True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-13)

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 
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“Anarkali get ready” Kabir exclaimed. “What for?” Ragini questioned, with curiosity. “C’mon Please don’t make me wait”, he said, gulping a ladoo made by his Paaro. “Slow! Slow” Dadima said, patting his cheeks with her beautiful smile. “I love’em Paaro, but I love you more” he said, hugging her, wearing a very sweet smile. ‘Oye! What is happening huh?” Dadaji, twisting his ear. “Dadu” he screamed in pain. “ Ok I am sorry! I am sorry. You’ve your Paaro and I ‘ll search for my Anarkali. Oh God! What is she doing still?” Kabir said, running to his Anarkali’s room.
“Are you crazy? You are dressing up since hours?” Kabir shouted. “Oh God Kabir! Stop your drama, it’s been only 10 minutes” she replied, wearing her earrings. “Ahan!” Kabir told, narrowing his eyes. “What?” she asked. “Not this one. Golden one would look great on you” he said, pointing towards the golden jhumkas on her table. The earring which she wore on the night that changed her life, the night that started making her life hell, the night when she was expecting something very beautiful to happen, but what actually took place was so much horrible that had turned her life upside down. Yes! The night when Ragini’s truth and all her wrong deeds were revealed in front of Laksh. Her eyes welled up looking at those earrings, all the bitter incidents flashed in her mind. Her string of thoughts were disturbed by Kabir who wiped her tears. “It’s ok wear anything you want, but please don’t cry for it” he told, laughing a bit. “Shut up” she, slapping his shoulder.“Ok C’mon girl!” Kabir screamed, dragging her out of the room.
“You sit hear Anarkali, and come out when I call you, fine?” Kabir instructed her softly tapping her head. “Please don’t bring any trouble, Please Kabir” she pleaded, to which Kabir gave her back an evil laugh and walked away from the car.
“Why the hell have you called me here Mr.Varma?” Laksh questioned in a very unpleasant tone. “Calm down boy, there’s nothing to be so rude” Kabir replied with a warm smile. “Will you tell me or shall I leave?” Laksh asked again in a very harsh tone. “Ok let us sit and talk. Wait! How did you get to know my name? Sanskar would have told, right? No! Swara! No! It must be Aunty, she loves me a lot” Kabir said, showing him a bench in the park. “You are mad” said Laksh, experiencing a very bad headache, or may be a heavy heart, and started walking away. “Its about Anarkali” Kabir screamed, making Laksh stop where he was.
Laksh walked upto Kabir, looked straight into his eyes and whispered “Ragini, Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari”, to which Kabir smirked and “So Mr.Maheshwari exactly! I never want this to happen again”. Laksh narrowed his red eyes, “Stop beating about the bush Mr.Varma”. “Ok then, straight to the point, when are you divorcing Anarkali?”he questioned, leaving Laksh shell shocked. Laksh stood there still in shock with his eyes widened to the fullest. “Mr.Maheshwari? Mr.Maheshwari? See Can you please hurry? I’ve lots of work, I need to approach a good advocate and then prepare for our engagements. I hope you understand” Kabir told him. “Haan? Yeah Yeah Divorce? Divorce?” Laksh asked with a broken voice. “Yeah Mr. Maheshwari, See I can’t wait to make her Mrs. Varma, I know she had a very bitter past and I also know she deserves an extremely happy life, which I want to give her. After all, not all are mad to deny true love, so please don’t delay Mr.Maheshwari.” he replied with a smile.
What? Divorce? Is it the end? THE END? She won’t be there for me? She’ll never return in my life? Will she not even bother to turn back? Who will love me then? Will there be no one to care for me? What’ll happen to me?? She loved me so much, so much! And now? What’ll I do? My love? Wait.. my love? No! Swara is my love. What?? What?? Where on earth is Swara? Does she live in my house still? Oh God! What is happening to me? Swara? Ragini had betrayed me and Swara. Yeah! Swara was my love. Was? What the hell is wrong with me? Swara! Ragini! Oh God!
Ok! Ragini had betrayed me and she is going out of my life. I should be happy. Yeah! I must be happy. Yeah!
“I’m ready” he said, letting out a deep breath. “Ok that’s good, Thank you” Kabir replied, typing something in his phone. And then happened something which made him stop to breathe for a second. Ragini was approaching towards him. She looked simply amazing. She was wearing a red saree which made her look more beautiful.
“Pretty! Cute! Hot! Oh God! She is killing me!” his inner voice screamed. Both were staring at each other, as she was walking towards him. They just couldn’t take their eyes off each other. But both the eyes had pain, a clearly visible pain. A red, welled up eyes.
“Ka…Kabir?” she slowly looked at him. “Anarkali! Calm down! Calm down” he said rubbing her palm, leaving Laksh furious. “Can you both stop your drama!” Laksh yelled at them, making Ragini tremble.
“Ok so Anarkali, as you know, before we get engaged, you must divorce him. But before that I want you both to spend a day together.” He said calmly. “What?” Raglak asked, in shock. “Yeah! You both heard it right. I want you both to go on a date.” He continued.
“And if I don’t agree?” Laksh asked, raising his right eyebrow. “Then I’ve to talk to DurgaPrasad Uncle regarding this, but at the end I’m strong on this decision” Kabir replied, crossing his arms.
Ragini stood there, silently weeping. She cursed herself as to why she was still alive, every day of her life was giving her more and more shock, something which she couldn’t tolerate.
Kabir wrapped his arm around her, and said softly” Everthing is gonna be ok my doll, C’mon cheer up”. “Shut that drama and get ready sharp by 8 tomorrow” Laksh said, banging the car and walked away. Kabir smiled at his antics and took her to the car, calming her down.
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