HELLO!!!guys I’m sonal…I think u know me ….TARA,ZAI,RITZI,AKANKSHA,n many more sorry if I forget to mention anyone’s name……I writing os on TWINJ ????
I know everyone is sad because of kunj replacement its very sad news I never thought before starting to watch tei that the person for whom I m starting to watch will become only reason to stop watching it…..?????
really sad…..n track is also bad no twist at all…..its weird how the happiest memories drive u to tears….hna …?….its OK today life disappointed us but something good will definitely be there awaiting for us … don’t be emotional because my os is also emotional you will become supper emotional ????????

so enough of my bak bak ….
let’s start…..

twinkle a girl who never saw happiness in her life …..always a problem was awaiting for her but she was strong…she faced every problem of her life BUT one day she was shattered into pieces… her heart was not able to believe what just happened ………let’s see

I (twinkle) was going home from college at around 7 or 8 at night. It had been a long day and I was exhauted. For some weird reason that I couldn’t explain, I felt like someone I loved was close by or in danger. Suddenly, I hear a scream from INSIDE one of the tombs in the cemetary.
Instantly, I knew who it was: my kunj my love my life my world…
The one person in this entire world who actually love me live for me. The one person who I loved more than life itself. I hasn’t seen him in a week and there had been a rumor that he had died and I’d been going through depression. (Which was probably the reason why I was walking through a cemetery instead of though the sidewalk like NORMAL people.)
I knew it was him, I just knew it.
I ran though all of the tombs until I found his….
It had his name on it but didn’t have the year or the day or anything of when he had died. Apparently, I had just discovered that he wasn’t even dead ….my heart was telling me that he is alive….he is alive ….
I had no tools so I had to use my hands to dig up as much dirt as I could. I knew he only had a limited time before he ran out of air.
I dug up half of the grave when I collapsed to the ground.
“Don’t worry, kunj ,my love. I’m gonna get you out of there!” I had to scream to make sure that he heard me.
After I had gotten to his casket, it was silent. No screams from him or any signs of him even being alive.
I was terrified about what I might find inside of it.
I opened the casket and, laying there, was kunj. His eyes were closed and his nails full of blood.
In his hands, there was a note that said my name on it. I took it from his hands, letting my tears spill freely. It was a letter telling the reason why he was there, buried alive with not enough air.
My dearest love, TWINKLE
You might never find this note, and I pray that you do. I’m here in this grave and I died trying to protect you. I sacrificed my own life to save yours. Evil men were after you. They wanted to harm u.They called me and told me if I wanted you to live, I had to sacrifice myself. I loved you so much that I accepted the deal. I hope you are alive and well and that you will not be horrified by what you are seeing. I hope you never forget the love that we had and I want you to know that I will always remember you. Even if I’m not with you in my physical state, just know that I will always be smiling down on you from heaven. Always know that I loved you deeply and as I told you so many times before: I would die for you than ever see you die in front of me. I guess now we know that I did love you more than life itself. I’ll be waiting for you when you cross the most beautiful gates ever. I love you!

Your love kunj?

And with that, I took out my pocket knife and slit my wrist open until I saw him at the end of the tunnel, smiling at me and waiting for me like he said he would…

Plzzzzzzzz comment even silent readers because its my first n last os….

N YA anyone of u live in AJMER,RAJASHTHAN,INDIA…..

PLZZZZZZ tell me plzzzz

N anyone of u is in 11 or good in physics then Plex tell me there is my test on Sunday plzzzzz anyone help me plzzzzz

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  1. wow..what an amazing concept sonal.. u know it gave me two shock..i read the last line thrice…
    bt y did u say its ur last os?? plzz do write more…
    btw u know m in class 11 only..i love m not so much good in it.. 😛

  2. awesommmme sonal…. srsly heart touching

  3. Sonal di osum concept…..may b it is u r first os but not the last….plzz write more…and best of luck 4 u r test.u will do well

  4. Meghna shanti

    Nice update
    I’m good at physics dear
    If you want any help you can ask me
    I’ll surely help you dear

  5. Awesome

  6. Awesome pls don’t stop pls continue

    1. Thanks Sam

  7. awesomeee os. the last line was horrifying. lol. okay it was very good. outstanding

    1. Thanx mitali

  8. so beautiful and heart touching

    1. Thankeeewww sohi

  9. amazing..heart touching

    1. Thanx harna

  10. Heart melting story…….

    1. Thank u rashi

  11. Osmmmmmmmm heart touching story

    1. Thanks zikra

  12. Amazing yaar….u seriously nailed it….I live In india

    1. Thanks lama

  13. Thankewwww very much Tara but u know my mother is very strict if she will get to know that I m reading n PUBLISHING she will take my phone n do char suna bhi dengi …..that’s why …..n I published this article because of u all you all gave me courage ……..n Tara plZzz help me in physics ….you know ch Kinematics in one dimensions or vectors….if you know then tell me …..when teacher teached this I was on holiday there are many practice sheets which I have to solve n I don’t know anything what I will do in test….?????
    U are my friend that’s why I m telling u this Verna I had not told this to my mother only … coaching Centre where I study there children are very rude not ready to help only u all can help plzzzzz if you have read my comment say request then plzzzzz reply here only nhi toh mujhe pata kaise chalega ki comment pad liya

    1. yes i read ur cmnt….. nd i knw vectors.. u can ask me whatever u like.. i will try to answer..

  14. Thanx ritzi ……thankeww for reading

  15. Thankeww very much dreamer n writing more … read my reply to Tara…..plzzzzz may I know your real name

  16. Meghna shanti thankewwww sooooo much you are ready to help me thankeeeewwwwww …..but u are in class 11 only ….n you write any ff because where I will ask u questions …………plzzzzzz reply I m not in fb insta twitter what’s up ….nothing only TU I will ask u questions in my is only so plzzzzz visit my is every day till Sunday you will do this much favour to me….plzzzz reply

  17. Os not is

  18. Thankeww shatakshi

  19. Yyrrr so heart touching one ….rula diya …Short nd cute….but plz come up with new os …whenever u r free ..

    1. Sayeeda thankewwwww???

  20. That was too emotional.. my eyes became teary.. and, I’m in 11th grade.

    1. Thank you very much ria ??

  21. it was so good. i started crying yaar!!!!!

    1. Thanx.. Krystal…..????

  22. awesooooommmmmmmeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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