True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-11)

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“Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.”
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It was a new morning, a new day, A life changing day infact. “Laado wake up soon and get ready” Dadi said excited. “Dadima it is Sunday, so no going to academy today, Please Dadima let me sleep” her Laado said in a rather sleepy tone. “Laado wake up ! Wake up Laado. It is a very big day” Dadima told her in a very happy tone. “Big day?” Ragini asked her confused. “Yeah Laado today…” when Dadima was about to tell her something Shekhar interrupted saying “Huh err Ragini actually it is a very auspicious day why don’t you visit the temple nearby?” asked Shekhar little terrified, giving a glare to Dadi. “Huh ok Papa” Ragini agreed little confused looking at their weird behaviors.
“Hey Monkey wake up” yelled Chotu. “aaaaoooo Chotu let me sleep please” Kabir told Chotu in an irritated tone. Chotu in no time poured a mug full of water on Kabir’s sleepy face. “Arrrgghh Chotu you devil” Kabir screamed as he grabbed little Chotu’s waist and he started tickling him leaving the little prince laugh badly. “Sorry Sorry Kabir please spare me” Chotu screamed through his laughter. “ Ok my Sorry ka baccha” Kabir said giving Chotu a very tight kiss on his cheek. “Ok Champ get ready we are going to Anarkali’s home” he continued. “Really?!” Chotu exclaimed in excitement. “Yes and Chotu I need your help, will you?” Kabir requested. “Definitely” Chotu screamed in Kabir’s ears making Kabir mad again to tickle him.
“Laksh are you going anywhere out?” asked Sankar. “No Bhai! I was just planning to visit a temple, Ramu kaka said I’ll get some peace there” Laksh explained. “Lucky are you serious? You are going to temple?” Sanskar questioned him in surprise. “Bhai please” he replied with no energy to explain or talk with anyone. “Hmm” Sanskar, tapping his shoulders.
While Laksh was leaving his place, “Laksh beta after being to temple join us” Annapurna instructed softly. “But Maa where?” he asked her in a rather disinterested way. “I’ve explained your driver everything, you just be there soon” Annapurna replied.
Meanwhile in temple after sometime, Ragini was praying, but this time she did not ask anything for her, all she begged to God was for her family and for her best friends. She started with Dadima, Dadaji, Chotu, Kabir, Papa, Maa, Swara, Sanskar and then the Maheshwaris but finally the list reached Laksh’s name. But she immediately jerked her thoughts and felt so much disgusting.
With anger and hatred she started descending the steps to leave and down there she found her so called “husband”, her obsession, her Laksh. But this time with her eyes filled with tears of hatred she ignored him and was about to walk away, when he immediately grabbed her arm and looked straight into her eyes. Both the eyes were stuck on each other, but this time both had it filled with hatred and anger, but for different reasons. “Are you crazy? Leave me” She screamed in anger. “I won’t” he replied in a slow painful voice. “Lakshh please leave” she said in a low but with a very heavy tone. “Why? going out with your new found love?” he asked smirking. “What the hell are you blabbering?” she screamed in anger. “Darling please I am not a fool. Idiot I am talking about that guy, ‘KABIR’, KABIR VARMA” he shouted, tightening his grip more. “Shut up Laksh! Shut up! And you! You don’t even dare to take his name.” she yelled. “Oh so much love? Forgot me so soon? Your first love.. Your true love. Haan?” he questioned her, looking into her deep eyes. “You! You have already destroyed my life, Why don’t you allow me to stay peacefully?” she shouted crying. “Destroyed? Oh C’mon wifey, I am not so mad and I can very well see how you are enjoying with your new love” he continued, cupping her face. Ragini immediately jerked away and screamed “Firstly get one thing straight he is only my friend. But wait, why on earth am I explaining you all these? You are nothing in my life Mr. Maheshwari and You know what! You know what!? Kabir has stopped talking to me after knowing my past and all that is because of you. I hate you. Stay away!!” she yelled more, pushing his shoulders, to which he immediately he held her arms tightly and he started laughing sarcastically saying “What else did you even expect from him? That man would have planned to marry you but in vain darling. You think he is so sweet as you think, no way! He would have fallen for your pure pristine beauty wifey” coming closer to her. “Chee Laksh” she screamed in boiling rage jerking him away. “ Only you can imagine things like these and one more thing Don’t even dare to take his name from your mouth once again” she continued having her eyes opened to the fullest in anger. “You are unbelievable” she said, leaving with a disgusting look.
While entering her house, she found Swara’s car out, with a quiet confused look she proceeded and opened the door when she found all the Maheshwaris(except Laksh) and Gadodias standing in a semicircular manner along with Chotu, and in middle was Kabir kneeling down. Kabir had his head down which he raised towards Ragini and approached her with a rose saying “Will you marry me Anarkali?”
Ragini was shell shocked. She stood still in shock with her eyes wide open. Just some time ago it was Laksh who had already ruined her mood and now what had happened to Kabir? She thought. “Kabir but I am married” she said slowly. “Anarkali you WERE and I don’t really care about your past” he replied with a bright smile. This made all the people around very happy. “Ragini accept him, I know he is little mad. But he is the best” Swara jumped in excitement. “Laado” Dadima called her and nodded in yes with a very happy smile, asking her to agree. “Anarkali yar please don’t take revenge my knees are paining” Kabir said making a sad face. “Yes! Anarkali will be with me always. Yipeeee!” screamed Chotu in extreme happiness.
What is really happening with me? She thought. I don’t love Kabir, neither I think I can love him in future, but all are happy with this. Dadima, Swara, Papa, Chotu all want me to agree. What should I do? Yes definitely Kabir is the sweetest human I’ve met so far, I can’t ruin his life for my family’s happiness. I can never fall in love with him, I’ve always felt as if Kabir is my childhood friend, only because of which I befriended him, ignoring the fact that he is a guy and the truth is I’ve never felt any kind of inconvenience with him. The feel that he is of opposite gender actually, something that I have never faced with him. How could I love him?
And all her thoughts came to an end when Kabir walked straight to her and held her hand. “Anarkali there is no need to love me, the love what you have already showered on me is enough and I don’t need anything more” he told her with a smile.
“Kabir I can’t ruin your life” she said slowly with her eyes welling up. “Ssshh Shut up you idiot. You made our life” he said extending his hand towards Chotu. “Please Anarkali” Chotu requested in a very innocent tone.
Ragini was totally stuck she found everyone around her happy looking at Kabir and she knew every person of her family loved Kabir. She was very happy that Kabir was not like how Laksh thought of him, but why he has to propose her?
“Ok Anarkali you take your own time” he said with a wide smile and turned to leave “I will Kabir” she said suddenly in a soft voice, listening to which all jumped in excitement including Maheshwaris. Swasan hugged each other unknowingly and then little later they broke their hug giving each other a very embarrassing smile. “I love you Anarkali” Chotu kissed his Anarkali.
But there was one young angry man looking at all these from the entrance of the house. It was Laksh, who exactly entered while Ragini accepted Kabir’s proposal. He was already in a very bad anger and now listening to her acceptance, he totally lost his temper and he immediately rushed towards his car asking his driver to drive to Maheshwari’s place quickly. Thank God! He did not choose to drive himself or else it would have definitely turned out to be a disaster.
Ragini excused herself from the whole crowd and left to her room, looking at which Kabir smiled and took a deep breath.

Precap: A date before the divorce.

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