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Hi guys I’m Aastha. I’m new to this kkb page. So plz support me.

One bungalow shown in greenish place. It’s a beautiful village. People in that bungalow is busy with marriage arrangements. One lady knocks the door. A girl opens it.
The girl : maa now what u want? Y r u disturbing?
Mom : tanu u r going marry so plz behave with respect. I came here to inform that groom’s family is coming so get ready soon n come down. There r many rituals for ur marriage.
Tanu : ok I’ll come.
Tanu in mind : oh god I’m not interested in this marriage but how I’ll stop this.

Groom’s parents came n they r welcomed by tanu’s parents.
Tanu’s mom : dawan kaha hai? (where is groom)
Groom’s mom : he is on the the way see he came.
A boy enters the bungalow. He has a sharp eyes. His hair shines. The boy is none other than our rock star Abhi.
Tanu’s parents welcomed him.
Tanu comes down n gets happy. She runs n hugs. My dear u know how I missed u.
Abhi turns to see whom made smile on tanu’s face. That is a girl. He cant see her face. He just can see her silky hair which flews in air. After their talk the girl takes blessing frm tanu’s mom n dad.

Abhi know that he got engaged with tanu but his heart feels something odd while see the girl. Now her face shown she is none other than our cute Pragya.

Pragya n Tanu goes tanu’s room.
Tanu : hey do u see him?
Prag : no ya. I missed. Ok leave it. Whats prob with him? Y u don’t like him?
Tanu : u cant understand. U don’t like him that’s it. U go n get fresh.
Tanu in mind : he is always silent n I never don’t like that kind of ppl. I just want an enthusiastic guy only. If I said this to u , u wont accept it.
Pragya : what r u thinking I’m got fresh now I want to eat.
Tanu : sure. Someone calls tanu so pragya goes eat herself.

While she is going she collides with a person. She abt to fall but the person holds her in his hand. They both takes a cute eye lock. Then they comes to sense bcos of tanu’s coughing sound.
Abhi : who is she?
Tanu : my bestie.
Abhi : forwards him hand. Nice to meet u. pragya also shakes her hand with while she feels some current passing to her body.
Tanu n pragya comes to dining table.
Tanu : what happened to u ? y r u behaving smooth with him?
Prag : y ? who is him?
Tanu : he is Abhi.
Prag : what ? ur fiancé? But he is looking so soft then y r u not interested to marry him? I think he is nice guy.
Tanu : thnks for a lecture better u joins as a lecturer in clg instead working in IT company. Plz don’t forgot that u came here to stop my marriage. That’s y I called u here. Not to compromise me. Ok.

Marriage in 15 days

12 days passed like a roket. Tanu lost her hope that pragya will stop her marriage. She cant see any improvement in pragya. But actually many things changed in pragya. The important thing is pragya fall in love with Abhi. Abhi too loves pragya by heart. Bcos he never got any affection frm tanu. So easily he was impressed by pragya.

13th day

tanu pragya abhi sitting besides. Tanu holding note pad in her hand. Abhi holds pragya’s hand pragya closes her eyes in shy. They both talks by their eyes. Suddenly pragya sees what tanu writing in her note pad n gets shocked to see that. N goes frm there. Abhi is confused.

Later pragya asks tanu : tanu r u in love with abhi?
Tanu : haan. I don’t know how I fell in love with him. But he is really good. I thought he is silent but these many days I saw him with u. u both were talking very frndly n I started to like his funny jokes. Don’t know which made me fall for him. I really love him.
Pragya was totally shattered.
Tanu : now u don’t want to stop our marriage . I called u to stop our marriage but now u can enjoy my marriage as per ur wish.
What u called her to stop our marriage?
Tanu n pragya turns shockingly. Both chorusly ABHI!!!!
Abhi : haan its me. How could u see my marriage with her pragya. U know na I love u not her.

Prag in lots of pain. She gathers courage n says what rubbish u r talking? U r engaged with her n in 2 days ur marriage.
Abhi : don’t wry abt that. I know how to stop it. U didn’t loved me?
Pragya sees the floor n says. No I never loved u.
Tanu was shocked. Then one relation girl comes n says guys now time is 12:30 go n sleep. Tmrw u have to wake up more earlier for rituals. All goes to their respective rooms.
Nxt day morning
Tanu n abhi comes to hall for their rituals but his eyes only search for pragya. After the ritual tanu n abhi both searches for pragya but they cant find her any where.

After 2 months.

@ Mumbai.

Colleagues of pragya : hey do u forgot us? I know u went to ur bestie’s marriage at TN but u r coming after 2 months. Marriage is to ur frnd or u?
Pragya is silent.
Colleagues : hey we r just kidding. By the way takes this bouquet our new MD is coming today. I mean ur boss. U r a PA of MD na.
All r waiting for the boss. Pragya shocked to see the boss bcos our abhi is the new boss. Unwillingly pragya welcomes him.
On tea break colleagues asks to pragya : where is new bride? No call frm her. U r in contact with her na. is she went for honey moon?
Prag : what? She didn’t call u?
Colleague : no . on marriage day we called her to wish but her phone is in not reachable. She rushes to abhi’s cabin.

Prag : where is my frnd? What u done with her? Y her phone is in not reachable?
Abhi : omg how many questions will u ask? I cant say.
Prag : it mean?
Abhi : do u want to know abt her?
Prag : mmm
Abhi : ok then give me a kiss.
Prag scolds him very bad words. But finally she kisses him on his cheek
Abhi : nice. Now come with me for coffee day.
Prag : what? What kind of man u r? u r using my situation.
Abhi : if u want then come.
They both goes to coffee shop.
Prag : now say where is she?
Abhi : 1st drink the coffee.
Prag : now what?
Abhi : I want to go ride.
Unwillingly she accepts.
Pragya cant put the sit belt bcos that is very tight so abhi fixes it there they takes a sweet eye lock
After a long ride, prag : when u will tell abt her? I never met a cheap guy like u.he is abt to tell then she get a call. She cuts the call. But its ring again n again
Abhi : plz lift it. She lifts the call.
Caller : u do want to meet ur frnd tanu na? then tmrw come to hotel xyz.
Abhi is abt to tell …
Prag : no need I know the way how find my frnd. This caller will help me.
Abhi : r u mad ? don’t belive this kind of call.
Prag : I know so u don’t teach me.

She reaches home then she gets a call frm same no. she lifts.
Caller : tmrw come in pink colour netted saree. Tmrw u have to look so beautiful when ur frnd sees u.
She comes in pink colur netted saree. She looks damn beautiful. The hotel arranged beautiful by its decorations.
Prag : abhi u here?

Abhi : y not? I’m the host of the party.
Again prag gets call, in that caller says he want autograph frm her. She feels smthng wrong but signs in paper which a waiter hold in his hand. Then abhi also signs on the same paper. Tanu comes there n signs on same paper.
A man says now u both r husband n wife. Ur marriage is registered. Prag was damn shocked. tanu congratulated her.
Prag : r u mad? He is ur hus.
Tanu : when our marriage happened?
Prag : it means?
Abhi : u can sacrifies ur love for ur frnd then y she cant the same thing to u?
We stopped our marriage.

Then abhi takes pragya to his flat. But she never accept him as her husband.
3 months passed but no difference in their relationship.
That day pragya scolds abhi in very harsh manner. So he drinks heavily n got accident. Pragya wrys abt him bcos time is 11 but still he didn’t reached home.


She opens the door. Somebody holds abhi in unconscious state. She cant control her crying.
Prag : what happened to him?
Person : I think he is in over stress so he drunk over n got accident. We took him to hospital n got treatment. He will open his eyes later don’t wry.

Next day morning only he opens his eyes. But he is not ready to talk to her. She gives food for him. He tries to eat it in much pain. Bcos he got fracture in ri8 hand. He eats in left hand but in nervous he cant eat proper.
Pragya cries vigorously to see his condition n she recalls, how sweetly he made paratha by his hand but now he is not able to eat properly.
She goes to feed him but he throws the plate. She cries for whole day.
Nxt day abhi found her lying on floor n blood around her mouth n floor. He rushes to hospital.

Doctor says she is in third stage of blood cancer.

Tanu n abhi both were dazed.
Pragya comes to conscious.
Abhi : this is the reason for ur hatred towards me? She cries.
Prag : I’m counting my last days. I want to see u happy forever.
Abhi : not a matter that is how many days I’m with u but only I can be happy when u r with me. Plz.

Finally they both lives a very very happy life for 4 n half months.

Now abhi is sitting on a bench of sea shore. He is watching sky. Talking to stars, u know dear today what happened? He explains the happenings. He know she is not with him but he is talking to stars in thought of pragya. He sees pragya in stars.

Here he didn’t live lots of days with her but their love never will die till end of the earth.

guys how is my os plz tell me through cmnts. plz support me. by urs loving Aastha.

Credit to: Aastha

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    1. thnq thnq thnq so much varsha. i didnt expect that u all will like my os this much. sure dear i’ll try to write os weekly once or i’ll start a new ff.

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