True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-7)


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“The best feeling in the world, is to know that your parents are smiling because of you.”
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Ragini heard her phone ringing and she climbed up to her room.
Her room was totally dark, the moonlight had lit up a small part of the space. Ignoring the darkness, she looked for her ringing phone, and to her shock she found the name LAKSH on it. She immediately cut his call wiping up her eyes, but to her shock ,she found that she was not alone in the room, there was another person who had now closed the door.
She was now scared to death, she was about to yell, but then she felt a very hard hand closing her mouth. She was totally shivering. The strong person holding her, dragged her to one corner of the room and stood so close to her that, now she was facing the wall and one hard hand of the person was on her waist holding her tightly and the other closing her mouth. “Sssshhh” he whispered slowly, near her ears.
She could sense him, it was Laksh! What on earth is he doing here?? In Baadi! in her room! and for the first time she felt him so close to her, it was a very weird feeling. She tried shouting, but then he made his grip more harder. They both stood plastered to each other totally. “Don’t you dare to scream” he instructed her slowly.
She nodded immediately as she had no other way. “I am taking my hands off your mouth, but if you try to go against me, you’ll be meeting the consequences Mrs. Maheshwari” he threatened her softly, getting more close to her. “Laksshhh” she said in a pain filled voice. “Ssshhh.. Look at you, so happy, but didn’t you miss your husband Sweety?” he asked her, with a rather strict tone, holding her as close as possible.

“Laksh, Please leave me alone”, she pleaded him weeping, listening to which his rage increased more. “You were enjoying a lot some minutes before, didn’t you?”, he asked her turning her towards him harshly. He then held her very tightly, by wrapping his arms around her waist, and she had her hands over his chest. They were standing so close, that they could even sense each other’s breathe. Ragini couldn’t even think of looking at him, because she knew that it would break her down completely. She was standing with her eyes looking totally down and sobbing.
“Damn man!! Look at me” he ordered her, more strictly this time and pulled her more tightly towards him. Her whole body was shivering, only her toes were on the floor, he was holding her so tightly that actually she was standing lifted up by her waist.
She slowly brought up her eyes and met his anger filled eyes. This moment made both the hearts completely shattered, she immediately dropped down her eyes, held his sleeves very tightly and started sobbing heavily , looking at which, he broke down completely and wrapped his arms around her and started crying very badly. They hugged each other as hardly as they could sobbing very heavily, for a very long time they couldn’t leave each other’s hold. It seemed as if the cruel pain in their heart was getting reduced. Both of them, did not want to leave the other. For about 10 mins, they totally lost their brain, couldn’t think about anything. But then, realizing the scenario, Ragini immediately jerked, pushing him away. “Go away Laksh!” she screamed looking down. “Ragini” he cried, as he came closer to hold her arms.

She jerked him away immediately, and shouted with her red eyes filled with anger and pain,” You wanted apology and I granted it, you wanted me to look at you and forgive and I’ve done that too, Now what Laksh?” “Why don’t you allow me to survive peacefully? I won’t allow you to spoil my life Laksh” she screamed.
Laksh stood there shocked. Exactly ! Ragini was right! Why was he still there? and what he was doing there with her some minutes before? he never understood anything. The only thing he was very sure that moment was, he needed her, he wanted to hold her hands, he wanted her to be with him, he didn’t liked to be alone. He wanted Ragini with him, but her question was enough to freeze him. His brain which stopped working some minutes before, was asking him to leave, on the other side, his heart wanted to hug her tightly again and be with her totally. But how could he do that? Ragini’s anger filled eyes didn’t allow him to approach her, “Leave Mr.Maheshwari!” she shouted again, but this time it was a more stronger Ragini, hearing which, he stepped out to leave. He was totally lost, he walked on the road lifelessly and somehow he made his way to Maheshwari mansion.

Ragini on the other side, locked her room and slept in total darkness. The incident today, had affected both of them a lot, it turned the hard Laksh very weak and the weak Ragini very strong.
Next day morning Ragini woke up with a determined look, she started getting ready and left to Music Academy soon. Dadi could sense something new in her Laado that day, she smiled looking up and prayed that her family stays peaceful always.
“Hey Anarkali” Kabir jumped, pulling her hair from behind. “So mean Kabir, where is Chotu?” Ragini questioned, with her eyes searching for the cutie. “Look there” he said, pointing towards a small bench in their academy, Chotu was sitting on it, with his hands folded and with a very angry look.
Ragini ran towards him and queried, “What happened to my boy today” kneeling down, looking at Chotu. “Anarkali, I won’t talk to him” he said in a cute angry tone of his. “But what did he do this time?” she asked. ” I want delicious food like what your mummy made yesterday, not like the ones that he makes, Yuck” he said making an angry face, listening to which Ragini immediately smiled and said in a mischievous tone, “See I know my friend is little mad, but you please forgive him”, “Why are you still hiding my boy? He had forgiven you a long back, Come Out!” she screamed. Chotu was enjoying the whole scene as he could clearly remember that those lines were his, but still he had a fake anger on his face.

Kabir immediately jumped to the scene , after which Ragini and Kabir held their ears and said “Sorrryyy” carrying a grin on their faces. Chotu was trying to hide his laughter by closing his mouth with his hands and ordered,” Then you have to promise me that you’ll get me best food to eat everyday”, looking at Kabir. “I will” Ragini replied quickly, defending Kabir. “I will cook for you everyday Chotu” she said giving an assured smile. “Then even I’ve to pretend to be angry” Kabir shot at her, to which Ragini laughed and shot back” No way! You are an extreme Dramebaaz, don’t even try to do that, I’ll cook for you too. Happy?” and the trio laughed. Chotu intertwined his right hand fingers with Ragini’s and left hand with Kabir’s and they started walking towards their class.
“Thanks Miss.Anarkali” said Kabir suddenly with a warm smile, to which Ragini gave him a confused look, raising her eyebrows. “For the dinner, I felt as if I was with my family, Family after a very long time” saying which he took a deep breath. Ragini placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Friends?” jumped Chotu forwarding his little hand towards his Anarkali. “Yes” replied Ragini jumping in joy. “Friends?” Kabir said, imitating Chotu, forwarding his hands. “Yes! Yes! Yes” she jumped in excitement. Chotu pulled her dupatta to make her bend and gifted his new friend with a kiss on her left cheek.”Awwww! Love you Chotu” she responded with a very happy smile, ” I guess right cheek needs me” teased Kabir, pouting, pretending to kiss her. “Hate you Kabir!” she screamed, running behind him to beat him up. Finally the trio stood breathing heavily, and started laughing ending up with a very cute group hug.

In Maheshwari mansion, Laksh was completely immersed in his thoughts, rewinding every moment he spent in Baadi, the previous day. He was totally confused thinking, what was happening to him? why did that happen? why is he getting affected by her new relationships? why is he feeling the pain when she leaves him? He definitely had no answer for any question but whenever their passionate hug crossed his mind, his eyes welled up, he had a strange feeling, a crazy feeling of feeling it again. What is this Laksh??

Precap: Laksh’s new feelings, Ragini’s new friendships, will their friendship remain the same after knowing her bitter past?

Thank you all for your wonderful comments, I know you all were very eagerly waiting for Raglak confrontation, I tried my level best, thanks for reading and sorry if I’d upset you. Rotten tomatoes are welcomed.

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      Don’t worry dear? I won’t after all they r made for each other? Thanks for ur comment and do comment on my further updates too?Take care?

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      Awww Dharuni? I am very glad that you’re loving Kabir very much?and don’t worry you’ll get Kabir and Ragini scenes too? Thank you n take care?

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  7. It was amazing dear. Though l expected it to be romantic but it turned out to be emotional.

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      Am really sorry Amna if I’d disappointed you? But u’ll definitely find good Raglak scenes in further chapters?Thanks for your constant support dear?Take care?

  8. Superb superb superb episode dear. I loved Raglak scenes

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      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you dear? Thanks a lot? I was really very scared! Thanks for ur comment! Keep commenting as u always do?Take care?

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    1. pinkChocolate

      Awwww Anamica thank you thank you? I am too too happy, thanks for your comment? and yeah I am 19, elder to you? I’ll definitely pray for you, you’ll get a very easy question paper and you’ll do it very well?All the best?Take care?

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    1. pinkChocolate

      Thank you so much Liya?Thank you for your ever loving comments?and regarding how their friendship wil change, you have to wait?thank you?Keep reading & keep commenting?Take care?

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    1. pinkChocolate

      Thank you sooo much Sweety heart? Thanks for your comment?I am really glad that I could deliver their cuteness well? and ship name…..hmmmm… I donno? I choose RagBir? now its your turn?

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