True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 9


Thnks guys for liking my ff and supporting hope you like todays episode
Next day ragini wake up and see swara sleeping and cares her face and then go to washroom and get ready and goes after some time all wake up and come ready at hall but sanlak are in their room and then swara come their all see her
Ap: swara beta you go take rest
Sujata: ha swara you are weak now
Swara: I am fine ma badi mas
Ragini: look at you swara you are looking very weak go and rest

Swara: I am fine lado and you forget today is my first rasoi
Ragini: but
Swara: no ragini I want to accept this marriage whole heartly
When swara says this lucky hear and fells heart broken
Ap: ok beta as you wish we are happy seeing you happy
Ragini: but I will help you now no more arguments ok

Swara smiles: ok but where is sanskar
Sujata: he is sleeping
Swara: ma I will go and wake him up
ragini see lucky
Ragini: lakash do u want anything
Swara see him but ignore him and goes from their to sanskar room
Lucky: yeah ragini you come to room
And turn and wipe his ters and go to room
Ragini: ma I am coming in 5min

Ap: ok beta an sap and sujata goes in kitchen and ragini goes behind lucky
Swara comes in sanskar room and see him sleeping like a child and smiles a little bit and then see sunlight are disturbing his sleep so she stand in front of sunlight and put the curtains and due to this sanskar wake up and see swara in sari and memerised seeing her when she was about to turn he closes his eyes and looking like he is sleeping swara goes and sit beside him
Swara: I know this marriage is a game for you but for me this is relation of 7 births don’t know why I belive you this much but I like your presence with me and I am lucky that I get a pure hearted husband like you
Sanskar is listening all this and happy but suddenly a guilt come in his heart
Swara : you came here to wake up him and you are talking alone and slightly hits her head
Swara: sanskar wake up please wake up
Sanskar wake up and see swara
Sanskar: dost you are looking beautifull in this dress you are looking like princess
Swara smiles hearing the compliment
Swara: ok now I am looking like princess then get ready and look like prince right
Sanskar gets happy hearing this and nodes

Swara goes from their as she was busy in mantaning her sari and from other side lucky is coming he is doing something on phone and both collide and lucky hold him and sanskar see this from window and come outside but hide to hear their conversation
Lucky is holding swara and lost in her while swara is uncomfertable and bg music hamari adhuri kahani plays but lucky come in senses by swara voice
Swara: leave me lakash
Lucky makes her stand
Lucky: are you fine swara don’t you get hurt na and hold her hand
Sanskar get angry when lucky hold swara hand but swara jerked his hand
Swara: I am fine and don’t try to touch me
And started going but lucky holds her hand and stop her
Lucky: why are you doing this swara
Swara: what
Lucky: you know what I am telling why are you making your life hell by doing this
Swara: who are you to tell me like this just concentrate on your life ok
Lucky: swara you know I care for you I love u dammit cant you understand
Swara hearing this slap lucky

Swara: what you think of yourself lucky you can tell anything you are a married man now with my sister and I am married to sanskar your brother I am his wife have some shame lakash don’t make fun of realtions like this and don’t you dare to say this again to me
And goes from their lucky has tear in his eyes and seeing swara going while sanskar smile hearing that wife word from swara mouth and see swara going

Credit to: rani

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