True Love ~ A Twinj OS

NOTE :- characters Twinkle and Kunj played only by Jasmin Bhasin and Sidhant Gupta …..don’t imagine anyone else

A Girl is walking on the sea shores thinking about something (let’s know what it is)

—–Girl’s POV —–

The cool breeze of this beach…..these waves…..the sunset here reminds me of my love… life….my husband….
Though our love story started in a park this beach is d place that brought us together….

My love lyf began About 15years ago when I was 10

—-(POV in flashback)—–
Every evening after returning from school I used to visit a park situated near my house with my 7 year old sis we use to have lot of fun ……many kids visited d park….and a few of them became my friends too…… but my eyes always searched for a guy of about 11or 12 who use to visit to d park with a small girl might b his younger sis……

Day’s pass by I still visit d park every day and d guy too visited almost everyday we started noticing each other but we never spoke to each other we became frnds but never spoke to each other our friendship….or u say our love was just with hand waves of Hi bye or cute eyelocks or short stares that we gave to each other

Days pass bye with our small gestures to each other

And one day as usual d guy came to d park and when he was leaving I was doing my only duty …….’staring at him’ …While I was staring at him I found that something fell from his pocket I rushed to pick it up and I found it was a family pic of d guy with his parents and his sis…..that was the most valuable thing of my life I preserved d pic as though it was a gift given by god to me

After a few days the guy stopped visiting d park ……I was sad , worried nd what not I had a mixed feeling of emotions …..later I found that d guy shifted to New York with his family I literally couldn’t describe my feeling’s at that point of tym

I always tried to move on but I never could…….then I thought that was our destiny

I moved on to b a better person but could never overcome d love….our silent love

His pic with me was d only memory of my love
Days Months and Years pass by only with d memories
My life went on I completed my studies and joined our family business

One day my dad informed me that I had to go to Mumbai to represent our company at a conference…. I readily agreed to it and probably this was d best decision of my lyf

I travelled all d way down from Amritsar to Mumbai

It was a quite tiering journey I rested for d day as I had to attend a meeting with d Sarna’s d next day…..I din’t know much about them other than the thing that they were originally from Amritsar but shifted abroad and now they r back after many years

The next day I hired a cab to reach d Hotel where I had d meeting but you know Mumbai ki traffic ….uff….I got late
But some how I reached my destination
I rushed in and in this hurry I clashed into a man which made my handbag fall and some of my stuff to fell I hurriedly picked up all my stuff apologized to the man even without looking at him and rushed towards d reception
I enquired about d meeting the receptionist informed me to wait for a while as Mr.Sarna had not yet arrived……goshhhh I was just on time

After a while I proceeded towards the conference hall I found a dashing handsome young guy over there I greeted him and introduced myself as Twinkle Taneja(yes guys d girl is our one and only Punjabi pattaka our only syappa queen)

He too greeted me and introduced himself as Kunj Sarna

We started our meeting I gave d presentation and all d time I found Mr.Sarna staring at me continuously I felt some what uncomfortable but completed my presentation and I don’t know how he liked d presentation bcoz all the time he was staring at me…… he was least interested in d presentation

And When I was about to leave he stopped me”Miss.Taneja”…I turned around and he continued”Can we meet in d evening at 5 ”

I stood in silence as I did not know what to reply

He continued “We r gonna be business partners so a casual meet to know each other and to b friend’s”

I seriously was not interested but something made me agree to it

So he said “Sharp at 5 at Juhu Beach”and left from there leaving me completely boggled…..seriously I mean who goes to beach for a casual meet….I felt something wasn’t right

But I had to go not bcoz I couldn’t deny him but bcoz my heart said me to go there

In the Evening

I got ready into a baby pink coloured crop top and a black floral skirt which was just above my knees

I drove down to d Juhu Beach its quite a crowded place I reached there and searched for Mr.Sarna…. meanwhile a man approached me and enquired…”r u Miss.Taneja”……I replied in confirmation ……The man told me to follow him…… as we walked across the shores of d beach we reached a calm cool place away from the crowd ……

I was in an utter shock after seeing the sight of the place …….it was a date setup …..I found a hut kind of setup covered with hay over its roof …..the pillar’s were beautifully decorated with flowers and curtains….. In the middle lay irregular rocks in d form of table and chairs ……the sight was just so beautiful….it was beyond description

But still I stood boggled ……I thought of returning back as I felt a bit uneasy….. as I turned to return I heard a voice ‘Miss Taneja’…..

I turned to find Mr. Sarna there

He was wearing a round neck white T-shirt with mud brown pant and a mud brown jacket

He walked towards me and said”Din’t u like the setup”

I surely liked d setup but I still was in a shock and lost in my thoughts when Mr. Sarna snapped his finger’s and brought me back to senses and I spontaneously replied ”Yes….I mean no ..I liked it”….I litrelly don’t know y this reply came from my side

Mr.Sarna continued ”if u liked it y were u about to leave”

I replied ”but”…….but he interrupted me ”no if’s and but’s just come with me”he held my hand and took me towards the setup

I stood there completely boggled when Mr.Sarna went down his knees and said
“Miss Twinkle Taneja …..I fell for u a thousand times whenever I saw u ….u stole my heart at the very first instant I saw u …..I LOVE U Twinkle”…..these were the words that spilt out from his mouth

Within no time I gave a spontaneous reply “I don’t love u ….I love someone else”

He stood up and asked “Who’s that lucky guy????”

I did not have any reply bcoz I myself Din’t know who he was what was his name and where he was right know…..

There was silence for a few minutes and then Mr. Sarna spoke ” I know who he is???” saying this he removed a diary from his pocket…..and I was shocked ….it was my diary from where did he get that did he read it…..and when I was in the thought of my questions He removed a pic from d diary ……yes it was the same pic the pic which was my life which was the only memory of my love

He took the pic and pointed towards the guy the one whom I love and said “I know he is the lucky guy”

I right away snatched d diary and the pic

He had a smile on his face and said ” ur wondering how I got this diary….let me tell u”
Twinkle collides with a man he’s non other than kunj
Twinkle picked up all her fallen stuff and went away without taking her diary which was fallen at a distance
When kunj picked up d diary he saw twinkle was gone and a pic fell from d diary
—Fb ends——

He continued ” Sorry for reading ur love story but it seams u haven’t found that guy yet and ur waiting for him since almost 15 years…..this is called true love”

I replied “When u knew that I love someone else y did u propose me”

He said ” so that u recognize me”

I seriously din’t understand what was his reply and I gave him a questioned look

He understood that I din’t understand anything and said let me explain and continues ” Even I have a similar kind of love story I too loved a girl I never talked to her but I deeply loved her we met in a park everyday but never spoke and after few days we never met……I was left out with only a few of her memories……let me show u those memories ”

Saying this he left from there and returned after a few moments

He din’t return alone he was followed by men who dragged a small carriage kind if thing on which there was something covered with a red satin cloth

He stopped d carriage in front of me and said ” Ready to meet her”

I stood in silence he pulled out the cloth and I was in utter shock

It was a heart shaped structure which had numerous pics of a young girl

I seriously was standing numb don’t know how to react bcoz those were MY PICS

Mr.Sarna came up to me and said “meet my love the one whom I use to admire every day the one who made me fall in love more and more every single day when she was around me ,and when she wasn’t around me she made me realize the meaning of true love … always doesn’t requires words….. not only words but it doesn’t require anything more than two pure hearts…. to fall in love isn’t a big deal …but to fall in true love is what you need and luckily I found it 15years ago but met with it today ”

I still was standing there in utter astonishment I mean was he the one for whom I had been waiting since almost 15 years …..Yes he was the one

He snapped his fingers to bring me back to senses and took d pic from my hand without uttering a single word he pointed towards the guy in the pic and then towards himself and soon he pointed his finger towards the pics on the heart and then pointed towards me

I seriously din’t know how to react and without even wasting a single moment I ran towards him and hugged him as tight as I could …..for a moment I had lost all my senses and I only knew that I was hugging the guy whom I love d most the guy for whom I have been waiting for about 15years

After a while we broke the hug and I still had one question in my mind and before I could ask Kunj himself asked it ” I know u are wondering from where did I get all ur childhood pics … let me answer……

In the park
kunj secretly used to click twinkle’s pics without even twinkle getting to know about it
—–fb ends—–

I had a big curve on my lips and within no tym I found kunj on his knees

He said ” So Miss Twinkle Taneja can I be the lucky one with whom u can share ur remaining life…… can I be the one with whom u would like to share all ur happinesses and sorrows…..can I be the one who bring a thousand dollar smile on ur face……or in short CAN U BE MRS.TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA ”

These words echoed in my ears and Without wasting a single moment I nodded my head replying in a yes

He removed a ring from his pocket and made me wear it

He stood up and the place was surrounded by silence no words to speak we both just stared at each other when finally I broke the silence and said ‘Kunj’

He just replied in ‘Hmmm’

I continued ” Promise me that u would never leave me as u left me 15years ago without even informing me ”

He took my hand between his hands and said ” Promise Twinkle …….I will never leave u …..this beach these waves and this sunset r the witnesses to my promise and to our love ”

We touched our foreheads and felt the silence of our love

We spent a couple of romantic moments at the shore of the beach

After two days we returned back to Amritsar as kunj’s family also were back from New York…….
We informed our families about us and they happily got us married

And today exactly 4months from the day we met we r here back on this beach cherishing those lovely memories and enjoying our first honeymoon……..

——Girl’s POV ends——-
(so guys i hope u know the girl was Twinkle who described her love story to u all)

Twinkle stood in front of d sea with her arms folded and a broad smile on her pink lips

When suddenly someone back hugs her” Sorry Twinkle it took me a little long on the phone…it was really important”

Twinkle turned around and said ” Its OK kunj ” let’s go when she was about to move forward kunj held her wrist stopping her to move

Twinkle turned back
Kunj said ” I Love U twinkle ”

Twinkle gave a peak on his cheek and replied I Love U too…..

The entangled their fingers and walked down the shores of the beach cherishing their TRUE LOVE……….

~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~

Hi guys Kruti here
I know the story was utter bakwas … thank u for bearing it and reading it
This is the first time ever in my life that I have written a story ……I seriously never thought I would b writing such a thing one day….thanks to all twinj ff writers on TU (bcoz I read only twinj ff’s on TU) who inspired me to write this
And on final thank u to shamz who helped me in describing the date setup
Thank u for bearing this guys and pls do comment to at least tell me that d story wasn’t gud so that I come up with something better in d future…..

one more thing tdy is our Syappa Queen’s Birthday
A very Happy Birthday Jasmin
and ppl on Twitter do trend Jasmin’s birthday tdy using hashtag #HappyBirthdayJasmin without fail b/w 5pm and 7pm and make the event successful
Thank u all
Loads of Love
Kruti Kumar

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