True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-5)


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“Stay close to anything that makes you glad you’re alive.”
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“Laado! What happened ? Is everything fine?” asked Dadi with concern looking at her Laado’s red eyes and like a kid she immediately placed her head on her lap and started narrating the whole story. “Laado stay away from these kind of boys” she said indicating Kabir, not elaborating anymore looking at her Laado’s condition. “I will Dadima” she said making an annoyed face.
Things were not the same as before for Laksh, he hardly had any peace, the only thing running around his mind all the time was Ragini. He never had any idea regarding how the time flew doing nothing. Throughout the day, he sat on his bed thinking about things that made no sense to him. He was used to her, sharing his room, sharing his cupboards. But now he had full freedom, every single thing in that room was HIS, but there was nothing that could tell him that “He’s mine”. He felt as if he had no support to hold him, after all, her love had always held him so high strongly.

One side Ragini was set to venture her new life, on the other side this guy Laksh, was stuck very badly.

Next day morning, cursing her Life and with a fear of meeting her terrible student again she left to the Music Academy without even having her breakfast. While she was on her way, she saw a small boy blocking her way. He probably may be doing his 3rd grade, he looked at her with a very cute smile, holding handful of chocolates. “Take one” he ordered her. Astonished Ragini immediately grabbed one of those heavenly looking chocolates, without questioning him. “Ok, now because I’ve gifted you a free chocolate, you must listen to my free lecture too” he ordered rather strictly. He was so cute that she couldn’t ignore him, Ragini immediately nodded accepting what that cutie said. “Listen, Miss hmmmm hmmmm….. Sorry I forgot your name” he said shrugging his shoulders, But then immediately he added” To error is human, to err is divine”, this made her more confused and astonished but she replied, “Yeah I do agree, but..”.”Stop it you Liar”, he said in a very angry tone, cutting her words. “But what did I do?” she asked him curiously. “What did you do? If you accept to err is divine, then why don’t you people simply do that?” he asked making Ragini blink badly. “Mrs.Sharma, my English mam, she does the same, she tells us ‘to err is divine’ but keeps punishing me when I fail in my exams” he added complaining. Ragini was now trying hard to control her laughter,

“And what did I do?” she asked making a puppy face. “See I know my friend is little mad, but you please forgive him” he said grinning his teeth. “Why are you still hiding my boy? She had forgiven you a long back, Come Out!” he screamed. Ragini was totally confused, she was waiting for the disclosure of the suspense, “Who is that friend of Cutie?” and her eyes widened to the fullest when she found her crazy student coming towards her. Exactly, it was Kabir, who approached them like a very innocent kid, hanging his head down. “Oh! So this is your friend”, she said frowning. “Chotu! you are such a cheater cock, you said she has forgiven me, But look she’s looking at me as if she’ll eat me alive.” said Kabir annoyed. “No! No! she doesn’t look like Mrs. Sharma, she won’t cheat us, she agreed to my terms for that chocolate” he said looking at Ragini curiously waiting for her answer. Ragini’s eyes kept swinging between Kabir and Chotu, who immediately caught hold of their ear lobes and said “Sorrryyyy” with a grin on their faces.

This was cuteness overloaded, Ragini couldn’t control her smile, But then she spoke out with a fake anger ” But your friend has to promise that he’ll learn and behave well”. “Promise promise” jumped Kabir “Yeah 100% promise” shouted Chotu with a victorious smile. “Ok, shall we move to the Music Academy? and you don’t have school today” Ragini asked. “No! I am enjoying my vacation” he said, quickly dumping the chocolates into his mouth.

4 days have passed, these 4 days seemed like 4 months for Laksh and on the other side it was 4 days of celebration for Dadima, with whom Ragini shared every single thing she encountered in her Music Academy everyday. Dadima initially did not like Kabir much, but then eventually she started accepting him in her Laado’s everyday life because she knew that, day by day unknowingly Kabir had started to reduce the amount of pain in Ragini’s heart.

Laksh on the other side, realized that his every simple need needed Ragini in turn, he was actually fully dependant on her. From morning till night, at least he called her name 7-8 times unknowingly. This started driving him more mad.

It was the 5th day, “Chotu, I am scared, if Dadima comes to know she’ll kill me” she said gulping a pani puri, “Don’t worry Anarkali! Why to fear, when Chotu is here! By the way, how does your Dadi look?” Chotu asked, narrowing his eyes. “Hmmm…She’s so beautiful, big wide eyes with dark kajal, She’s very pretty Chotu” she replied smiling widely.

“Haa!!! I must meet your Dadima, I feel like proposing to her right now” Kabir shot immediately with his hands out in air, eyes closed and a big wide smile. “Kabir! You are disgusting” she shouted, giving an unbelievable look. ‘Don’t be so jealous of your Dadima’s beauty” he said seriously. ” I am going to kill you Kabir!!” she screamed running at the back of him. Ragini stood breathing heavily after running for a while, knowing that he had vanished from her sight in no time, when suddenly she felt someone pulling her dupatta, It was Chotu, “Anarkali pay for the pani puri” he said wiping his mouth.

“Not again!” She said, recollecting how Kabir made her spend every day in the name of “treat”. She paid to the vendor and looked at Chotu who was waiting to hold her hands, she intertwined her fingers with his and asked him, “Is he your Chachu?” “Who?” questioned Chotu looking up at her. “Kabir” she replied. “No he’s my friend, we met 3 years back, when my parents died in an accident and I was left alone, He has his own family far from here, but he stays here with me and takes care of me.” he replied with a smile. “He is total mad”, continued Chotu smiling widely. “He is” Ragini said smiling at Kabir, who was playing with few kids in the park.

Ragini and Kabir then sat on a bench, allowing Chotu to play, when they encountered 2 tiny girls, who probably looked like sisters, fighting badly. All of a sudden one of them fell down, to which the another one immediately helped her sister to get up, held her hand and asked her not to worry. “Why do they have to fight when this much love had to overflow at the end?” Kabir asked puzzled. “Sisters are always like that” she said with her teary eyes. “Go talk to her, She’ll understand you for sure” he said, giving her a warm smile. Ragini was totally amused, just then Chotu hugged her from back and gave her a chocolate, “Thanks Chotu, but what is the advice this time?” she asked with a smile on her lips and tears in her eyes. “Every dark cloud has a silver lining Anarkali” he said, giving her a kiss on her cheek. Ragini smiled at him and took a deep breath.

@ Maheshwari mansion:
Everyone were sitting in the hall having their family time, while Laksh was lost in his thoughts. Parineeta served everyone with delicious snacks. “HIC!! HIC!!” Swara hiccupped. “Careful Swara! ” said Sanskar feeding her water. ” You know Sanskar, before our marriage Ragini used to grab my plate and allowed me to eat only after checking if I have a glass of water nearby, because I always gulped down food so quickly” Swara said with tears filling up her eyes, hearing which all the Maheshwaris went on a silent mode immediately thinking about Ragini. Laksh remembered how Ragini had always slid chillies out of his plate silently to avoid him from getting hiccups. His eyes welled up, his headache increased more, he quickly climbed up to his room and stood in front of his mirror.

“Laksh! What is this? Are you thinking about her? And why are crying, you jerk!” He said closing his fists tightly, “No Ragini, you can’t spoil my life, You have to face me” he continued looking determined.

Ragini picked up her phone and hesitantly dialled Swara who was weeping in her room, Swara on seeing Ragini’s name jumped in excitement, she grabbed her phone and attended her sister’s call. As soon as both the ends of the call got connected, they started feeling each other’s breath , Silence filled their initial part of the conversation, not silence literally, they both were crying so bitterly with their mouths closed. But, yet they are “sisters”, they could sense that too. After a long time, Swara spoke up “Ragini” in a very painful voice , listening to which Ragini broke down completely. Swara couldn’t take this anymore, she immediately hung the call and wiped her tears telling, “Sanskar, I need to go”. Sanskar understood the intensity of the situation and nodded yes, looking at which Swara immediately grabbed her car keys and hurried towards Baadi.

It was then Swaragini’s night, they hugged each other, cuddled up, rolled over each other and did all sorts of nonsense, after all, sisters are worth loving. Looking at which, Dadi had a very peaceful sleep.

Precap: Raglak’s confrontation, Kabir’s dinner at Gadodias place, Will Laksh accept Kabir’s entry in Ragini’s Life?

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