True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-21 EPILOGUE


I know I know I’m late. Really Sorry guys. Love you all and a very very big Thank you to all my sweet readers… Ok now let us jump to our epilogue without any further delay.

“But main Kabir hoon ya Laksh?” asked Chotu scratching his head, after Laksh had completed narrating his whole journey of Love to his son. Raghav, who looked much like Ragini but had inherited all the traits from his father Laksh started laughing at Chotu’s condition. “Bhai you keep thinking whether you are Laksh or Kabir and one day she’ll itself come here” Raghav said, holding Chotu’s shoulders. “That’s wonderful!! She’ll propose me all by herself??” Chotu asked excitedly jumping off the bed. “No. She’ll be here to invite you for her wedding” Raghav snapped. “Raghav ke bacche! Bhaag! Go! Go and study. 12th exams are nearing and look at what you are doing. Bhaag!” Chotu(Rohan Mehra) screamed, throwing a pillow at him. Everyone started laughing looking at how Chotu looked. He was behaving like a scared kitten.

“How’ll I know if I’m Kabir or Laksh in my story? How’ll I know whether she’s my Anarkali or my Ragini?” he questioned. “Simple” Shreya said with a smile as she placed a tray of biscuits on the bed. Kabir could not resist anymore, he jumped on the biscuits only to get a menacing glare from his Chotu. “Ok” he grinned widely leaving the biscuit on its place. Chotu looked at Shreya, who was smart as Swara and sweet like Sanskar, expecting an answer. “If you’d been Kabir you would’ve not even accidentally imagined about proposing her and making Bhavna your girlfriend. Kabir Chachu was genuinely the most genuine friend of his Anarkali”, Shreya explained. Laksh smiled proudly at Kabir who was busy looking at the biscuits. This guy!! If looks could eat, he would have now completed eating the plate too.

“You love her with all your heart and definitely Khaato Shyam ji will be with you” Ragini said pleasingly stroking his hair, looking at her worried Chotu. Adarsh started “Bhavna is a very good girl. She won’t..” but was cut by Sanskar “She won’t reject you. Adarsh Bhaiyya is right” Sanskar grinned. “No. I meant She won’t slap you after your proposal” Adarsh laughed giving a hi-five to Amar, who was Adarsh’s partner in crime while stealing his Mom Parineeta’s handmade Rasgullas and Adarsh would help his buddy to hide his exam papers from his Mother. Parineeta glared at them and the 2 boys looked down at the floor for help.

“Swara I’m so scared” Chotu said pouting sadly. “Chotu! Calm down. She won’t say no. You are just like me” Laksh boasted . “Exactly! So even you are going stop her marriage just 10 seconds before her wedding just like your Lucky. Get geared up for her wedding then.” Kabir smirked at Laksh and Laksh groaned. “Arrey Bhaiyya!! Don’t worry” Kaira, Kabir’s daughter smiled kissing Chotu’s cheek. “Ladies I love you all. Once Bhavna accepts me I’ll take you all out for a picnic” Chotu announced with his charming smile. “But why not us??” Sanskar asked worried looking at which Shreya giggled. “Because you people are GOOD-FOR-NOTHING” Chotu shouted.

“Why are you screaming?” a melodious voice asked. And there was she. BHAVNA SINGHANIA(Vaishali Takkar), Chotu’s long ,very long time best friend who has now turned to be his long time crush and soon he’s expecting her to get promoted to his lover. Chotu was terrified looking at Bhavna on his doorstep. “Wh..When did you come?” Chotu asked aghast. “I was waiting down, but Daadi grabbed me here saying this is like my room” Bhavna giggled and Sujata winked at Chotu for her move, to which he returned back a glare.
“What happened Chotu? Is everything fine?” Bhavna asked concerned. “Uh..No..No I mean Yes..” Chotu answered abruptly leaving Bhavna confused. “He..He wants to tell you something” Kabir started and got punched from Lisa. “What is that Chotu? You know you can trust me.” She said with a wide smile. Ragini smiled deeply thinking of how each time Kabir used to soothe her pain asking her to share the reason just like how Bhavna did. “Woh..That’s nothing..Nothing..Nothing serious” Chotu dragged. “Tell me” Bhavna continued, taking his palm in hers.
“Bhavna..” Chotu said and took a deep breath.
“Are you my Anarkali or my Ragini?” he asked quickly. Amar and Shreya hit their forehead on the wall.
“Wh..What? Sorry I didn’t get you” Bhavna replied confused.
“Woh..Woh Bhavna” Chotu stammered.

“He loves you” Kabir told. All 13 pairs of eyes were on Kabir. Bhavna looked at Chotu with questioning eyes. “Chotu?” she asked expecting an answer.
Chotu and Bhavna were standing at the front portion of the room and rest all stood on the other portion near the bed. Chotu and Bhavna stood facing each other and Bhavna facing the other members too.

“Bhavna right from the beginning. You know the very beginning. From 2nd grade” Chotu spoke, looking down not able to face Bhavna. “I’d been loving you. First I thought I like you more because you were my best friend. But only after entering the college I realized how deep I’d fallen for you..” Chotu continued speaking.
But Bhavna’s eyes were stuck on the rest of the family members. From left to right, slowly every person started blowing a pink balloon. Ragini was in extreme left, she blew first. The Balloon had a smiley with a word “WE”.
Rest of the members started doing the same one by one.
Laksh- LOVE
Kaira- LOVES
Adarsh- YOU
Sanskar- PLEASE
Parineeta- HIM

And Sujata held a balloon having a ‘kissing smiley’. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. She read again “WE LOVE CHOTU AND CHOTU LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY. PLEASE ACCEPT HIM” She nodded her head smiling. Chotu raja who was unaware of the whole scenario kept talking ” …I was really touched by how you helped…” Bhavna ran towards Sujata and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Chotu turned, assuring himself that Bhavna had run to bring something to beat him up but found the Maheshwaris proposing Bhavna on his behalf. He smiled nodding his head. “I’m nothing without you people” he mumbled smiling.
“Bhavna..this cake Chotu made it for you” Lisa said, as she brought a chocolate truffle to the room. Everyone in the room except Bhavna knew it was not Chotu’s preparation but it was Lisa’s magic. Lisa winked at Chotu and Chotu gifted her a flying kiss.
And Kaira informed “He took the whole night baking the cake and yesterday the whole day he was busy surfing for the recipes Bhavna di”. Chotu grinned blankly. He walked to Kaira and whispered

“Drama queen yeh kuch zyada nahi hua??” Kaira gave him a evil grin and answered “Everything is fair in love and war Bhai”. Chotu sighed.
“I demand an explanation Mr.Maheshwari” Bhavna asked menacingly. “Act..Actually Bhavna. Yeah this is the truth I’ve deeply fallen for you. I..I love you a lot Bhav” Chotu said looking down. Then he raised his head up, looked straight into her eyes and admitted “Yes I love you” followed by a deep breath.
The whole place remained silent waiting for Bhavna’s answer. “Anarkali” she spoke out. “Haan?” Chotu asked. “The answer for the question you asked” she replied. “Oh” he sighed sadly and gave her a fake smile to which Bhavna started laughing madly and spoke up” I don’t want to be your Anarkali. I want to be your Ragini forever” she stated smiling widely.

Shreya, Kaira, Amar jumped in excitement. Very soon Raghav joined the gang again and they already started celebrating. Chotu couldn’t hold himself, he engulfed Bhavna in a tight hug. The Maheshwaris were all smiles. Laksh wrapped his arms around Ragini and kissed the top of her head.
Lisa looked at Kabir expecting a hug, but Kabir was busy admiring his Chotu. She slapped his head. Kabir gave his best baby-face look and got awarded with a biscuit from his Darling.
“Err.. Wait.. How did you know the Anarkali and Ragini thing??” Chotu shot leaving Bhavna blink badly. “Woh..Woh.. Actually” she dragged when Kabir broke into laughter followed by Amar and the rest followed them. “Was this any plan?” Chotu asked curiously.

“Rey Chore this girl knew everything right from the beginning” Sujata answered. “Everything matlab?” Chotu asked. “She was sitting down listening to your whole conversation through this phone” she pointed to Sanskar’s phone kept in speaker mode. Sanskar gulped looking at the glowering Chotu.
“Bade Papa” he yelled and started running behind Sanskar. The whole family started laughing. “Dekha Jiji? My grandson is so good that no girl can ignore him” Sujata boasted to Annapurna, listening to which Raghav popped out saying “Maa even I want to make my Daadi proud then. I’ll also propose a girl tomorrow” listening to which Annapurna giggled and Ragini held his ears.
“Okay now Chotu and Bhavna cut the cake and distribute it to all of us” Kabir instructed giving an I-Love-You the cake. Chotu looked at Bhavna to proceed but Bhavna asked “You don’t want to know why I accepted?”

“Please tell” Chotu replied with a goofy smile on his face.
“I’d fallen for you from the day you joined Math tuitions just to accompany me and then the love kept amplifying when you started leaving school late just to walk back with me, when you didn’t submit your record notes when I didn’t bring it completed, when you always took an extra photocopy of all the notes just for me, when you kept looking at me even though the board was on the other side, when you look dumb wearing pink colour shirts but still continue wearing them just because I love pink, when you snatch the food from my hand and eat everything mercilessly but finally end up feeding Lisa Aunty’s tasty lunch by your own hands, you have even spent so many sleepless nights helping me with my presentation in the initial days of my job and.. and there are lots more Chotu. And the most important reason is.. there’s no reason. I love you as you are. Will you marry me?” Bhavna was on her knees as she completed. The Maheshwaris were awestruck and our Chotu was dumbstruck.
Chotu kept nodding his head and finally he lifted Bhavna up. “Bhav..You are my Ragini, My Kabir, My Lisa, My Lucky and my dear Maheshwaris. You know how madly I love these people. I promise to love you more than them” Chotu promised taking Bhavna’s palm in hers and quickly Bhavna engulfed him in a tight hug.
Soon Kabir threatened Chotu and Bhavna to cut the cake and Bhav-Chotu chose to feed every single Maheshwari personally. Laksh wrapped his arm around Ragini and whispered “Every love story is unique and ours is worth telling only because of them”, pointing towards Kabir, who was hugging Lisa, Chotu and Bhavna with his wide charming smile.

“After all TRUE LOVE WILL THAW” Laksh said, still looking at them. “Matlab?” Ragini asked innocently looking up into her man’s eyes. “Matlab….hmm..Yeah! Ragini’s true love had thawed Laksh, who is now totally head over heels on her.” Ragini giggled. Laksh continued “Your true love had thawed your Dadima so much that she accepted me despite knowing everything that I did to you. Dadima’s true love had thawed you much that you were never ready to deceive her. Kabir’s true love had thawed Lisa to leave her rich Daddy and stand for Chotu and him. Lisa Daddy’s true love had thawed him to accept her love in spite of knowing Kabir’s background then. And now Chotu’s very very true love has thawed our Bhavna. TRUE LOVE WILL THAW DARLING”, kissing Ragini’s top of the head. Ragini and Laksh smiled looking at the whole family celebrating.

Sujata did a quick touch-up with her handy make up kit and took out her brand new Iphone 7 for a lovely selfie. But she couldn’t stop admiring her son Kabir. She took a snap of Kabir, Lisa, Chotu and Bhavna laughing light heartedly and then she instructed all the Maheshwaris and Bhavna to stand properly for a selfie, but which actually turned out to be a crazy one. An honest beautiful one.
Guys we are done with our ff and I’m super happy?. Super happy with the response and love I received. You all showered me with so much love, Thank you so very much. Love you guys a lot. My regular readers, A very very huge bone crushing hug to you all guys for making this journey beautiful. It is only because of you people I continued writing. Thank you. Thank you. A very big Thank You and loads and loads of Love. Keep reading other good stories and stay super Happy. This is Ramya signing off. Tata. XOXO?

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  1. Fats

    Awww, this was the most adorable epilogue ever. I love how it was so family oriented. You highlighted the close-knit bond and the pure love between everyone beautifully ❤️. I find it unbelievably cute how our little Chotu grew up and fell in love. His proposal or should I say his family’s proposal was a treat to read. It’s sweet how everyone helped him get his love. He helped RagLak’s love story blossom into such a beautiful relationship so it was only fair that he got some help too ?. Him and Bhavna were such cuties, bless them ?. Also, RagLak were totally sweet as well. I loved their little cuddles and kisses. And aww my babies had a baby!! Raghav being a mixture of RagLak was bound to be a sweetheart and that he is ❤️. Their love like Laksh said truly did thaw. How beautiful ?. And a big aww at the ending, I love how everyone’s love thawed and I especially loved the selfie. It’s craziness was perfect as it reflected the crazy bunch of people in it ?. This truly was a wonderful FF. Thank you SO much for writing it. I had a lovely time reading the slow and steady relationship between RagLak, the fun moments between RagBirChot, the lighthearted family moments, and the dramatic shocks. Everything was great ?.

    1. PinkChocolate

      Hey Fats?It is always a blithe reading your comment?A big huggggg?Even i’d a very lovely time writing and interacting with u ppl? Love you loads?You were a constant support thro’ out this journey?Thank you so much for the love dear?

      1. Fats

        You’re welcome hun. Sending lots of love and hugs your way too ❤️

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      Thank you Sindhura?Thanks a lot for your constant support thro’ out the period?Take care ?

  3. Amazing

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      Thanks a lot Ashnoor?Thank you for the constant love and support?Take care ?

  4. Dharani

    awesome epilogue i will really miss ur ff come back with another ff soon

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      Thank you Dharani?Thanks for the constant love?Even I’ll miss you all?Take care ?

  5. Super awesome
    Miss u

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      Thank you Abi?Even I’ll miss you a lot?Take care?

  6. Awesome epilogue and loved it a lot. Plz come back with another Raglak story. Miss you dear and take care. Love u

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      Thank you Ammu?Love you too?Even I’ll miss you ppl a lot ?Thank you for ur constant support?Take care ?

  7. Aww, really cute

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  8. Sreevijayan

    Such a cute prologue..loved it sooo much

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  9. Again couldn’t wait to login 😛
    Such a beautiful end man?????
    Ramya, amazing story. These family moments together and each character’s individual traits make them so unique and endearing. I love this ff and I love you so much for this?????

    Hats off!
    P.s. you named Raglak’s son Raghav? Aww????

    1. PinkChocolate

      Hey Bela?Happy to know you loved the end?I love you too and love ur ff to the core ??Raghav..U loved it??Anyways thank you so very much dear?Take care ?

  10. Ragz_teju

    it was one of my favorite ff… will miss it for sure… I loved it to the core… it’s amazing epilogue. stay blessed. . if possible come back with another one

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      Thank you Ragz_teju?I will also miss you ppl a lot?Had a very good time in TU, writing and talking to u ppl?Take care ?Thanks for ur constant support?

  11. Sofia

    Oh!! It was such a cute and sweet epilogue…?So our chhotu got her lady love and he proposed her. ❤️ Ragini and Laksh are now too united and Aww.. they have a sweet little boy who inherited her mom’s looks and papa’s traits .Such a wonderful combo… ?I love the family bonding and OMG you potrayed so brilliantly.? It has surely been a wonderful journey.
    Hope you write another FF soon and I’ll miss you ?Take care ??❤️

    1. PinkChocolate

      Sofia darling?Thank you so muchhh?Even I’ll miss you all a lot?Love you loads?Thank you so much for the constant love?Take care ?

  12. Brilliant work dr?… The best epilogue I have read so far?…. I just badly want to be part of that happy family?‍?‍?‍?…
    Finally touch of justification for the name “TRUE LOVE WILL THAW”? was epic… will miss this ff nd u?.. Take care.☺. Come up with new story for ur fans…

    1. PinkChocolate

      Kutty ur comment???Awww??Thank you so very much?A big thank you for the constant love?Take care?

  13. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it…no words dear….u rock it..chotu u fear for propose…OMG I can’t believe thz…u only unite raglak and kabir love. now u got fear. .soo sad dear…bt I love you dear…am going to miss u dear…plz come back with another ff…plz dear it’s a kind request…
    sooo cute family….tkcr dear…

    1. PinkChocolate

      ?When it comes to proposal Chotu is really a kitten?I love you too Asra?Huggg?I’ll try coming back?Even I’ll miss you a lot ?Take care ?

  14. Jazzy

    It is one of my fav ff I just loved the epilogue ufff this kabir can never change he and his stomach hahahaah and chotu finally found his ragini loved everything about it and also their crazy selfie and come back again with a new ff

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      Kabir ka baccha?Seriously?I’ll definitely try to come back Jazzy?Thank you so much?Take care ?

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    Oh dear
    …!!!!!wt to say!!!its such a sweeeeeeeeeet endng….loved it dear…family moments were mindblownnnggggggggggg!!!!reallly reallly realllly gonnna misßssss it dear…plz plz plz do come back soooonnnnn….
    It ws one of d mostest awesomest story dear :)n u r one of d most fabulous writer 😉 🙂 ….keeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety 😉 😉 😉

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      Fairy love youuuu??Thank you so very much for being a constant support??Very Very happy to know you loved my ff?Thank you?Stay blessed?Take care?

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    in the total journey of this story today I loved this family here more than raglak families love was endless..

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      Thank you Rasha..Definitely Maheshwaris here are family goals?Glad to know you loved it?Take care?

  20. Bestest epilogue I have ever read till now

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      Thank you Tani?Very happy to know you loved my epilogue so much?Thanks for your constant support dear?Take care?

  21. Liya

    Soo here I am…First from the last???…first of all ongratulation for your successful journey dear..aww my Choco pies name is Ramya?? . our chottu has grown up?…I could see the difference in him of being an adult…he has become more sweet!! But One person is unchangeable our big time foodie kabir??….Raglak romance at last part are too adorable…How he explained True love will thaw ???amazing dear….my fav part is bhavana proposing chottus…you nailed it dear…??? ….Adarsh and Amar are show stealers loved them!! The balloon part showed how much each member of their family care andlove each other?? Gonna miss them all…so its really a signing off you dear and take care…?

    1. PinkChocolate

      As usual Liya?You are the most punctual reader of mine? And yeah I’m Ramya?How weird! V’v texted so many times..but I nevery told you my name! Silly me?Chotu has really grown up?Such a sweetyheart he is?And our Kabir..he’ll never ever growing up?Raglak, as I’ve told many times, are really made for each other?And Liyaaaa.. a big hug?cuz you r the only one who noticed Amar and Adarsh?Bhavna is really very sweet?I’m personally a huge lover of Vaishali Takkarp??So I thought I’ll definitely include her in my ff?Liyuuu a big hug for your constant love and support?Had I not promised you that I’ll return back, I would’ve delayed my comeback more or I would not have returned at all..?Love youuuu??Buh bye?I’ll miss you very very much?Bye?

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        You are Right lol ,Everyone’s says I am very punctual??..even now doing assignment..and dead line was today!!??..yaa we have texted so much but forgot to reveal our name!!So here I go ..Hai Ramya?Lidiya here?….Soo sad that you cannot text any more??..My fav character of your ff Chottus ,I won’t forget him???…I also like vaishali but not happy with serial that she is doing now SSK??its a complete disaster!! Adarsh,amar their part was small but impact was big yaar…I was laughing reading that especially Parii’s dialogues….if ff is not possible what about OS( I always have back up plans!!??) . your are my fav writer and you are just awesome girl…you have power to create emotion through your words…don’t let it go!!So all best !!Love you lotss!!!!and gonna miss you ??..

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    Haha?So daring student huh??And Lidiya?I love the name?Anyways let’s make its Lidz?Lidz! I guess there’s some predefined no. of msgs a person could send to another.. cuz I’m able to text others. Hmm bad?TU needs to develop?OS?is a loverly idea?But definitely not this month?Next week I’ve my sem haunting me?When I get uselessly huge no. of study hols for a simple exam I’ll make an OS?I guess I’ll do with the current track?It needs Raglak very badly??And a big thank you for considering me as a good writer?Love you loads???Miss you too?Take care?

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