True love: twinj os (part 3)

Hey guys due to tu’s mistake u all are not understanding the story…part-3 is starting of os and next is part 2 which I have posted it already…but tu has posted first part 2 then part 1 (which is part 3 according to tu) so let’s start

Recap:twinkle’s husband intro n twinj’s closeness

Twinkle’s pov
I n malvika were in steam room…she suddenly asked me something
M:twinkle what cooking between u n kunj??
T:nothing we r just friends..
M:I know u both r more than friends…u know I have seen many changes in kunj..he was not like this before I mean I have joined this gym since 3 years not kunj has not been so close to me but within some days he has become very close to u…he touches Me casually when he teaches me in gym but while teaching u a hesitate can be seen on his face n I have seen him admiring u…saying this she left the steam room
I sat there rEmes bering her words and I was now confirmed that he also loves me….
I went back to home with a huge smile on my face…
Days passed and today was our anniversary but I was not happy and it didn’t matter to sidhant as usual he was busy in his work n informed that there will be no celebration of their anniversary as he has anot important meeting..
I felt lil bit bad but then got a call from malvika saying that kunj me n she will be going out for dinner…I was very happy…I got ready wearing black one piece up till my knees n it was sleeveless…I was looking hot n s*xy..
I came n say kunj starting me lovingly I blushed seeing his reaction…we headed towards a bar were we had lots of fun n malvika excused us as she has to go for some work..only I n kunj were left..
K:you r looking gorgeous
T:thank u?

K:let’s dance?
They both went on the dance floor n danced romantically…both were not in sense..kunj took her to one room n pinned her to a wall and smashed his lips on hers…both kissed eo passionately…he then gave her love bites on her neck she moaned his name…then he gave back to sense..
K:I…mmm sssorrry? I should not have done this
T:no kunj it’s not your mistake
K:no I did a mistake..
T:no because I LOVE YOU
K:twinkle u r not in ur sense come let’s go
T:no u just tell me u love me or not?
K:it’s not time to talk about this come let’s go
T(shouts):just tell me u love me or not?
K(shouts): yes I love u a lot…but I can’t make u mine as you are already married
Saying this he left the room and twinkle sat on the floor crying

Precap:kunj ignoring twinkle at gym and much more drama awaiting..

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  1. Nishuu

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  2. Ayesha51


    but twinkle is married to kunj na
    then why can’t he make her his ???

    I am a lil bit confused

    plz clear my confusion

    ok soumya di

    waiting for ur reply

    love u loads ♡♡♡


    1. Soumyad

      No she is married to sidhant and kunj is her trainer with whom she falls in love

  3. Supriya18d

    opss… TwiNj alg…. vaise Awsm epi dear

  4. SidMin23

    Awesome and love twinj little moment do post soon

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    Awesome plot
    Thanks for clearing confusion

  6. mindblowing episode??????

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  9. Nice

  10. loved it..
    twinj scenes were awesome..
    can I ask u something which role is played by our bunny..whether its sidhant kapoor or kunj..please tell whom we have to assume in their role..

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

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