True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-2)


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The sound of a siren was approaching them. Yes! Ragini’s Dadima had called for the police to arrest Laksh. Laksh, had never even dreamt of such things in his life. His mother was crying very badly in front of him. He also saw his Adarsh Bhaiyya and Sanskar Bhaaiy standing still in shock.

“Lucky you can’t do this!” said Sanskar holding Laksh’s shoulders tightly. “Sorry Bhaaiy I got mad, I just wanted her to get out of my life” said Laksh with teary red eyes and his fingers pointing towards Ragini, as if what he had already done to her was not enough to shatter her. Annapurna who couldn’t tolerate him anymore gave Laksh a tight slap and asked “Is this something I taught you?”.Her anger was uncontrollable now, she continued questioning him with her welled up eyes “We taught same values to all 4 of you, but why did you do this Laksh??”. “Ma! Am sorry” was all he could respond.

Though Annapurna was very angry on him, she was his “Mother”. How could any mom allow her son to be in jail? She started pleading Ragini’s Dadi to let him free. But he was the same person who had tried to kill her LAADO. “No way! I’ll also make sure that he never comes out” said Dadi and she left the place grabbing her Laado’s hand.

Ragini was totally numb. She was lying lifelessly on her bed, rewinding every moment they spent together. Oops! every moment they were together. Though she knew that he had always hated her from the day he came to know about her dark truth, she still had a small ray of hope that one day or the other he would accept her. After all, TRUE LOVE WILL THAW. But today, all her hopes disappeared all she could see was only darkness around her. She realized that he hates her like hell and she was simply a burden to him. Just then her thoughts were disturbed by her Dadima. “Laado! have your dinner” said her Dadima with so much love as usual. She couldn’t hide her pain anymore, Ragini hugged her Dadi very tightly and started crying heavily at which Dadi’s eyes welled up, After all, her Laado was her princess. “Don’t waste your tears for someone who doesn’t deserve it Laado” she said trying to be strong. “Dadima I know I shouldn’t have done that to him, But is hatred the ultimate punishment of what I’ve done?” she asked looking up. “Laado you don’t stress yourselves too much, I’ll make sure he gets his punishment” she said while switching off the lights.”Take some rest” she said with a sad smile on her face and left Ragini’s room. But how could she even think of sleeping? Laksh, her Laksh was in jail repenting for his deeds, for which Ragini felt that she was equally guilty.

It was 11:07 pm and she was still awake thinking about him. Finally she had decided what to do. She wore her dupatta and checked her Dadima’s room. “Sorry Dadima” she said slowly , looking at her Dadi sleeping.

Laksh was sitting with his eyes closed inside the bars, thinking where his life had taken him. Ragini could not be blamed for everything, even he was responsible for the current situation. Especially for what had happened today ONLY he was responsible. How could he even think of killing a girl? , while he was stuck in all these thoughts, he heard her voice. “I request you to let my husband out” she said with determined eyes. “And do you think only because you are requesting, we’ll let him free?” asked the officer in a sarcastic tone. “Sir, I am sorry, I am Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari and I had filed a complaint against my husband Laksh Maheshwari and Sir I want to withdraw it now” she said politely. “Are you sure Mrs. Maheshwari? I hope you aren’t doing this under any compulsion” the police asked. “No Sir” she said with a more determined voice. “Let him out” said the officer after completing all the formalities, During which Laksh was trying to recover himself from the shock that the girl whom he tried to kill was here for him.

After coming out, his eyes searched for her. But God knows where she had vanished! Laksh had then reached his home with his brothers who had been there in jail with him, the whole day, fighting for him. He straightly made his way to his Mothers’ room where he found her weeping. “Ma! Am sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done that” he said holding Annapurna’s hands.”Ma! Am ready for any kind of punishment, but please forgive me with all your heart” he added crying. “Laksh leave the room” she said with her fingers pointing the way out. He didn’t say anything more and he headed towards his room thinking that the Time would heal everything. But…Wait!!!! Where’s she??

His room looked as clean as always, though he had never shown any interest, living in that room from his first day of the marriage. It was Ragini, who had kept herself busy all the time either by thinking about him, dreaming about him or by engaging herself in household chores, cleaning his room, his cupboards, arranging his wardrobe. He checked the washroom door with the hope of finding her there. But No!! then he searched in his balcony, again NO!! He was trying to find her to apologize to her, but NO!! she was missing. By the time, Laksh was totally exhausted, thinking that she might be with Ma or Swara. He slept on his bed stretching his legs.

It was next day morning. “Laado! Wake up, Let us go to the temple nearby, get ready” Dadima said with the hope of diverting Ragini’s mind. “Dadima! We need to talk” she said with fear gripping her. “It’s ok Laado, whatever it is, we can discuss it later” said Dadi. “It’s important Dadima” Ragini said making Dadi sit next to her. ” I visited Laksh last night and I had let him free” she said with her wet eyes. “And why did you even bother to inform this to me?” asked Dadi annoyed. Immediately Ragini hugged her Dadima saying” Because I know only you understand me”. Dadi could sense her Laado crying bitterly, “Come Laado! let us go to the temple nearby, then I’ll take you to that bakery and we’ll have your favourite buns to eat” Dadima said, trying to cheer her up. “Donuts Dadi, not buns!!” Ragini said, trying to lighten up her Dadi’s mood. “Haan,Haan Exactly, now get ready” said Dadi leaving the room with the hope of helping her Laado.

@Maheshwari Mansion:

It was 9:15 am, the bright rays of Sun forced him to open his eyes. “Ragini!!!!” He screamed, “Don’t you have little sense?? Can’t u wake me up soon??” he shouted. Swara who was passing by the way, heard him screaming & entered into the room, “Do you think she’s mad to still tolerate you?” said Swara with a disgusting look. “What do you mean Swara?” he asked, thinking that he heard wrongly. “I mean that my sister had left the house Mr.Maheshwari” saying which she left.

He felt deserted, his head started spinning. What?? She left?? Wait..I must have been celebrating this moment. But…But..But No!! Instead I feel like hitting myself!! What is this?? Yes! Yes! I was wrong , Yeah I do hate her, but what I did to her was definitely worst than anything. I have to apologize to her. Maybe after that I won’t be feeling guilty and I could kickstart my new life. Wow! a Life without her!!

Precap: Laksh getting ignored.

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