True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-12)


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“Even the nicest people have their limits.”
After what had happened that day Ragini had no strength to even talk with anyone. She kept staring at the walls of her room, all the incidents that took place that morning kept running in her mind. “What is this? What is seriously happening in my life? Was I destined to be Kabir’s life partner? Do I have to marry Kabir? Am I doing right? I know he is one of the most best person I’ve met so far, but do I deserve him? Am I doing justice with Kabir? Am I just with myself?”. While she was totally lost in these string of thoughts, one question that constantly kept knocking her brain was “WAS LAKSH NEVER MINE?” But then, she realized what a silly question it was. She had never ever seen even 0.0001% of what love she has on him, in his eyes. Especially from the day he came to know all her misdeeds.

“Enough!” she said to herself and walked to the washroom, washed her face very harshly and looked up at the mirror “Enough of spoiling my life. Enough of taking decisions! I am fed up, I’m fed up failing all over again and again. Enough! I’ll accept whatever comes in my life, enough of struggles and hardships. I am not meant to be weeping all the time.” She spoke up in a very determined tone.

“Miss Anarkali! Kabir’s fiancée” she reminded herself, trying to give a small smile. She walked down where she found every single person very happy, her Dadima, her Swara, her Chotu. They all were celebrating after so many days, even she had forgotten the last time when she saw her family happy. And this time it was more special because, she was the reason for their happiness.
“Hey evil lady! Stop it” she heard someone instructing her. “Yeah you” Kabir said, making her confused. “But what did I do?” she asked widening her eyes. “I know my Paaro is very beautiful, especially than you and your sister, so I want her to be away from both of your evil eyes.” He said narrowing his eyes, coming closer. “You are mad Kabir” she replied giggling.
“Anarkali!” he said slowly. “I know this is something very unexpected, but …but do you?” he said, little serious. “I trust you more than myself, I know this dialogue is bit old, but really Kabir, I trust you completely” she replied, hitting him on his head.

“Ok now stop your drama, let us eat.” He said, smiling. “You didn’t eat still? Then what were you doing so far?” she asked, with curious eyes. “ I was lost in my Paaro’s eyes, they are so….” He said, closing his eyes with a very stupid smile. “Shut up man! Come , I’m dying in hunger.” She screamed, grabbing him to the dining area, looking at which Annapurna didn’t seem to be happy much.
“Ragini, I am happy for you” Annapurna told her with a really unhappy smile fading her beauty. Ragini gave her a fake smile and started to eat. But not her life was so smooth to give her happiness free of cost.

“Kabir beta” Annapurna dragged. “Yes Aunty” he replied, gulping the puri. “Hmm.. I know this is not the right time to speak about it, but anyways one day or the other, someone has to disclose it. Right?” said Annapurna. “Don’t be beating about the bush. What’s it?” DurgaPrasad shot. “Ji! It is just that Ragini cannot start her new life till she gets divorced” she replied, stammering. “Annapurna! Let’s leave” he told, in a very loud voice.
“Uncle but even she is right” Kabir began slowly. “I know it is a very harsh thing to be discussed now, but it is all for your Ragini” he continued.

“What should we do Kabir?” his Paaro questioned him very curiously. “I just want to get my Laado rid of that animal” she continued. Though Durgaprasad was angry on Laksh, though he had always repented for having a son like Laksh, but he was his father. Dadi’s words made him wistful.
“I’ll seek my advocate’s advice and I’ll ask him to free Ragini as soon as possible” DP said, folding his hands in front of Dadaji and Dadi, asking permission to leave. “Uncle no! I want to talk to him personally before that” Kabir told, making everyone there confused.
“Hmmm” DurgaPrasad nodded in positive and left. “Kabir” Ragini started, holding his hand. “Everything is going to be fine Anarkali. Trust me, everything” he said in an affirmative tone, keeping his other hand on hers.

Though Dadi was initially scared thinking of what Kabir is going to do, she then made herself understand that Kabir would stand in front of her Laado in case of every struggle and smiled. Precap: Same as the last one

I know it is little short, but my energy has totally drained. I gave myself only a 15 mins break after reaching my home. So please ??
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