True love: twinj (part-3)

Hello everyone how are u? Let’s begin with os

Twinkle’s pov
It was sunny morning and I was returning from market to home…but these mumbai traffic huh? and upon that I have recently learnt car driving so I was very nervous…? as I was driving towards my home again there was red signal and I was very afraid as I can’t put brake quickly so I dashed to one car…now I was hell afraid that the owner of the car will definitely scold me….a young man came out of that car he was wearing white t-shirt n blue denims he was hot and handsome…I came out of my thoughts and apologized to him but my thoughts about him was wrong he was very nice he replied it’s OK and gave me a beautiful smile in returns? I was lost in that smile but came back to sense when there was a horn of other car…I quickly drove my car to my house n changed my attire into gym dress n went to gym which was near my home…it was my first day at the gym n I don’t knew anybody there but to my luck I found my new friend whom I met a day before in salon and we had become just friends..her name is malvika..

M:hi twinkle u here?
T:ya today is my first day in gym and I don’t know anyone
M:don’t worry I m here na so just chill OK..

Malvika is a famous anchor who can win any difficult debates against politicians and bollywood stars…she is very bold,beautiful n has attitude..she is very straightforward…
M:actually the trainer will come 1 hour late today so let’s go to steam room
I nodded at her and we went into steam room…we wrapped towels around our naked body and sat on wooden chair..I began to tell her about today’s morning incident n she was shocked hearing that..
M:how can a person be so sweet I mean u damaged his car n he didn’t said anything..?!!!
T:ya I m also surprised…

M:mmm…I think he loves u…
M:u know love at first sight?

T:malvika u know Na I m married so how can he love me?
M:but he doesn’t know it…

I changed my dress and left to gym…I was waiting for trainer n her he comes…he was wearing black shirt which was perfectly fitted to his body n sports Pant n white cap…he was looking too handsome but wait.. I have seen him somewhere..ahhh!! He is the same guy whose car got damaged bexcuse of me…he came near me and introduced himself
G:hi myself kunj Sarna your trainer

T:I m twinkle taneja n I m sorry for today morning incident
K:it’s k madam n ha u wrote in the former that within 1 month u want to loose your wait
T:ya actually next month is my first wedding anniversary so..
K:don’t worry I will help…come let’s start

Precap:twinkle’s husband entry and twinj closeness

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  1. Sohi

    I’m not understanding story line
    Though it’s interesting

  2. Nice ? post first part ?

    1. Soumyad

      Its part 1 only but tu has mistakenly posted it as part 3

  3. Presha

    Loved it…
    Part 1 plz

  4. Sameera

    Wow yaar Soumya amazing I think it’s 1 one ????????????…
    Do don’t soon …

  5. Nice ? post soon plz part also

  6. I’m confused..
    is this 1st part..
    Anyways plot seems interesting..
    Do continue

    1. Soumyad

      Yup its part 1 only but tu has did mistake

  7. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Post next soon
    Want to know who is twinkle ‘s husband i think its uv

    1. Soumyad

      Hey I have posted it already…its part 2 n this is part 1 tu has made mistake so

  8. Nishuu

    Nice one

  9. SidMin23

    Nice hope twinj will be endup together at the end

  10. Simiyy

    Welcome back Di
    Really enjoy it
    post soon
    Loads of love

  11. Hi this is same has the kaise ya yaarian in mamarziyan page if ur the same writer pls post that too. I am waiting

  12. Ramya

    Awesome one dear

  13. Baby

    loved it soumya dii….♥
    love ya ♥
    it was amazing ♥

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