True Love will Thaw (Raglak) (Chapter-10)

TRUE LOVE WILL THAW(RAGLAK)(CHAPTER-10) Thank you readers for all your love and a very big thank you for still remembering my ff. I just hope you love this part too. Continue supporting me through your comments. Your suggestions and comments are very much welcomed.

“Your words can be more healing than any kind of medicine. They can be more toxic than any kind of poison.”

The morning started with extremely fatigue faces of Ragini, Kabir and Laksh. All sleeping in a very clumsy way in their respective rooms, after getting hit by a strong storm of their lives.

Ragini woke up rubbing her eyes and immediately the events of last night flashed in her mind. She grabbed her phone and checked for Kabir’s call and then she checked for his messages. But to her ill-luck, there was neither any message nor any call from him. She gave herself a bitter smile and thought, “When you know only this would result after he comes to know the truth, why do you keep expecting things that’ll never happen?” She picked up the 2 very beautiful roses from the vase nearby which were her best friends’ gift, looking at which tears started flowing down automatically. But this time she was not totally broken because deep inside her heart she felt Kabir would never ever leave her alone, although there was no such reason for her to think like that. She wiped her tears and then she made her way to the kitchen. After tying her hair up, she started preparing breakfast for her Chotu. “Good morning beta” said Shekhar with a bright smile. “Papa can you do me a favor?” she asked with a sad face. “Yes beta” said Shekhar with an assuring smile. “Papa will you please give this to Chotu while you go to your shop?” she requested. “Why Laado? Aren’t you attending the college today?” Dadi asked, approaching Ragini with the aarthi thaal. “No Dadima, I am not feeling well, I want to take a day off” replied Ragini. “What happened Laado? Is it a cold? Or fever?? Khaato Shyam ji!! Laado tell me” Dadima piled up her questions. When Ragini opened her mouth to reply, Dadi immediately shot “I know this is because of that ice cream you 3 naughty kids had yesterday, Ok now you go and take rest I’ll make kaadha and I’ll send that to Kabir and Chotu too” . “Dadima I’m fine and I can manage” Ragini said in a soft voice. “Laado” Dadi, in a slightly loud tone. “Ok Dadima I’ll leave” she said before leaving the kitchen, with a faint smile.

Meanwhile Chotu was yelling in his room “ Oh Kabir please wake up, I need to go to school”. “Don’t go today, Enjoy” Kabir said slowly, who was lying on the bed with his back facing Chotu. He was staring at the wall opposite to him with his eyes opened to the fullest. It was very clear that he was lost in his own string of thoughts. “No I’ll definitely go, now I am a very good boy and good boys don’t bunk Kabir, my Anarkali taught me” said Chotu, keeping his arms crossed near his chest. “Why on Earth you act stubborn always” Kabir yelled at Chotu, leaving the latter shocked, because this is the very first time he is getting scolded from Kabir. Chotu left the room saying nothing. Kabir sat up on the bed and took a deep breath looking at the ceiling.

“Laksh are you alright?” asked Annapurna tapping Laksh’s shoulders who was sleeping with his hands holding his knees near his chest. “Maa” he said rubbing his eyes, regaining a clear vision. “Get up Laksh, get ready for the breakfast” she said getting up with a smile, but to her shock, Laksh pulled her and hugged tightly crying “Maa Maa” with little gasps in between his heavy weeps. “Laksh! What happened beta? Laksh look at me “ said Annapurna lifting up his chin , in a very sad concerned tone. “Maa Maa I don’t know what is happening with me Ma. Wherever I step I find only darkness, actually I don’t want to step anywhere. I am stuck very badly Maa. Maa help me, I feel so much deserted. Maaaa” he cried in a very loud painful tone. He was weeping so very badly, very very badly. “Laksh Laksh Don’t worry it is my responsibility now to return back your happy days” Annapurna replied in a rather determined tone. “Beta you freshen up, we’ll be waiting for you down at the dining table” she said rubbing his cheeks.

“Chotu Kabir” Shekhar shouted knocking the door. “Lazy boy you still didn’t get ready? Run Run Run” said Shekhar looking at Chotu who was still in his nightdress. “No uncle, Kabir told me to take a day off” said the little prince, in a very soft tone. Shekhar patted Chotu’s head and called out “Kabir! Kabir beta!” listening to which Kabir came running. “Uncle Uncle you? You could have called me, what is the matter Uncle?” asked Kabir. “No no Kabir Ragini is not feeling well so I thought I would give you the food and why have you asked Chotu to take leave? Even you both are not feeling well?” Shekhar queried. With no other option left , Kabir nodded in yes. “Oh God! Don’t worry Kabir drink this Kaadha which your Paaro has sent and make this little champ drink too and if you people still don’t feel better call me I‘ll take you to an hospital nearby.” Shekhar told Kabir, with his hand on Kabir’s shoulder. “Ok you guys take care, I’ll come to meet you again this evening, Bye Champ take care” saying which Shekhar turned to leave. “Uncle!” Kabir called him in a very slow voice, to which Shekhar turned and looked at him, but before he could react Kabir hugged him. “Kabir beta is everything fine?” Shekhar asked with concern. “Yes Uncle, It is just that I needed it” Kabir replied in a mild tone. “We are always for you, never hesitate. You are like my son” Shekhar said holding Kabir’s cheek. Kabir gave him a faint smile, after which Shekhar left confused.

2 days passed by and the condition of all the 4 worsened drastically. Chotu always sat in front of the tv , but he was in no mood to watch it as he was experiencing a very sad phase of his life so far. Neither he was allowed to meet his Anarkali, nor his mentor, guide, No! his single parent Kabir was normal. Kabir was always lost in his own world of thoughts and sometimes he would leave Chotu in his neighbor’s place for few hours and drive somewhere out. Ragini was again left lifeless, she again returned to the same phase of her life, No! the only phase of her life. The Dark phase. Laksh was in a very bad condition, sometimes drunk and sometimes weeping. He never knew why he was even alive.

It was 8 pm, “Chotu come here” called Kabir, and made him sit on his lap. Chotu quietly followed his instructions and sat on his lap. “I am sorry Chotu, I know I was very rude that day. I shouldn’t have done that. You know Chotu I’ve always tried my level best to keep you happy so that you don’t ask for your parents. But I am really sorry Prince I failed. I failed miserably. I am not a good guardian at all. Please punish me badly” said Kabir while crying. Immediately Chotu slapped him and hugged him tightly “You can be mad but never bad. I hate you Kabir, what did you say? You said you are not a good guardian?” saying which he slapped him again “Stupid! You are my Daddy, Mummy, friend my brother, my enemy and everything. Guardians only take our responsibility they don’t love as you do” “You know Kabir I was always little sad when I come to know that my friend’s parents scold them, because you never do that, and I felt very sad because I thought I don’t make you feel like I am yours. But when you scolded me I wanted to give you a bone crushing hug Kabir” Chotu said with his innocent eyes filled with tears and cupping Kabir’s cheeks, listening to which Kabir bursted out crying and he hugged him as hard as he could and he shouted “I love you Chotu, you are my everything” saying which he kept kissing his boy. “What happened to you Kabir? Why were you sad?” asked Chotu, wiping Kabir’s tears with his little hands. “Do you love Anarkali?” Kabir asked Chotu. “Very much Kabir” Chotu replied with a big smile. “Do you want her to be with you always? “ Kabir questioned Chotu kissing his soft little hands. “I would love to” Chotu screamed in excitement. Kabir took a deep breath and said “Ok my prince go and sleep, I’ll come” with a smile. “Ok Kabir Good night” Chotu wished Kabir with a big wide smile and left. “Your happiness means everything to me” Kabir said to himself with a short smile and switchswitched off the lights.

Precap: A vey huge shock for RagLak. Thank you guys for reading please do not forget to leave your comments they mean a lot to me. “BE HAPPY AND MAKE OTHERS HAPPY” Take care.

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