True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-4)


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“Help people, even when you know they can’t help you back”
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Laksh was sitting on his bed extremely restless. He couldn’t concentrate upon anything. His brain was totally blocked. He had planned to start everything freshly after getting forgiven, but No! She has still not accepted his request whole heartedly. At least he wanted his mother to forgive him, but after this hard day he couldn’t even collect little courage to speak to Annapurna. He could neither speak up to anyone nor he could digest and move on. He exactly didn’t know what to do, many thoughts were spinning inside his head. As he was thinking about his roller coaster life, he fell asleep soon.

It was next day morning, the Gadodias started their day with Ragini’s aarthi. A day filled with hope for Dadima, a day that is going to turn Ragini’s life upside down. “Laado, now get ready soon, you have only an hour left” said Dadi very happily. “Yes Dadima! I’ll prepare the breakfast and then I’ll get ready” she said rushing towards the kitchen. Dadi immediately dragged her out of the kitchen saying ” No way Laado! It’s your first day , go get dressed up well”. Ragini felt her Dadima’s intense love and she hugged her back immediately. “I can go to any extent to make her happy” spoke Ragini’s heart.

After preparing herself , “Bye Dadima!” she said touching her Dadima’s feet. ” Khaato Shyam ji will always show you the right way Laado” Dadi said, holding her chin. “Don’t forget to take your medicines on time Dadima, Bye!” saying which she left the home waving her hand.

@ The Music Academy:
Ragini was standing lifelessly near a pillar, it was exactly the same pillar where she met HER Laksh for the first time, her eyes started welling up recollecting all those moments. Just then she heard a guy’s voice, ” Excuse me, Miss Anarkali!!” , the voice shouted. But Ragini had ignored it. Again within few seconds, she heard the same voice shouting, ” Miss green Anarkali , please excuse me!”. Now Ragini was 100% sure that the guy was calling her. Fear gripped her, she held her dupatta as tightly as she could and turned slowly to face the person.” Hello Miss Anarkali, I am Kabir, Kabir Varma, actually I am new here, can you please tell me where the Sitar class is?”he asked with a big wide smile. With fear catching hold of her throat, she stood there still, completely frozen without giving any reply. “Miss Anarkali ! Miss Anarkali! Where is the Sitar class?” he asked, waving his hands in front of her. But of no use, again she stood there still like a statue. Just then she got distracted by Tina, an old friend of hers, “Hey Ragini! It’s pleasant to see you here again” said Tina with a smile. She then shot back to Ragini, “Is he your new friend?”, looking at Kabir, to which Ragini immediately nodded denying what Tina said. “So what if we are not friends? Let us start our friendship now”, he said immediately hugging Tina. Ragini’s eyes widened to the fullest looking at this. What a shameless fellow he is? she thought and She quickly escaped from the scene without wasting a while.

While she was in her class remembering that her Dadima had informed her Sir and he would come anytime, she received a call, “Ragini beta, I am really sorry, I cannot make up today, I am totally stuck” said her Sir, who was on the other side of the call. “It’s ok Sir, Thank you” she replied with a sad smile. “Ragini! Ragini! I need a help, Will you?” he asked. “Yes Sir, How can I help you?” she asked politely. “There’s a new student joining our class today, hmmmm….Yeah Yeah! His name is Kabir, please do me a favour, teach him the basics, just for a week” he asked.
Ragini’s hands became cold. Kabir!!? Kabir!!? Is he that same shameless guy? Oh God! What shall I do now?

“Ok Ragini, thank you, bye” said her Sir before dropping the call without waiting for her response. Ragini was now extremely nervous, Oh God! NO! NO! It can’t be him. There are 100’s of Kabir in this academy, definitely this is not him, she said convincing herself.

But destiny exactly had planned contradict ideas for her, “Hey Anarkali!” saying which he tapped her shoulders. Ragini immediately jerked from her place. She was breathing heavily. She was standing there like a school kid hoping for her teacher to leave the class soon. ” I think Sir would have called you by this time, he informed me too”, Kabir said with his charming smile.
“Are you sure ?” she asked trembling. “Sure about what?” he asked curiously. “That you are Kabir..?” she asked with atmost attention. This made him laugh madly , he was laughing so hard holding his stomach “Hmmmm wait let me think….Yes ! I am Kabir, Kabir, the rockstar” he said stretching his hands out in the air.
What? Rockstar? He is not only shameless, but he is mad too. How could anyone become rockstar just by entering the Music Academy? I must be careful with him, she thought. “Hey why don’t you speak?” he shot immediately.

Without giving any heed to his words she said, “Let us begin Mr.Varma” and she started giving him the basic lectures, through which process the poor guy slept. Suddenly he woke up with a jerk and found his little teacher packing up her things to leave. She looked extremely annoyed, “Hey Miss Anarkali, ufff, Anarkali Miss, Listen I am sorry, we can start our lectures now” he said with a cute pleading face.

“But you do not look as if you are interested Mr.Varma”, she said in a serious tone. “Sorry Anarkali what is my fault? The sound of your Sitar, Oh god! It’s so funny, Toinggg!! Toinggg!! I couldn’t control myself, but then when I look at your serious face, I fall in dilemma, whether to laugh or to keep quiet.” he said very innocently. But this only added fuel to the fire, Ragini had a huge respect and love towards Music. Especially Sitar, she loved her Sitar crazily. Anyone making fun of it, was intolerable.
“Look Mr.Varma, Please leave, I’ll talk to Sir regarding this”, she screamed. Kabir was stunned, it was the same girl who was totally mum some minutes ago.” How can you learn something when you don’t respect it?” she added in a loud tone.

God! Why always me? She thought. Her heart was already heavy and this anger only worsened it. Her pain oozed out in the form of tears, which Kabir didn’t fail to notice. She quickly left the class wiping up her eyes.

What was that?? Did she cry because my excuse was silly? Poor kid!! No sense of humour, he thought, giving an unbelievable expression.
But this was the first time he had seen someone crying because of him. No! This is not fair, she can’t make me feel guilty, I must teach her a lesson. Hmmm… Yeah! I’ll take his help, My Bestie!! he knows how to handle girls. I’ll take him to Academy tomorrow with me. “You have to pay for this Miss Anarkali!” he said smiling widely.

Precap: New friendships, fresh start, heartbreaks.

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