True love: twinj (part-2)

I m back again so let’s start

Twinkle’s pov
It was bright early morning n I was lying on bed beside my husband sidhant kapoor…it has been 11 months since we got married but we didn’t consumoated our marriage as sidhant is always busy with his business…mine is arranged marriage but I like my husband (not love) and I m happy with this marriage…I m from very rich family I had no friends as I was not allowed to go outside alone…my father liked sidhant a lot as he had succeeded much more in very small age..he is very hard worker,handsome,status means a lot to him…but he never gives me time..he never tried to know my likes n dislikes…he always wanted to like what he says or orders…he behaves as if I don’t exit in his life…but at night he needs me…we have not crossed the border I mean intimated our marriage but he just want me at night…
I kissed my husband’s forehead who was sleeping peacefully…his face was dug in my neck and he had wrapped his arms around my waist tightly…
T:sidhant get up its 7:00 now
S:oh no I m getting late for my golf…
T:can’t u just cancel your golf and join me for gym..I mean we can workout in gym together..
S:twinkle u know Na I can’t change my likes for others so just don’t force me…
Twinkle felt bad and she went inside washroom
Kunj was already present there and he was waiting for me…as I entered he wished me good morning and we started our workout…
Today he was teaching me some warm-ups and I was not able to do it but he helped me…while helping me he touched my hands n I felt current passing through my body…as the proximity between us was increasing.. I felt butterflies in my stomach…
After the workout section we went near juice centre.. he asked me what would I like to drink and I felt that someone is there who wants to know my likes n dislikes…we sat there n talked…I left back to home..
Days passed kunj and I became close to each other.. we used to hangout with each other…we used to have lunch and dinner with each other.. I started falling for him n I knew he also loves me but he kept quite

Precap:twinj’s confession


  1. Sameera


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    Amazinggggg loveddddddd it ….😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Baby


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    loved it soumya dii….♥
    long time 🙂
    missed u ♥
    love ya ♥
    it was aamzing ♥

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