True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-6)


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It was a very fresh morning at Gadodias, after all, Swaragini were together after a very long time and after struggling a very cruel battle of their life, No! not after, they are still struggling, but this time they held their hands together, it was now SWARAGINI’S battle.
Ragini was an early bird, she woke up quietly, making sure that she doesn’t disturb Swara. She stretched her hands widely with a big smile on her face, recollecting all those sisterly moments Swaragini had last night. But all of a sudden, her right hand hit a photo frame placed on the table nearby, looking at which photo frame, her smile immediately vanished and tears filled up her eyes, she started remembering all her dark days.
It was her wedding photo, wedding, the day that turned her life dreadful. While she was lost in her thoughts of how life has been so rude to her, she felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Swara’s. She opened up her hands widely and Ragini immediately hugged her, weeping very badly. Swara was continuously patting Ragini and she held her as tight as possible. She then broke the hug and said in a firm tone, “You are a very strong girl Ragini, very strong” ,wiping up her tears. Ragini was still sobbing with her head down. “You remember how you declared me as your sister in front of so many people here, without even thinking that Dadi would get furious on you” Swara explained Ragini, making her look into her eyes. “You are stronger than me Ragini” she added, giving a proud smile.

Swara immediately jumped out of the bed and in no time she brought a big bag and placed it in front of Ragini. ” You know what to do now” she said, touching Ragini’s head. Ragini understood what she exactly meant and gave her a very bitter smile. ” I do” she replied with no emotions on her face.

After half an hour, Swara entered the room and saw Ragini crying very badly, she had a box in her hand. Swara sat down on the ground with Ragini, “This watch, he gifted me Swara” said Ragini in a very bad condition, Swara cupped Ragini’s face and said “If you are strong enough to put all these bitter memories aside, then easily you could come over this one too” her fingers pointing towards the bag she gave Ragini. Ragini had put each and every single thing that was connected to Laksh inside the bag and the watch was the final and the hardest one. Wiping her tears and with a determined look she closed the bag after dropping the watch inside it. Swara immediately hugged Ragini indicating she is with her and then she grabbed the bag to throw it in the loft. “You are getting late Ragini, go run” said Swara shaking Ragini. “I am not going to the Academy today” Ragini replied very slowly in a painful tone.
Dadi who was watching all this, entered the room, “Laado you sleep as much as you want, I’ll ask this lazy girl to do aarti today” she said as she was dragging Swara out of the room. Ragini gave a suspicious look and then she lied on her bed, recollecting all her bitter memories.
Laksh had totally gone insane, he started drinking heavily, sometimes he beat any stranger on the road and sometimes he had returned home after getting beaten up by people due to his ill behaviour. His life was worsening, now Annapurna could not tolerate it anymore, it was about 5 pm, she walked straight to his room, after noticing him enter the home after almost 14 hours. “Laksh” she called him, with atmost love and pain. He immediately hugged her crying “Sorry Ma! I am really sorry, please help me”. Hearing this, Annapurna totally broke down in her son’s arms and after a while she made him look into her eyes and asked “You want to live peacefully?” to which he immediately nodded with red teary eyes. “Meet her once” she said, cupping up his face. Laksh took a deep breath and looked at his wedding photo, that was resting on his bed.

After having a very bitter day, Ragini walked up to the kitchen, She was totally confused seeing so many dishes being prepared and it looked as if it was for a big crowd. “Ma, I know Swara eats a lot, but not this much” she said, with a very curious look, listening to which Dadi laughed and replied ” No Laado, Sanskar is also joining us for the dinner and”, ” Dadaji is also coming?” Ragini asked with a smile, looking at her Dadima blushing. “Someone’s cheeks are turning so red, like red tomatoes” Swara exclaimed, hiding behind Ragini. “Swara! Why do you keep teasing your Dadi?” Sharmishta asked with a mischievous smile on her face. All of a sudden, they heard the door bell ringing and it yes, it was Dadaji, Swaragini got his blessings and he was very happy seeing them together.

Laksh on the other side was getting ready to go out somewhere, just then Annapurna entered his room and said” I hope you choose a good life” saying which she kissed in his forehead. Laksh just gave her a small smile, and replied ” I am getting late Ma” running out of his room quickly.
Gadodia ladies immediately arranged all the delicious dishes they prepared on the dining table and sat to have a good family dinner. Just then, Swara screamed “Wait!” “Still we have people to arrive”, blinking very badly. “Yeah ! Let us wait” Dadi shot, looking at the entrance door, leaving others confused. “People?” “Sanskar is not so stout, that you call him people, Swara” Ragini said looking at Swara, bewildered. “No he is ! Ragini you don’t know how much he eats” Swara shot back, with her eyes widened, knowing how silly her excuse was. “What??” Ragini questioned immediately with a confused look. “Yeah” Swara replied, grinning her teeth. Dadi was fed up by Swara’s bad acting skills and she rolled her eyes.

Just then they heard their door bell ringing which relieved Swara, who jumped shouting” Here they come!” looking at which Sharmishta and Ragini gave an unbelievable look.
Ragini’s eyes widened to the fullest when she found Kabir and Chotu entering with Sanskar. Kabir waved his hands in front of Ragini, who was totally stunned and said” Oh Dadima, where are you lost? Please introduce me to my princess, the girl of my dreams” with a wide bright smile. Ragini stood confused. Kabir immediately shot” Oh sweety heart ! you don’t know how much eager I was to meet you” kneeling down before her Dadima. Everyone started laughing at Kabir’s mischievousness. Ragini was in shock. “This is not fair Parvathi, I love you more than him” said Dadaji, making Dadima blush. “Paro, You just give a nod and I’ll take you to Switzerland, Australia or even to Antarctica” Kabir said maintaining his charm. “And what will she do there with her Cambridge English speaking skills” quickly asked Swara in a very mischievous tone. “You can’t say that, she is so cute” shot back Sanskar, defending Dadi. “Exactly I don’t understand why you both sisters are so much jealous of her” said Kabir with a fake anger.

“And how did you know we are sisters?” asked Swara quickly gulping her food. “Told you! You 2 girls are very jealous, simple” Kabir answered shrugging his shoulders, to which Swara gave him a fake angry look. “Eyes” , they heard a tiny tot answering. “You both have very pretty eyes and yeah! smile too” said Chotu with a wide smile across his face. Swaragini immediately kissed his cheeks, on one side each and others smiled looking at his cuteness. Everyone had a fantastic time , Gadodians had a very peaceful and lively dinner after a very long time.
But how could her life turn so simple? To her fate, the person she was trying hard to forget and move on was standing on top and had been watching the whole conversation.
He had come there to meet her, and he had decided to talk to her freely without letting anyone know, so Laksh had climbed up the pipe and jumped into her room, but to his shock ,she wasn’t there, but then tracking her calm voice he had slowly come out and he found that she was enjoying the dinner with her family and her NEW FRIENDS.

This made him very furious and his rage became even more uncontrollable, when he saw her smiling each time due to Kabir.
The dinner was over, “Thank you sooooo much Aunty, a good food after so many days” Kabir said to Sharmishta, with his hands on his tummy. “Thanks for being my Laado’s friend” said Dadi, with concern filled eyes. Kabir in return gave her a very honest and matured smile. While everyone was busy with Kabir and Chotu, Ragini heard her phone ringing and she climbed up to her room.
Her room was totally dark, just moonlight lit up a small part of the space. Ignoring the darkness, she looked for her ringing phone and to her shock she found the name LAKSH on it. She immediately cut his call wiping up her eyes, but to her shock ,she found that she was not alone in the room, there was another person who had now closed the door.
She was now scared to death, she was about to yell, but then she felt a very hard hand closing her mouth. She was totally shivering. The strong person holding her, dragged her to one corner of the room and stood so close to her that, now she was facing the wall and one hard hand of the person was on her waist holding her tightly and the other closing her mouth.

Precap: RagLak confrontation

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