True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-9)


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“Listen to what people don’t say?”

Please forgive for the typos. Let’s begin….
“I have to do something!” “I can’t let that happen! Who is he to wish her? That too on 12!!” he thought. He started wandering in front of Swasan’s room, trying to peep through the window, and listen to them, because he knew Swara would definitely wish her exactly on time. His plan was definitely childish, but he was very serious about it.

He thought he would ring Ragini from their Landline number after Swara completes wishing and he’ll continue doing it for more than 2 hours making Kabir tired of calling Ragini that night and Ragini will have no other go, she has to either attend his call or disconnect it, but in anyways she was going to receive his call all over again, but on the other side of the call would be the egoistic Laksh who would remain silent till she gets fed up and hangs it down.
“Happyyyy Birthdayyy”, screamed Swasan, putting Swara’s phone on loudspeaker. “Thank you! Thank you”, said Ragini laughing a bit. “Ragini! Ragini! I am the first one to wish right??”, Swara asked with a gleam in her eyes. “No!!!!!!” someone screamed on the other side, leaving Laksh shell shocked.”Kabir? What Kabir??”
Laksh was so much blank now, he was not able to recover from what he had heard a second ago. His eyes widened to the fullest in shock. He was not even able to react in any kind, he was just in a very shocked state.

“Hey Swara! Sorry, but you are very much late”, Kabir continued in a very mischievous tone. “What? Can anyone tell me what is happening?”, Swara shouted, widening her big eyes more. And there was Laksh standing on the other side of the door, who started to listen very curiously to their conversation with annoyance overloaded.
“We are out to have the heavenly heavenly ice creams” replied Ragini, with extreme excitement. Now this made Laksh very much furious. He couldn’t control his anger now, he was totally burning in rage. He started hitting his closed fist on the wall as hard as he could.
“Aaarrrgghh!!! What the hell is happening?? What the hell??” he shouted. “Lucky is everything alright?” Sanskar asked coming out of his room, listening to Lucky’s voice. But Laksh was in no mood of answering anyone, he walked straight to his room with extreme anger.

Sanskar was totally confused but he just ignored it and headed towards his bed, where he found Swara fighting with Kabir over the phone. “I hate you Kabir! I hate you very much”, Swara shouted. “Thank you Swaru!!!”, screamed Kabir, enjoying her annoyance. “But I love you a lot Shona” said a very little sweet voice, listening to which a small smile popped on Swara’s face. “Oh! So my prince charming is also there?” asked Sanskar with a very wide smile. “This is not fair Chotu, even you are in Kabir’s team?” screamed Swara in a disappointed tone, to which Kabir started laughing loudly and said, “Swaraaa!! You poor little girl, Don’t worry I’ve something for you and I’m sure you’ll love it.” “And what is that?” questioned Swara, furrowing her eyebrows. “Swaru I’ll whatsapp you the ice cream pics, you just try to experience its heavenly toothsomeness” replied Kabir, after which he starting laughing loudly.”Kabir you are such a disgusting fellow!” Swara shouted, disconnecting her call and leaving Kabir laugh more harder.

Laksh was totally not in his senses. He had closed the door and started to throw every random thing he ever saw in his room. “Arrrggghhh Arrrghhh Ragini!! Raginii!!” he screamed with his atmost energy. He was continuously breaking and throwing every single thing he found there. But little did the poor guy know that it was his love, buried deep in his heart doing all these things. After a long time when his whole energy drained and he was driven to a state of extreme fatigue he sat down on his bed, with his hands holding his head very much hard to stop the headache. But..But was it a simple headache? Laksh was totally not in a state to even think about this, he only wanted Kabir to be away from Ragini. But he never questioned himself, as to why he didn’t like Kabir being around her. In extreme frustration, tears started oozing out from his eyes which he didn’t fail to notice. He stood in front of the mirror and was confused seeing himself in this state, red welled up eyes, anger filled closed fists, bursting headache and very importantly a very heavy heart.

On the other side, the crazy trio were walking on a peaceful street of Kolkatta. “Woah! Anarkali that was such an amazing ice cream” said Chotu with excitement overloaded. “You know what? I paid for the ice cream, So you must be thanking me. You get that?” Kabir responded to Chotu, making Ragini giggle. Chotu, who was enjoying the night, walked in between Ragini and Kabir holding their hands. “Ok Chotu, let us do that” said Kabir. “What?” questioned Ragini in a very confused look.
In no time, she found Kabir and Chotu kneel down in front of her, holding a beautiful rose each. “I love you Anarkali and Thank you” the duo said, with a very warm smile. “Cho..Chotu.. Kabir..” she said running out of words, with tears welling up her eyes. She immediately made them stand and the trio shared a very emotional hug.

Breaking the hug, Chotu kissed on her soft cheek, “Anarkali you know, you are the best, I don’t know why but I love you very much” he said with a very genuine smile. Ragini’s tears had no limit, it kept flowing, “I love you too my baby”, she replied kissing him on his forehead. “Anarkali you know what, I had always tried my level best to meet every little need of his, but everytime I felt something missing. I felt very incomplete Anarkali, but now you complete US”, Kabir said holding his Anarkali’s hand on one side and his Chotu’s on the another. “Thank you Kabir! There is atleast someone who loves me, who needs me apart from Dadi today. Thank you!”, she replied hugging him. Kabir was definitely happy for the moment, but what Ragini said was confusing him, but he just ignored it and the trio then continued walking with a hearty smile on their faces.
“Hey look Kabir! You remember?” said Chotu pointing towards an apartment.

“Sshh!” replied Kabir and Ragini was very clear that Kabir was trying to hide something from her. “What is that?” she asked. “Nothing! Just nothing!” Kabir replied with a grin and then glared at Chotu who was giggling behind his Anarkali. “Kabiiiir!!” Ragini said with fake sad lips. “Ok Anarkali! I’ll tell you” he said glaring at Chotu. “Once Chotu did not do well in his Computer exam and if he fails I had to meet his teacher, who would start giving her boring lectures again and as you know it was totally not at all new for us. But Anarkali, I was very much fed up listening to her lectures, So we planned to score good marks” continued Kabir. “And then?” Ragini asked. “So when the clock struck 12, we climbed up the pipe and jumped in her study,

Chotu’s roll no is 6, so we searched for the 6th paper and evaluated it and summed it up to 98” listening to which Ragini couldn’t control her laughter, “So then you people escaped?” she asked. “Actually your Chotu is too brilliant that Sir wrote a remark on his paper while leaving ’Chotu is a very good boy’ which I failed to notice.” This made her laugh even more harder “Then?” she asked laughing. “I received a call the next day and I dressed up to look handsome as I thought I was called to be appreciated. But it was totally upside down” Kabir continued. “The remark right? That made you get caught?” Ragini asked laughing. “No Anarkali! It was not only that, little did we know that our teacher had her answer key in 6th place and mine as 7th paper.” Chotu said with atmost innocence. Now this made her roll on the floor and laugh. “You both are crazy” she shouted. “We know” said the duo, scratching their head with a stupid yet cute smile on their faces.

Then the trio continued walking with so much fun playing and enjoying. After some time the little hero fell asleep in Kabir’s arms. “Anarkali!” called Kabir softly. “Do you trust me?” he added. She nodded with an assuring smile. “Don’t you think I can reduce the sorrow in your heart? Don’t you think sharing your past life will make you feel lighter? Don’t you feel I can pull you out from the dark side of your life” he asked her looking straight into her eyes. “LAKSH” she said with her welled up eyes. “I am not Miss Anarkali Kabir” she said with tears overflowing from her eyes. “Mrs.” She said looking up, trying to control her tears leaving Kabir shocked. “Yes Kabir! Mrs. Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari” she added.

“I don’t deserve all these happiness” she continued crying bitterly. “Ragini! Calm down” he said holding her shoulders. “I ruined my own Swara’s life” she said, listening to Kabir was totally confused. She then narrated him the whole story, from how her journey of pure sisterly love started and she totally destroyed it herself because of her obsession towards Laksh. Kabir was shell shocked listening to this “was it the same Anarkali she’s talking about” he questioned himself. Her heavy sobs brought him back to his senses. “Ragini we need to leave it is too late now” he said in a firm voice. “I knew this Kabir, I am not destined to be happy, Anyways thanks for making these few days of my life sweet. I’ll always love you and Chotu a lot. After all, my only true friends you both are. Sorry ‘were’” she said with a very very sad smile. Kabir turned back and looked at her with a firm emotionless face and said” Leave Ragini it’s getting late”. Ragini though was expecting this same reaction from Kabir when he’ll come to know her truth, she was totally shattered all over again.

“Wasn’t she destined to be happy? Wasn’t she allowed to befriend anyone? Wasn’t she granted the permission to laugh heartily? Wasn’t she allowed to love anyone whole heartedly?” with all these questions running on her mind and sobbing very heavily she reached her room and lied on her bed lifelessly.

Precap: Don’t you guys think Ragini’s destiny is too bitter? Will it remain the same and eat the poor girl? Or will everything change like a fairytale?

Guys thank you so much for all your love and especially those who still remember my ff and asked about it. Guys you people are amazing. And Anamica how were your exams? I prayed for you every time I visited any temple. Hope the papers were easy.
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