True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-8)


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“Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.”
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Days passed by and the trio’s friendship started becoming very thick. So thick that, Kabir and Chotu’s lunch were sent from Gadodias everyday, Chotu’s scores reached the peak since Ragini became his teacher and Chotu apparently started living a very pampered life. Swara would make Bengali sweets and send for Chotu through Sanskar and there, Sanskar would get him his favourite kind ice-creams without the knowledge of Ragini and Kabir. Kabir had started getting more love from Dadi than her sweetheart Laado, which made Ragini’s Dadaji become more romantic towards Dadi, that he reached home every day with her favourite stuffs. Though Kabir hesitated, Shekhar became his financial manager and made sure that Kabir had enough money to handle his life that he shares with Chotu.
Kabir was now so close to Ragini, that he could even sense the smallest of her mood swings and act accordingly. He always ensured that Ragini wore her prettiest smile on her lips. Whenever she lost her temper, he would convince her through Chotu, but for which he was bribed badly. Life was all set for Gadodias and for the sweet trio.

The twosome were in the academy’s canteen, “Hey Anarkali!” called Kabir. “Why don’t you use my name Kabir?” she questioned little annoyed. “I won’t, my wish ANARKALI” he said with a grin. ” You’ll pay for it Varma” she quickly replied with a mischievous smile, which made Kabir confused. “Ok anyways, Anarkali do you think Lisa would impress me?” questioned Kabir, looking curiously at Ragini. “What ?? Are you out of your mind?? She is the prettiest girl of our academy and you think she would try to impress you? Kabir, you are truly a jerk” she shot at him, giving an unbelievable expression. “C’mon you can’t underestimate me like that Anarkali, after all, not all are fortunate like you to have me always” he shot back with a smirk. “Are you serious?” she questioned him, quiet annoyed.
“Kabir babbbyyy how do I look? Red your favourite colour right? See, this red hot skirt I bought from Melbourne thinking you would love this” she said seductively.

“Oh God, is it my dream? Lisa, the prettiest girl of our academy, the daughter of ‘Lisa chain of industries’ who drives her red hot Ferrari to college every day is trying to impress him??” Ragini asked to herself in total shock. “You look amazing” said Kabir, with his eyes stuck on Lisa. Poor little boy, he was not aware of what his Anarkali had challenged him some minutes before.
“Kabir you are fantastic Dude! I mean seriously how did you do that?” asked Ragini hugging Kabir tightly, making both Kabir and Lisa confuse. “What did I do Anarkali?” he asked slowly. “C’mon! Enough sweetyheart” she replied, in rather mischievous tone this time. Kabir was blinking very badly, ” What is that you? Tell me” ordered Lisa. “Sorry Lisa, I am really sorry” saying which she started laughing holding her tummy. “Could you shut up and answer me” Lisa shouted. Ragini pretended to control her laughter and responded “Actually Lisa, just before few minutes Kabir was talking about you”, this drove Kabir crazy, now he was very sure that Ragini was going to do something very mad. “What was that?” Lisa screamed again. “Oh sorry! he was saying that Lisa would definitely come here trying to seduce me with her stupid skirt, in which she’s looking exactly like a red tomato and the most craziest thing about her is that, she calls herself hot” she told everything at once, pretending to control her laughter. Kabir was now totally blank, he knew Ragini’s plan would have had its effect on Lisa and there was no way to escape. “You Loser! Don’t even try to show your face anymore” Lisa screamed, as she poured a glassful of water on his head. “Lisa ! Listen ! How could you look like tomato when you are not wearing a green top? Its black, see!” he screamed from behind making Lisa more furious, who speeded her car out.

Ragini was enjoying the scene and she had been celebrating her success by now. When she turned towards him, she found out that he was already glaring at her which made her laugh very badly. “Why did you do that?” he asked, in a fake angry tone. “I told you Mr.Varma, that you’ll pay for it” she said, crossing her arms near her chest, with a wide mischievous smile across her face. “I hate you Anarkali” he shouted, as he lifted her up high and twirled. “Idiot leave me” she shouted back laughing. ” Anarkali apologize” he screamed laughing back. “No way!” she shouted. “Ok then, I’ll take you to Baadi like this, I just hope my sweetheart doesn’t mind” he said in a rather naughtier way. “That’s not possible” “I’ll make it possible” the twosome argued in the same position. “C’mon Anarkali you are so heavy, show little mercy” he pleaded looking up at her. “OK Sorry” she replied with little annoyance and a little bit innocence making up her pretty face. “That’s good! You better be, I don’t want my Paro to suspect me” he shot back, letting her down.
“You are truly truly a jerk man” she shouted, running away. “Bye Anarkali! Kisses to my Paro, don’t forget to convey” he said, winking at her. “Unbelievable” she said looking away with a big wide smile.

@Maheshwari mansion: It was dinner time for Maheshwaris, though the house lost its peace a long back, Sanskar and Swara’s romantic life was on full swing. “Mom! Can you please excuse me tomorrow??” Swara pleaded Sujata. “What for?” Sujata asked, annoyance was clearly visible on her face. “Tomorrow is Ragini’s birthday and I want to be with her, Please” she answered politely. “Swara! You have so many chores to do tomo” Sujata said, which was cut by Badi Maa, “Definitely Swara! Ragini would feel good, she needs you, You don’t worry we’ll manage all the jobs here” with a warm smile on her face. “Thank you Badi Maa!” Swara exclaimed with excitement. Laksh’s heart beat started racing, knowing it was Ragini’s birthday that day. “I should be the first one to wish her, I can’t let Kabir take the lead” Swara told Sanskar, in excitement. This made Laksh too furious.

Now who was he to wish her on midnight? What the hell? Does he call her anytime he wants? How could he do that? She keeps following so many traditions and with me she is always shy? and today she had started talking to that guy so freely? Does she even have little sense about the guys in this world? She is totally insane. And why is he trying to be so close to her? Must be her prettiness, only I know the Ragini’s heart within. He has not seen the sweet Ragini I’d seen before, so why is he flying too much? Must show him his place, he thought, slamming his room door behind.

Precap: Ragini’s past revelation, How would Kabir react?

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