True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-18)

Guys love you all for the love you ppl are pouring on me. Thank you so very very much. And on every new update I find many silent lovers of RagLak-RagBir-Rag-Kabir-Chotu breaking their silence and giving their comments. Thanks a lot for that. I hope I continue to entertain you ppl well till the end. And end se yaad aaya, guys we are nearing the end of our story. I’ll wrap up my story by 3 more parts, including the epilogue. So now let us jump into our ff…

“Officer Motu hua kya? Success?”Chotu asked hesitantly. Kabir nodded a “no” sadly. “Officer Motu fail ho gaya plan?” Chotu inquisitively asked Kabir. “Fail nahi Officer Chotu poora flop ho gaya.” Kabir answered worriedly. “It’s okay Officer Motu we’ve plan B”, Chotu tried to console Kabir. “Plan B?” “Err.. wait how many times to tell you? I’m not Motu. I don’t look like one” Kabir glared.
“You like Samosas?”
“Yes” Kabir gave a quick honest reply.
“Motu too loves Samosas. You love Samosas, Motu loves Samosas. Hence, You are Motu.” Chotu said, throwing his hands in the air.
“Ab yeh Motu kaun hai ?” Kabir asked confused.
“Arrey voh Motu Patlu wala Motu ” the reply came. “What? Him? Do I look bald? Or do I have that big belly?” Kabir asked frustrated. “The Samosas” Chotu shrugged and Kabir glared.
“Ok then tell me. Plan B?” asked Kabir curiously. “Plan B. Roast Lakshya Maheshwari” officer Chotu explained. “Already he is roasted and now he is so very pathetic.” Officer Motu replied plainly. “Roast Anarkali then” Chotu said with an I-am-an-officer look. “Like how?” Kabir asked, narrowing his eyes. “Likkkkke…” dragged Chotu.
Next day morning

@Maheshwari mansion:
“Mr.Maheshwari here are you papers” Kabir handed the papers to Laksh, only to see his face become dead pale. “Sign them and send to me as soon as possible” Kabir instructed but Laksh was still standing shocked. “Uncle shall I get some water?” Chotu politely asked Laksh breaking his chain of thoughts. “Yea..Yeah sure Maa is also bringing something to eat . Have a good day” Laksh said, nervously and turned to leave to his room. Chotu and Kabir could very well sense his condition. Chotu winked and kickstarted “So poor na, I thought Anarkali likes this Uncle very much, but she had now signed that alag-karne wala paper”. Kabir initially looked confused but then he nodded sadly as Chotu completed. “But Kabir you know. See don’t tell anyone okay?” Chotu whispered, actually pretended to whisper, to which Kabir nodded affirmatively. “Before 2 days when Anarkali was writing her name in her new notebook she wrote Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari she cried hugging the notebook” Chotu continued, having an eye on Laksh who stood still near his door listening to this whole conversation. “But why did she sign it then?” Kabir pretended to ask. “Exactly. Why did she sign it then? Especially when that Uncle is so dashing and you look like a total Gaddha” , Chotu gave his smart smirk and Kabir menacingly looked at him. Kabir took a deep breath and replied “Maybe she needs a push”. “Like?” “Like…She needs to realize they both are made for each other” Kabir replied. “and only Laksh uncle could give that push” , Chotu said with his Officer-Chotu look. Laksh listen to the whole conversation and he immediately crushed the divorce papers and walked inside, away from Kabir-Chotu’s sight.
Kabir and Chotu hugged each other excitedly and jumped in joy. “Beta Kabir, Chotu have this” Annapurna told them politely placing a tray of snacks in front of them. “No Aunty we’ll come some other day” Kabir replied trying to control his joy. “But you said you people are very hungry while entering in” Annapurna shot back. “Aunty what happened, we were too hungry and now the super-hunger has got converted to super-sleepy-mode” Chotu answered faking a yawn. Annapurna was baffled by their answer and she nodded her head confused telling “Bye” to the mischievous duo.
“Plan A part-1 successful. Now part-2” Officer Chotu hi-fived Officer Motu. “Next stop Anarkali’s house” , Officer Motu screamed. But which was actually untrue. Next stop was Chotu’s Principal’s room for Chotu had painted a girl’s face while she was sleeping in the class. He defended himself saying “Sleeping in class is actually prohibited Kabir. Not my fault. Wholly hers”, to which Kabir rolled his eyes.
“Look at our condition. We were planning to roast Anarkali and Laksh, yahaan toh hamaara kebab ban gaya” Kabir remarked, as they came out of Chotu’s school after the grilling session conducted by Chotu’s principal. “Stop being so dramatic Officer Motu. Focus on our mission. Focus on the target” Chotu shot. “Yes Sir!” Kabir shouted raising his chest up. The duo then headed towards Gadodia’s place to accomplish their Plan-B part-2.
“Hey Anarkali! ” “Hey Anarkali!” the boys plopped down on her bed. “Hey” Ragini gave a small tight smile. “Anarkali I want to tell you something but please don’t cry” Chotu told her softly. “Haan bolo na my prince” she responded, running her fingers through Chotu’s hair. “Woh actually I saw Laksh uncle today near my school…” Chotu dragged. “Hua kya? ” Ragini asked narrowing her eyes. “He was with some other girl. And the girl was very beautiful Anarkali.” “Very long hair” Chotu dragged when his Anarkali pulled all her hair to front, to check if hers was small. Kabir concealed his laughter. “Very chubby cheeks” Chotu said dreamily and this time his Anarkali turned towards her mirror to check if she looked skinny. “And….” started Chotu when he was cut by Ragini “So what? Chotu why should I cry? I don’t care right?” she screamed. Kabir couldn’t control his laughter anymore, so he silently took his phone and pretended to have a call and left the room. Ragini’s face was full red. She was boiling in rage, her face exactly looked like a red tomato,this only made Kabir laugh madly for full 10 minutes.
Ragini was stuck in her thoughts “How shameless? He said he loves me and he is enjoying with another girl? Propose has been only one day. Not even one full day. My God! This Laksh I won’t leave him alive. But why should I care? No. This shouldn’t bother me. Cool Ragini. Yeah cool. Take a deep breath.”
“Anarkali! Anarkali! Where are you lost?” Kabir questioned, waving his hand in front of her which brought her back to reality.
“You are thinking about what Chotu said? No I don’t think you’ll bother about it. Right?” He continued asking.
“Haan??? Yeah Right. Right” in a confused tone but still with a don’t-mess-with-me- face. So Kabir decided to play it safe. “Ok Ragini I’ll be right back” he said and he slipped away from her room.
“Was that a part of our plan?” Kabir asked in a very slow tone. “No Mr.Motu, but 90% it might work” Chotu replied in a serious tone. “If we happen to be in the rest 10%?” Mr. Motu asked curiously. “Plan C” Chotu replied rather calmly sipping his chocolate milkshake. “And what is that? ” Kabir asked baffled. “Do you know what our Plan-B was?” Kabir nodded a “No” . “At least now you know what our plan-B is?” Chotu asked calmly. “No” replied Kabir. “Exactly even I don’t know, in the same manner we are going to execute our Plan-C too, if this fails. So chill” Officer Chotu replied looking down at his milkshake.
After a full-stomach-lunch Kabir and Chotu laid down on Anarkali’s bed, pushing her out to be in Dadima’s room. “What next?” Kabir asked lazily. “Rest!” commanded Chotu and got drowned into a much needed sleep immediately.
“Utho Utho dono” screamed Anarkali. “Arrey Anarkali! Chup” Kabir shouted in a sleepy tone. “It is 7:30 pm utho!!!” she screamed. “What 7:30???” Kabir woke up with a jerk. He tried waking up Chotu, but in vain. So he lifted him in his arms and put him in his car. “Anarkali! Got a work. Bye” he said, managing to give a flying kiss at the end. Ragini gave him an are-you-mad? look to which he gave her his mischievous smirk and drove his car away. As they reached Maheshwari Mansion, Kabir tried waking up Chotu. But of no use. So he shook him badly and yeah he succeeded. Oops! but at the cost of one hard punch.
As they entered, Kabir encountered Laksh, who showed no interest to talk to him. “Mr. Maheshwari Hello” Kabir greeted. “Hi..Hi” Laksh responded and turned away, when again Kabir started, “Mr. Maheshwari we are here because Chotu wanted to stay here tonight. Actually he wanted to befriend you” . Chotu was shocked beyond words. He glowered at Kabir for taking this stupid move without asking him and Kabir just grinned. Laksh gave them a confused look, but then he gave Chotu a warm smile and asked him to feel free. Annapurna offered them to have dinner there, to which Kabir nodded excitedly. After the dinner, Kabir had a small light-hearted conversation with the Maheshwaris, excluding Laksh who was glaring at him from the corner of the room. As Kabir was leaving, Chotu told Laksh that he wanted to talk something to Kabir and ran behind Kabir towards the gate.
“Kahaan phasaa diya??” Chotu asked angrily. “Thank God! You came. Have this.” Kabir instructed, stuffing Chotu’s hand with a cell phone. “Keep texting me about Laksh” he whispered and gave him a wink.
“What does that mean?” Chotu asked himself super confused.
Late in night, Laksh shared his bed with Chotu who resumed his plan. He started grilling Laksh by telling how he loved his Anarkali and why he loved her. Her pure, simple beauty. Her too comforting attitude. Her values for tradition etc etc.. And each time, he could sense that their plan was working.
On the other hand was Ragini who was being roasted by Kabir. He’d brought her out to veranda telling he requires some fresh air or he might get stroke or something and he made her to tell about what all happened in her date. As she recalled every incident, she kept drowning, which Kabir sensed and sent a text “I too succeeded *Hi-five*”.
By 12-30 in night, Chotu opened his one eye slowly to look at Laksh going out somewhere. He texted Officer Motu saying “Mission complete. Laksh Uncle moving out secretly. Definitely to Anarkali’s house.” Kabir checked his message pausing his game. He smiled widely. Bu the very next moment he was super flabbergasted to see Ragini too moving out from Dadima’s room secretly. To… Maheshwari’s maybe. No definitely. He sighed sadly and replied back “Mission Impossible”.

Precap: Will everything sort out or totally mess up?

A sincere thanks to my regular readers without whose support I wouldn’t have been writing till this extent. Thank you guys for all your love. Keep loving Ragini-Kabir-Chotu-Laksh and don’t forget me?

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