True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-15)

I know I’m back after a long time. Ok! a very very long time. But guys I was totally stuffed with tests and placement things, so I couldn’t make up. Sorry! Sorry! and a very big Sorry!

Now let us get started with a short recap of our story so far.
The story starts when Laksh decides to kill Ragini(before the Malkin track). Ragini decides to leave Laksh and to stay in Baadi. Her Dadima insists her to continue her Music classes, where she happens to meet a super cool new guy Kabir Verma. Kabir lives with our cute little champ Chotu. Ever since the death of Chotu’s parents Kabir started taking care of Chotu, though he has his own rich parents(who are least bothered about Kabir). Kabir, Chotu and Ragini soon become very best friends and Ragini on her birthday tells Kabir her past. Laksh, on the other side becomes lunatic without the girl of his life. “His girl”. But he thinks that his feelings are stuck on Ragini still because Ragini didn’t properly forgive him for trying to kill her( for which he is extremely guilty). Ragini thinks Kabir will ignore her knowing her past dark truth, but he pops up with a ‘SURPRISE’ of ‘proposing her for the marriage’.

Or rather a ‘SHOCK’ for Ragini. She still accepts the proposal for her Dadima and for all her beloved ones, including Swara since now they’ve again united to enlighten the term ‘SWARAGINI’. Kabir asks Laksh to sign the divorce papers legally and our hero is now extremely choked with this twist. Kabir tells Raglak to have a rendezvous before their Divorce papers being signed. Raglak are on their date in which they thought it would be extremely difficult to be friendly to one another but they actually start behaving ‘more than friends’..
“Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy”
“Madam your soup!’ disturbed the waiter , breaking their intense eyelock. “Aah! Thanks I must admit . On time. Good timing” Laksh said smiling sarcastically, which the waiter mistook to be a genuine compliment and grinned widely making Ragini laugh. “I’ve never seen you laughing so genuinely Ragini. NEVER” said he. Ragini’s face turned pale as reality struck her harshly. “Because I’m never meant to Laksh” she mumbled, her eyes welling up.

Now he couldn’t hold himself anymore. Quickly Laksh engulfed her in a bone crushing hug because he is and he has always been guilty for Ragini’s dark side. “Calm down mera baccha! Sab kuch theek ho jana hai” he said patting her head continuously. “Sir! Your Schezuwan fried rice” the waiter plopped up suddenly from nowhere. Laksh looked at the guy, standing very proud for doing his job with utmost punctuality. He groaned slowly which made his girl, holding his shirt tightly by chest, giggle. “May I please know where I should rate your restaurant’s employees?” Laksh asked dangerously. Ragini controlled her laughter looking at the waiter’s confused expression. “Thank you Bhaiyya!” She managed to tell, rescuing the poor guy from Laksh.

He turned towards her and found her still in his arms. “Everything will change Ragini. Trust me. And this time I mean a positive change” he said looking deep inside her eyes very very genuinely. She nodded with a small smile, hoping for his words to turn true.

The lunch was totally a blithe. Totally something the both would’ve never even dreamt of. Both of them shared every silly, funny, embarrassing moments of their life. Ragini learnt Laksh was the most mischievous guy in his school days and the ‘Most wanted Munda’ in his college days where Laksh learnt that Ragini was ‘Teacher’s pet’ in both her school days and her College days. Ragini learnt Laksh was the “Hero” to many of the girls while Laksh learnt Ragini had been the “Behenji” or ” Nerdo” all through her Pre-marriage-life and she barely had friends who only approached her to borrow notes during exams or to borrow Salwars during Pooja times. Ragini recognized how Laksh’s life style was a total contradiction to hers and how Swara’s would perfectly synchronize with his. And Laksh realized how Ragini learnt living, the actual ‘LIVING’ after Kabir had entered her life. But. Deep inside. Deep inside both felt that they need each other. Need each other badly. Very badly.

“Sir your bill” said the waiter, this time rather slowly. They drifted their eyes apart. Laksh thanked him politely and whispered in his ear “Husband and Wife are here to get some fresh romantic air, not to gulp food at sharp exact time intervals”. Ragini was baffled at Waiter’s horrified look and looked at Laksh with questioning eyes. Laksh ignored her with a cool smart shrug and grabbed her out.

“Laksh” she called out politely. “Hmmm” he turned towards her with his eyebrows raised questioningly. “Laksh I’ll change everything Laksh. I’ll make ‘that’ positive change in your Life Laksh” she said holding his hands through tears yet smiling widely. Laksh couldn’t stop himself. “Raginiiii!” he screeched and hugged her tightly. “Laksh” “Laksh I’ll change everything Laksh” she said with excitement making Laksh nod like a small kid.
“Laksh I’ll I’ll talk to Swara. Laksh you both are made for each other and you both should be together Laksh. I was very wrong and I’ll change everything” she said, still having his hands in hers, only to notice Laksh’s face becoming pale every passing second and eyes becoming more bloodshot red.

He pinned her to the car’s door and looked right into her eyes, with a trembling fierce voice “Swara is just just your sister Ragini. You Ragini. You are my Wife.” yelled Laksh. He leant forward with his forehead touching hers and Ragini could feel his tears on her cheek. The moment turned to be intense. They didn’t want to escape from the moment. Whatever it was, they were together, that close, like how she wanted to be. Like how he was longing to be.

A series of incidents flashed through Ragini’s mind all of a sudden, making her jerk away from that position. “Kabir! Kabir!” she cried with her hands closing her mouth. “I’m going to marry Kabir! No! Laksh” she cried, not able to form any more words. Laksh stood still not knowing what to do.

What happened to me? What was that? Whatever it was, It felt good. I want to live like that. With that peace, with that fragrance, with that person always around me, besides me, with me always. I want to hold her again. We are meant to be like this. I’m meant to be with her always. SHE’S MINE, He thought, staring at her with millions of emotions exploding through his large almond eyes.

“Laksh let us leave” she said, opening the car. “Ragini” he grabbed her arms tightly. “Ragini please be with me. I don’t know what is happening around me. But I feel like breathing after so long days Ragini. Ragini be with me” he cried softly, leaning down on her shoulder.

Ragini was in a very bad position. With Laksh around her, she couldn’t let her brain or heart think logically. Because all it needed and it was desperate was for him. Lakshya Maheshwari. She pat his back trying to convince him. She lifted him by his shoulders. He held her small soft face within his strong palms. “Ragini I need you Ragini. Only you. Ragini ONLY YOU” . “L…Laksh Lakshhh I’m Kabir’s fiancé” she told him with fear gripping her throat. Laksh with utmost wrath jerked her away and walked to the car and switched on his engine. He kept honking his car continuously in anger to call Ragini inside.

The poor girl sat in the seat adjacent to his and looked at him with questioning yet soft eyes. “Next Ragini?” he asked her with a trembling furious voice. “L…Lakshh?” she looked at him, with fear. “Next and Last location to visit this day? As per your fiancé’s order!” he yelled this time. “Or..Orr..Orphanage near our house…Sorry near Maheshwari’s house” she replied only to find him rotate the steering with utmost anger. She closed her eyes, praying to her Khaato Shyam ji not to make her life more miserable.

After 15 mins of very rash driving, she found herself in her destination and thanked God for listening to her prayer. “Ragini” he called out opening her door. She didn’t want to look at him and make thing things worse. She stepped out and she started walking fast towards the door of the place. Laksh followed.

“Ragini didiiiii!” a tiny tot screamed and ran towards her did to hug her sweetly. “Mera baccha kaisha hai??” she asked with a gleam in her eyes. “I’m doing great! Aur Aap?”the sweety asked with a very wide smile across her face. “Arrey! Ragini didi” another small Ladoo came running towards her and pulled her hair. “Hawww! you are still the same. Kabhi sudhroge nahi naaa?” she asked with a fake anger, hands on her hip. ” Oye drama queen. I know ki aap mujhse kabhi bhi naaraaz nahi ho sakti. So wipe that fake anger”, the little Suraj laughed. “So much over confidence?” she asked, rising her right eyebrow. “Kya karoon? I’m so handsome naa… No girl can ever remain angry with me” Suraj said making Chutki hit her forehead in the nearest wall. “Who is that more handsome and Dashing than me here?” Laksh asked with his devilish smile and showing his biceps. Suraj’s eyes widened to the fullest. “Uncle aap toh very handsome ho!” , the little guy blurted out immediately making Laksh give his signature smirk at Ragini.

“But..Wait…What did you say? Uncle??Uncle? Ragini didi aur main Uncle??” he asked with shock. Leaving all the kids and Ragini laugh badly. Laksh ran at the back of Suraj tickling him “Accha bacchu main Uncle hoon? Uncle?” still tickling the poor little Ladoo.
They spent almost 3 hours in that sweetest place of Earth and Laksh suddenly couldn’t find any pretty princess or a cute racer in the Orphanage. “Bacchon! Kahaan chupe ho sab ke sab? Uncle bore ho rahaan hoon” he hit his forehead “I mean Bhaiyya bore ho rahaan hoon, mujhse panga mat lo, then you’ll pay for it. Come out!” he shouted looking at every corner of the place but only to find no one.

The lights went off and suddenly a group of extremely sweet voices started singing “Happy B’day to Laksh Bhaiyya.. Happy B’day to Laksh Bhaiyya……”as Ragini approached him with his very own Chocolate truffle. His eyes moistened. Ragini mouthed ‘Cut it’ and he could find lovely happy happy faces around him singing for him. “Aiyyo Laksh Anna quick! I want to eat” , the budding scientist Murugan yelled. “Yeah” he muttered through his teary smile and he cut the cake. ”Yaeyyyyy” the children screamed. “Handsome hunk ab toh aap Uncle ban gaye naa?” the mischief maker Suraj asked. ” I think someone needs to get tickled badly” Laksh said nearing Suraj, narrowing his eyes. “No No No” the prince ran away yelling leaving all laugh. “Cake” Chutki screamed. “Oh yeah” Laksh said and took the first piece of it and directed it towards Ragini. Ragini’s eyes widened. But she couldn’t ignore because she has never seen Laksh that way. Tired, not shaved, with beard, eyes aching for love, aching to live AGAIN. She accepted it with a smile and found Laksh mouthing a “Thank you” through his tears. She nodded in return and turned to go out, so not to fall weak.

“Thank you Ragini” he said softly to Ragini, who was looking at the kids dancing joyfully for all the peppy songs she had put in her playlist. “Thanks?” she asked. “This is the first ever time in my whole life, I forgot my Birthday Ragini” . She looked at him sympathetically. ” I’ m a kinda person who parties hard till late night or sometimes till early morning every Birthday. But trust me, this birthday is so far the best one” he told her genuinely.

“They are the sole reason Laksh. They lit up any one’s face so quickly” she replied pointing at the kids enjoying blissfully. “I want’em all” she continued. “We’ll adopt them all” he blurted leaving Ragini stare at him not knowing what he meant. “I can adopt them all.. You know..Mr. Verma won’t disagree.” Ragini nodded sadly and it started raining.

“Bacchon andar jao!” Ragini shouted waving her hands to kids. “Noooooo!” they screamed together and started dancing all over again. “Run kids!” she yelled in return. But none wanted to leave the place. “It’s ok naa Ragini . Atleast you’ve grown old you can’t dance so you are sitting here. Let them enjoy” he said with his Signature smirk. “Mr. Maheshwari Uncle!!! Old honge aap” she said rhythmically and tied her dupatta to her waist and ran towards the tiny tots.

He could then listen to the ‘Lungi dance’ song to which Ragini danced so naturally, with a very carefree attitude. “She is Ragini” he said to himself. He never even dreamt of Ragini dancing to such a peppy number. He smiled widely. HE WAS TOTALLY LOST IN HER. Laksh moved towards her. Changed the song, “Soch naa sake”.
He pulled her towards himself with his hands around her waist and her hands on his chest. She looked right into his eyes and he swung her in his arms. A pleasant smile was automatically put up on their faces. This was the life she ever dreamt. The life he always ached for, but never reallized it. He twirled her, dipped her. lifted her up. But all she did was, get drowned in his deep chocolate brown eyes. The song came to an end, but neither of the hearts wanted to admit it.
“Ragini….I lo…” he was about to tell when he was cut by “Anarkali! I love you” came a very loud voice. Ragini knew the person, she jolted back from Laksh’s arms and turned to look at Kabir, who was with a bouquet.
“Kabir! You? Here?” she questioned with a surprise-mixed-shocked look. “Me,Paaro and Chotu are missing you badly girl. Come with me! I promise we’ll have more fun” Kabir said holding her hands, jumping in excitement, making Laksh lose his temper more every passing second. Kabir walked towards Laksh and “Actually I’m sorry Mr.Maheshwari! I need her please” he told Laksh with a wide smile.
“Anarkali! You sit in car. Chotu is waiting for you” he said with his charming smile. Ragini nodded silently and walked in opposite direction, AWAY FROM LAKSH. His heart ached. She turned to look at him with painful eyes. “Rag..” he was about to go to her when a masculine hand held his shoulder.

“Thank you Mr.Maheshwari for taking care of my Anarkali” saying which he turned to go. Laksh’s strong hand held his shoulder. Kabir could feel his hand trembling in anger. “Is it any kind of prank?” he asked with his bloodshot red eyes. “It might be Mr.Maheshwari. But what is bothering you? My Anarkali, my fiancée. I love her, any problem ?” Kabir, with his never-seen-smirk. “She is my Wife? Get that?” Laksh yelled , holding Kabir’s collar. “She was ” Kabir shot back, showing him their divorce paper.
Aaah! Finally I’m back guys. And sorry Kabir-Chotu lovers, you’ll get more of their scenes in further chapters. Liyaaaa! I’ve returned as I promised…And thank you all my readers! For asking me regarding TLWT updates. Thank you! Please do comment 🙂

Precap: RagBir’s wedding preparations and Laksh’s decision regarding his divorce.

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