a smile and the designer relieved. “Now next” commanded Chotu. “Next? But why? The bride-groom will only wear one dress while sitting for the marriage right?”Designer asked, scratching his head. “My Paaro Dadima is paying right? Or am I stealing from you?” snapped Chotu. “I’ll.. I’ll show” the designer continued his job, scared. After a rigorous testing and throwing session, Chotu found what he was looking for. “Perrrrfect” Chotu dragged in British accent. This time the poor designer chose not to be too happy and he quickly showed him the matching Sherwani. Chotu looked pretty much convinced and the champ requested his Paaro Dadima to pay him extra for the service. The man thanked Chotu and left relieved. The another set of dress was a Ghagra-Choli type which had dark green blouse with golden sequins and golden skirt and the matching groom’s dress was a golden Sherwani with a dupatta whose colour and work were similar to those of bride’s blouse. Chotu smiled widely looking at both the sets and gave his best mischievous wink.

Ragini was totally depressed with the things going around her. She kept looking for Kabir to talk with him. But Kabir was busy eating every time she checked. Tired Ragini lied on her bed thinking what’ll happen next, when she drowned in a power packed sleep.

“Oh Shit! 7:30??” she woke up with a jolt. “Kab..Kabir” she ran out of her room to find him nowhere. Ragini who was now extremely low walked inside her room with no energy and got amused seeing Kabir and Chotu playing Candy crush in their tablet.
“When did you come here?” she asked him breathing heavily.
“Since you started snoring like a bear” Kabir replied with his eyes glued to the tablet screen.
“Wha..What?? I was searching for you all over the house and you were here??” she asked frustrated.
“Why didn’t you turn aside for a second before you started running like lunatic outside the room?”he asked calmly. “Duchhhhh” one hard punch on his face followed.”
“When you saw me running like mad, why didn’t you stop me?” she asked dangerously.
“Ca..Candy crush” , Kabir grinned still holding his cheek.
“I need to talk to you” she said glowering at him and he followed her with no questions.
On the way, Kabir snatched Kheer from Swara’s hand who looked at him with an I-am-going-to-be-your-murderer look.
“Sit” Ragini said, sitting with him in a nearby park, where every super-silly thing to every super-serious matter was discussed.
“Kabiiir” she started. “Anarkali better be quick I’ve Candy crush competition with Chotu” he told her calmly. “Even if you THINK about candy crush once more I’ll crush you like candy Kabir” she groaned and the poor guy placed a finger on his lips.
“Kabir I don’t know how to tell you..woh..actually”
“I know you trust me more than how much you trust yourselves”
“Yes” she took a deep breath and started “Kabir you are my most best friend. But how can besties turn into life partner all of a sudden?”
“You love Laksh and you don’t know what to do. Right? Kabir shot and Ragini’s eyes widened. She just couldn’t answer him.
“Go get your Life Anarkali” Kabir said smiling genuinely.
“Go get your Life??What does that mean Kabir?” she questioned in confusion.
“Oh meri Maaaaa! I can only feed you kheer, I can’t push it inside your throat” he said inserting a spoon of kheer inside her mouth. Ragini turned to walk away in confusion when Kabir called her.
“Remember one thing Anarkali” and she furrowed her eyebrows “I love you” he said with his charming smile. “Love you too and that’s why I ‘m stuck” she said tilting her head sadly. “I’m always with you, whatever you do” Kabir responded showing his thumb up. Ragini nodded with a small smile.
Ragini dialled Laksh and told him what had happened. “Go get your Life?? What does that mean Ragini?” he asked innocently. “Same question here. What shall we do??” she asked him. “I’ve only one idea and only that could succeed” he told her softly “And what is that??”

RagBir marriage day:
It was about 6 pm when Ragini was beautifully dressed in her pink lehenga biting her nails nervously in her room. As Dadima left her room, she peeped out and hopped towards the room where Kabir was getting ready.
*Knock. Knock*
*No response*
*Knock Knock*
*No response*
“Kabir open” then Ragini called out slowly to which Chotu opened the door pantingly. “What happened? Why are you panting?” asked Ragini with concern. “Ku..Kuch nahi Anarkali” Chotu managed to put up a fake smile. Ragini walked inside and Chotu slapped his forehead. “No Anarkali you can’t disturb him” Chotu said, stretching his arms and blocking the view of Kabir. “But why??” Ragini asked baffled. “Bec..Because he is shy..Haan he is shy” Chotu replied soon after which followed a giggle. “Chotu who is that? ” Ragini scrutinised the room. “Me? Aur kaun? I giggled Anarkali. Oh yeah now I understand because you are very tensed you are hallucinating things. Okay? Now leave” he said pushing her out of the room. “But..But Isn’t Kabir looking different today?” she asked narrowing her eyes at the small view she’s been getting through the mirror. “No..No He has become thin because he’s marrying you. He lost his weight because he wants to eat all the food you make Anarkali. Nice guy. Right? Now leave.” Chotu pushed her fully out and closed the door.”Phew where’s Kabir?” sighed Chotu worriedly.
“Oh God Laksh ka phone” Ragini mumbled nervously as she was sitting in the mandap. the groom came dressed weirdly and face being covered by a curtain of dense flowers. “Isn’t that my Sherwani?” Shekhar asked Sharmishta who assured it is his. All were bewildered with groom’s costume. “Did you select this one?” Dadima asked Chotu. “No Paaro Dadi he wanted to wear it since it is Shekhar Uncle’s so that he’ll also become responsible like him. People in there were all smiles. Shekhar,Dadima were smiling proudly.
“Chori what are you doing with that phone? Give it to me.” Sujata snatched away Ragini’s phone. Now she was extremely worried. Rituals were taking place one by one and now finally it was the time for pheras. Both Ragini and Kabir didn’t get up. All were looking at them bemused.
“Raginiiii” screamed Laksh and made a heroic entry and Ragini sighed in relief.
Kabir entered the hall in his wedding Sherwani(dark green)whistling, when he saw Laksh standing near the door with him and Ragini ready for phera with…his soon to be wife.
“Ab tak shaadi nahi roki tumne?” Kabir asked baffled. “If you are here, then who is with Ragini?” questioned Laksh in confusion. The whole crowd was taken aback. “Both of your wives are getting married. Congratulations!” Chotu shot dangerously.
“Oh God! Lisa I’m sorry” he approached her.
Lisa(played by ANERI VAJANI) opened her veil and came running towards Kabir and ‘Chamaat’ one tight slap on his face. “Khud ke shaadi mein late aaye. Okay. But at least you should’ve come earlier for Ragini’s shaadi na?? She’s your best friend” she shouted. Kabir grinned.

“What is happening?” Ragini asked slowly. “As usual I was late so instead of me Lisa has been with you. I never expected your husband to be this punctual!?” Kabir smirked at confused Laksh. “Shut up” snapped Lisa. “If you both had been little late, we both would’ve married each other and would have been thrown out of India” Lisa spoke glaring at Kabir.
“I don’t know what is happening in here. But Dadima I’m here to take Ragini. Dadima I love her very much and I plead you to grant my request. Grant me my life” Laksh pleaded. “You think I’m a fool to ruin my Laado’s life once again? No. No way” shouted Dadi. “Dadi your wrath on me is right but will Ragini be happy without me?” Laksh asked her softly. “She has forgotten you long back Lakshya Maheshwari” Dadi shouted in high pitch. “No Dadima” came a soft voice, Ragini’s voice obviously. “I’ve loved him always and I’ll continue to love him till my last breath” Ragini said determined. “Laa..Laado you too betrayed me? I never expected this from you and Kabir. You, Kabir and Chotu are my Life. I keep thinking only about you 3 all the time. But good! You people served me well” Dadima said through her tears.
The trio ran towards her. Kabir held her palm and asked her to look at him “Paaro look at us. You think we don’t love you? From the day I saw you. I respect you as my own Dadi, as my own Maa. If your Laado hasn’t loved you, she would have eloped a long back with this useless guy. If I hadn’t loved you, I would’ve forced Ragini to stand on her decision of marrying Laksh. Hadn’t Chotu loved you, he would not have stolen chocolates from your cupboard every day to save you from diabetes injections. Paaro only because we love, we respect you very very much we are here to ask your permission” Kabir said squeezing her hand.
“But..But I only want you all to be happy always” Dadi cried. “We know. We know Paaro and Ragini can be happy only with Laksh. She loves him unconditionally and for me Anarkali is my bestesttt friend. That’s it. I can never like her romantically. Will you be happy knowing Laksh has become mad because Ragini left him? Will you be happy knowing Ragini’s world has totally shattered? Will you be happy knowing I love someone outside my marriage?” Kabir asked her softly. Dadima nodded a “no” like a small kid crying continuously.
“Dadima we are sorry Dadima. I tried a lot to forget him Dadima but..but I can’t. I love him very much and even Laksh has realized his love for me Dadima” Ragini sobbed. “Dadi I know you hate me. And yeah I deserve that. I’m such a duffer, my true love had been always with me but I’d only crushed it without respecting its value. Now when I feel choked without her I understand her value, the depth of her love which I should’ve realized a long back” explaining which Laksh looked down in guilt.
“Will you do anything for her?” Dadima asked in a strict tone. “I will” Laksh replied with determination. “Marry her” Dadima smiled. Kabir, Ragini and Chotu hugged her and Dadi hugged them tightly in return.
“All I want is..your happiness” Dadima said looking at the trio. “And you… bring her” ordered Dadi pulling Kabir’s ear. Lisa came running towards her and bent down to get ‘Aashirvaad’ . Dadi stopped her mid way and cupped her face, “You seriously want to marry this fellow?” asked Dadi and Lisa chuckled with a “yes” nod. “This smile should always remain on his face. You get that?” Dadi commanded and Lisa nodded smiling. “And she should always always be happy. You assure me that?” Dadi asked looking at Kabir. “I won’t. I’ll make her cook, wash our clothes, do vessels, torture her” Kabir replied sarcastically and Lisa slapped his arm laughing. “She is my responsibility Paaro” he smiled looking into her eyes. “And you both are mine” Lisa said looking at Kabir and Chotu.
“But Lisa aren’t you angry on him for calling you tomato that day?” Ragini asked in a mischievous tone to which Lisa pulled Ragini’s ears “Oh Madam! I know that it was your prank that day, he told me. You’ve to pay for that” . “Sorry Sorry” Ragini screamed in pain and all started laughing.
“Now Laksh Uncle and Lisa get changed to your fantastic wedding dresses which I chose.” Chotu ordered.
Then Laksh-Ragini and Lisa-Kabir sat side by side ready for their much anticipated wedding. The whole crowd was immensely happy. Ragini and Laksh were all pinkish and here Kabir-Lisa were looking fabulous in green. Chotu was looking super handsome in his orange sherwani.
First Raglak took their pheras and completed the whole ritual. This time along with Ragini, Laksh had also taken all the vows sincerely and has promised to fulfil them. As Laksh was applying sindhoor on her hairline, a tear from Ragini’s eyes escaped. Laksh mouthed a quick “I love you” and her Dadima was watching at them dreamily.
Now it was Kabir-Lisa’s turn. Pandit called for their parents. Kabir stared not knowing what to do when suddenly Ram Prasad popped out and said “We are his parents” . Sujata approached the mandap with full excitement. Sanskar smiled at Swara and Swara rested her head on his shoulder with a big smile on her face.
“Dulhan ke mata-pita?” asked Pandit. Kabir noticed the tears rolling down Lisa’s eyes. “What happened Lisa?” asked Sanskar. “Act..Actually my Dad was ok with our marriage but he strictly didn’t want Chotu to be with us. He asked me to leave Chotu in a residential school, which I can never do. But I love Kabir the way he is. To Kabir, Chotu is his everything. When I say Kabir, it is Chotu and Kabir. So I left my dad. But I love him very very much” Lisa broke down in Kabir’s arms.
“And I love you too beta” came a bold voice from the crowd. Lisa’s eyes widened seeing her Dad there. “Dad” she cried. She looked at Kabir, who shrugged with a smile. “My only wealth. You are my reason to live. How’ll I let you go?” her dad asked pinching her cheek. “Dad I’m sorry but I love Chotu …” she was cut by her Dad “I know and Kabir explained me everything. I’m here to see you happily getting married, not to see my daughter crying” he said wiping the tears off her face. “Thank you Dad” she hugged him and Lisa-Kabir got married happily. The whole Baadi was celebrating when Swara announced her family the sweetest news of her pregnancy. The happiness was now doubled.
“Thoda right..aur..aur right” the photographer made the whole family stand for a family photo which turned out to be picture perfect with all smiling widely and their faces reflecting their happiness.

Precap: Epilogue
So Yeah mission Raglak is a big success and I would like to thank all my detectives who along with Chotu and Kabir wanted mission Raglak to be a grand success. Thank you guys?.

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      Thank you so much Lovely? Hope you love the Epilogue too? Love you? Do not miss the epilogue?

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      Awww Fairy thank you for that sweet message? Happy to know you loved this update? And being a Ragini fan, I’ve been in love with her Dadima from the beginning? Do not miss the epilogue? Take care ?

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      Yeah Mission Raglak succeeded❤? And that’s all because of you ppl? Chotu is the actual master mind behind everything? Awww you love Kabir-Chotu this much?Do read the epilogue dear? Take care ?

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