True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-14)

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“It is what it is. Accept it and move on.”
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“Swara! Yeah I must talk to her” Laksh instructed himself while climbing upstairs. But wait! What was happening? Swara was seen closing her mouth with both her hands in shock. Wait! No! It didn’t look as if she was shocked. She was enjoying the whole scene. Sanskar was kneeling in front of her with a rose in his hand. Obvio! He was proposing his wife. This immediately took Laksh to view the scene that happened some days before when Kabir was actually proposing Ragini.
He walked straight to his room and sat on his bed with his hands on his bent head. He looked up at the mirror. “God! What the hell has happened to me? I was actually there to meet Swara. What? Wait! Sanskar was proposing her and Swara was about to accept it.” And all over again, the same scene flashed through his mind, “Kabir’s proposal”. “C’mon that’s not happening man! I was in love with Swara. Was? You a mad?? ” his heart screamed. Annapurna who was passing through his room entered his room and sat beside him. “I hope everything is ok?” she asked softly. “Err no! Not even a single thing” he replied with so much stress built up. “Yeah and Maa tomorrow I’m going out” he continued. “And where Laksh?” his mother asked. “With Ragini” saying which he took a deep breath. “One last time huh? Please be nice to her at least for one day” she instructed.
“ONE LAST TIME” this word kept echoing in his head. “Laksh!” she called him softly, making him look up. ” Promise me. Promise me that in the battle between your mind and your heart, you’ll choose your heart. You’ll listen to whatever your heart says” she said, ruffling his hair. Laksh stared at her, trying to get what his mother said and nodded saying” Good Night Maa”.
Next morning :
“Chotuuuu” screamed Kabir, trying to wake him up. “Aaarrggh Man what’s your problem? Its just 7″ said the much annoyed prince in a very sleepy tone. ” We are going to Baadi, wake up now, we are running late” said Kabir, picking Chotu up in his arms. “But why so soon?” Chotu asked out of curiosity. “Anarkali is going out with Laksh and I need to help her” explained Kabir.
“Hey wait! See I don’t know much about him, but isn’t he a bad man?” questioned Chotu, later which he realized what he said and he bit his tongue. “Come again. What did you just say?? Huh??” Kabir asked, narrowing his eyes. “No! Act..Actually I’m sorry” grinned Chotu. “You better don’t do that again” Kabir instructed. “Yeah I know, I’m sorry” pleaded Chotu holding his ears. ” I’ve always taught you, no one in this world are evil, some circumstances just change them, Its not they become bad by their own choice and coming to Laksh, Laksh is a very good man. But he’s just little mischievous.” Kabir told him, tapping Chotu’s head. “Ok Ok I understand Sir” Chotu said with a naughty smile, bowing down. ” Sir ka bacchaa” Kabir shouted, pulling Chotu near him and he started to tickle the little boy. “Sorry Sorry Ok Kabir monkey I’m sorry” Chotu screamed , rolling with laughter. ” Aaah! That’s my true name and sounds truly good” Kabir replied laughing, swinging Chotu in the air. Then the two boys started to get ready to meet their Anarkali.
” Oh God! Late as usual” Kabir said, picking Chotu up from the bike. “Anarkali Anarkali” screamed both the boys and ran towards Ragini’s room.
” What the hell? Don’t tell me you forgot!” said Kabir shocked, looking at Ragini, who sat in front of mirror staring at it. “And you don’t tell me that they’d to meet tomorrow and you mistook it as today. Kabir I woke up at 7, and I’d to….” Chotu listed, which was interrupted by Kabir who had just inserted a big ladoo in Chotu’s mouth,” Aaah God! You talk too much bro”.
“Ok this one” Kabir picked a blue salwar from her wardrobe. “And this one!!” Chotu screamed giving her the perfect pair of earrings. “Get up! Get up! Get up” screamed the duo, shaking Ragini vigoriusly. Ragini made a very innocent pleading face as if a small kid is pushed to school for the first time, to which Kabir gave a very broad smile, pinching her pink cheeks very hardly. ” Run Drama Queen! We are getting late” he said laughing. “Ok” she sighed and started getting ready.
After some minutes:
The trio were sitting on the bed, Ragini looked terribly tensed and she was biting her nails. “Oh God! She looked like a devil! Please save those nails” Kabir prayed. “Anarkaliiii please stopppp” Kabir said between his fake sobbing. Ragini narrowed her eyes and asked with confusion,” What happened?” to which Chotu hit his head knowing his monkey is going to give a very bad performance. ” You are so cruel! You lady! You’re a murderer” he said wiping his artificial tears. “What Kabir?” she asked again with so much innocence. ” Yeah I am Mr.Nail, you are killing me and my cousinssss” he cried, trying to prove his acting skills. Chotu started to giggle because he knew Ragini was not going to leave him alive after what Kabir has done, Kabir understood Ragini’s anger and he grinned. Ragini started throwing all her perfume, talc bottles on him.”You are so unbelievable”she shouted and our little Chotu did not miss the chance, he sat peacefully on the bed laughing and enjoying the sight of RagBir fighting madly, when all of a sudden the trio heard a car’s horn and they immediately sensed it was Laksh. Ragini’s smile disappeared all over again and she looked down. Kabir winked at Chotu signalling him something, immediately Chotu came running and the 2 hugged Ragini screaming ” Pushpa! I hate tears”, to which Ragini gave a small laugh and hugged them back tightly. “Come” Kabir dragged Ragini who’d Chotu holding her other hand.
” Hey Mr. Maheshwari! Good morning” Kabir said looking at the dashing Mr. Maheshwari who was in his car waiting for Mrs. Maheshwari. Laksh gave him a small nod, trying not to be rude. He then looked at Ragini who was coming behind Kabir, he tilted his head a little to get a clear view of his Mistress. Automatically a smile was put up on his face. “You jerk don’t smile like that! Switch it off” he told himself, trying to hide his enthusiasm. “I know you don’t like wasting your time but I need to tell you both something” Kabir said looking at Laksh and Ragini. “Can you please make that fast?” Laksh asked him, little irritated. “Hmmm ok then” he said, coming in between Ragini and Laksh. ” The very only condition that you both should behave how you were when you both were friends. You know what I mean! Like very normal and cool. Guys just erase whatever happened after that at least for today. That spoilt brat and that cute innocent girl. Get that?” he asked tapping their shoulder.
Obviously Kabir mentioning Laksh as spoilt brat made him angry. But no! He didn’t want to spoil his mood. “Deal?” Kabir asked with a very broad smile, to which Ragini nodded in agreement. “And you Mr.Maheshwari?” he asked looking at Laksh. “Shall we leave?” Laksh questioned, looking at Ragini. “That’s not done man! If you aren’t agreeing then let her stay here” Kabir told. Now Laksh was literally too much annoyed and he spoke out “It is fine, please give us our space” grabbing Ragini’s hand. Chotu got scared looking at the way Laksh handled Ragini. He ran towards them and held Laksh’s hand and shouted “You can’t be so rude with my Anarkali, Do not dare to do that again”. Laksh stared at Ragini, who didn’t find courage to meet his eyes and she softly said “Chotu nothing’ll happen, I’m very strong. Now you go and start getting ready to school. Bye”
And then both left, with Ragini waving her hands to Kabir and Chotu.
She seriously didn’t know what to do,how to react or anything. “Where shall we go first?” he asked her softly making Ragini’s soul tremble. “Anywhere as you say” she replied slowly.
“Hey C’mon don’t be that formal Ragini. After all we are friends” he said trying to smile but the awkwardness was clearly visible on his face.
“Is he trying to follow Kabir’s instruction or is he teasing him?” she thought.
“La..Laksh” she spoke. ” Ragini place first” he said. “Ok see I know you don’t really believe in God. But…” she was cut by him “Ok Shiv ji’s temple”.
“Finally you are with your husband Ragini. It’s good to see you both together. Stay happy always” Pandit ji blessed them, leaving them stare at each other. At last they reached near a tree, Ragini started to pray leaving Laksh confused. After her prayer she looked around helplessly, since the platform on which she stood and prayed was little high and now she was finding a way to get down. Laksh understood and walked towards her to help, looking at which Ragini started breathing heavily. She thought he was about to give his hand for help and her heart was screaming inside. But what he did stopped her breath for a moment. Instead of giving her his hand to get down, he lifted her in arms and then let her down. She was totally lost. Her voice stuck. She immediately tried to avoid the scene and tread very fastly out. Laksh kept staring at her from behind. That was definitely something unplanned. He was actually not in senses and he didn’t even wished to be. He stepped inside the car making her nervous. But he loved it, he loved her shyness. He titled his head a little and asked with a very small smile “What is in that tree?” “Huh?” she looked at him, with her heart beats racing. ” Tree” he said, pointing towards it. ” Act..Actually La..Laksh ” she tried to explain stammering. “Chill” he said, handing her a water bottle, to which she gave a faint smile.
“Next?” he asked Ragini, who was looking out the window. She was lost in her thoughts, “Why are you so rude to me Life? I can’t even think anything like that about him. I’ve already failed miserably by loving him. And I’m now going to be someone else’s. I can’t start feeling like this all over again.” when she was disturbed by his tap on her shoulder ” So where next?” . She glanced at him but said nothing. ” Alright then! This time it is my turn” he said turning his car, leaving her think where he has planned to take her.
And there she found a big play ground in front of her and she noticed Laksh’s twinkling eyes. “Catch it” he screamed looking at some kids playing cricket. Ragini loved the whole sight. It was so true, after a very long time, she felt she’s with the real Laksh.
“Come” he grabbed her hand and ran towards those boys. “Kids could you please lend us your bat? I want to teach your Bhabhi little cricket.” Laksh said to the boys. The word “Bhabhi” had a very severe effect on her. She kept staring at him. “Bhabhi? Cricket? Joking huh? Look Bhaiyya how she’s admiring you, we don’t think she’ll be interested” a little boy spoke out. This made Ragini blush furiously and she looked down as much as possible to hide it. But Laksh was able to understand that. He was losing his senses more badly. Awwwww! Her pink cheeks that turned red. He stared at her with a mischievous smile.
“Leeeeeaavvee” the boys screamed. “Why don’t you both sit there under the tree and stare at each other the whole day? Let us play” the stout cutie told very strictly.
That was too embarrassing. Laksh scratched his head and spoke out “Ok a deal then” he said. “And what is that?” a boy asked annoyed. ” If I managed to get 4 sixes then you must allow me to play else I’ll get each of you an ice-cream. Deal?” he asked with attitude. “Huh? That’s fine. Anyways we are going to win and please ask your Sweety to stand out” the tall boy said, pointing towards Ragini.
“Sweety? Yaeyyyyy” Ragini was jumping in mind and Laksh was lost looking at her red plump cheeks. “Are you trying to drive us crazy? ” the stout one asked again rudely. “No No! I mean let Ragini be in your team please” Laksh requested. ” What if she cheats?” the kid asked. “I won’t” Ragini said politely. “Hmmm fine” the boys said positioning themselves on the field.
Laksh was definitely a very good cricketer. He scored a hat trick. Yeah! 3 consecutive sixes. Now the cute little boys were very tensed and it was very much visible on their faces, looking at which Laksh gave an evil smile. It was the last chance and Laksh again hit the ball and it flew in the air. Laksh started dancing, celebrating his victory, but unfortunately it didn’t last long. The ball was caught hold by his own lady. Ragini caught the ball. Actually it was a very brilliant catch, a very difficult one. This left boys and Laksh in shock with their mouth wide opened.
After few seconds, the boys turned to reality and started dancing so much happily. They grabbed the bat from Lalsh’s hand and started celebrating. Ragini was actually on cloud nine. She grabbed the bat from the little boy and lifted it up in the air and rotated it. She kissed the ball and started to dance with the boys.
“My God! What have I done? I should’ve enquired her before about this. Was she a cricketer in school or college level? I’ve never seen her even watching cricket in tv! Now what? I’ve lost the challenge” and he hung his head down. The mischievous guys came to him and shouted “Ice-cream Ice-cream Ice-cream”. Laksh glared at Ragini who was laughing to the fullest. It was the very first time he saw her laughing like that. First time he saw the kid in her. A true person who doesn’t hide anything, any feeling. He smiled about that. Oh God! Now she was becoming more unbelievable. She was dancing to tease him, with her tongue out and doing all sorts of crazy things.
God! She was a new Ragini. The real girl behind the shy and silent little lady. Laksh couldn’t just believe. He smiled deeply at her antics.
“Ok Ok You all won and as per the bet I’ll get you ice-creams” he said with a loser face. And he did keep his promise, he bought ice-creams for all the boys and then the duo waved their hands to leave.
While moving towards the car Ragini narrowed her eyes and asked “For whom have you bought that?” pointing towards the ice-cream in his hand as she was enjoying hers. “What kind of question is that girl? Obvio! For me” he said shrugging. “Haa! Loser fellow you don’t have authority to eat that” she said grabbing his ice-cream. But before he could get that again from her, she licked both the ice-creams. “Sorry” she said with a grin. “Huh! I don’t mind” he said, immediately biting both the ice-creams. “Eewwww” she said making face. “But then it’s ok” she, biting both the ice-creams. And then it continued till the whole ice-cream ended. “Ok as you’ve completed eating, you’ve to go and throw the stick in the dustbin” she said, pointing towards a penguin style dustbin little far away. “What? I’m not mad” he said, with his hands folded. “Sorry you are going to do that” she said calmly. “And why?” he asked narrowing his eyes. “Because I’m a girl” she said, rather proudly. “Ok” he sighed grabbing the sticks from her, looking at which she chuckled.
“Aaaaah” he screamed and Ragini came running to the spot and saw him holding his foot. “What happened?” she asked worried. “It’s ..It’s just that….” he dragged in a painful voice. “It’s just that I wanted you to walk this distance” he said laughing badly. Now that was too much, Ragini who was too annoyed started beating him with all his strength and suddenly he pulled her strongly. They were so close. So close that they could feel their breaths. So close that they couldn’t even imagine of taking their eyes off each other.
This proximity was dangerous, Ragini’s old days when she was head over heels on him ran across her mind and a thin layer of tears moistened her eyes. All of a sudden, this was disturbed by a call.
“He..Hello” she stammered as she felt awkward looking at Laksh who kept staring at her. ” Everything is alright Kabir” she said slowly. “KABIR?” this name snapped him to reality. “WTH! Arrrggh! Kabir!” he groaned to himself. “Hmmm Hmm Hmmm ok Take care” she said and hung the call. “Take care? Is he a kid?”he whispered. Ragini felt very awkward and she left to the car.
Laksh who was very much annoyed slammed the car’s door as he sat down, scaring Ragini. She thought it was because he hated her and her heart sunk. With a very heavy heart she looked out trying to avoid his anger.
Few minutes later, she found herself in a restaurant. She was shell shocked. “How did that happen? I was in car. And now?” She looked around and she found Laksh nowhere. She got scared and she wiped her face and she took her phone to dial him, when she found it ringing behind her. Laksh was coming towards their place. “Hey! I was in washroom,chill” he said slowly, looking at her tensed face. She gasped. “But when did I walk to restaurant? I was in car” she asked him curiously. “You were in car 1 hr 30 mins before” he, chuckling. ” What?” she asked, very much confused. “Yeah You are too much heavy Ragini please follow any kind of diet,it was very much difficult for me to carry you inside” he told her laughing. ” He carried me here? In front of so many people?” she asked herself.
Woah! The feeling! Curling her toes, looking down, moving her hair strands behind her ear and wow! Blushing so much profusely. She looked super hot. He felt too much attracted to her. He wanted to sit beside her and hold her tightly so tightly that she won’t be able to leave him life long.
Her shyness was killing him. He couldn’t control. He shut his both the eyes to stop himself.
And every person in the restaurant loved watching the couple enjoy each other’s company so much. And there was a very romantic environment with a perfect lovely violin music adding up the romance.

Precap: Laksh’s realization of his love. Will Kabir trust Laksh’s feelings or will he arrest Ragini under his love for Chotu?

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