True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 8


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Todays episode start with swara ganing consciousness and ragini see this and sit near her swara open her eyes and see ragini and sanskar sitting near her and she try to sit so ragini help her then she touch her mang and see sinduer and then see sanskar and then ragini ragini is controlling her tears and here swara stand up and go near mirror and see her and stand like a statue and look her in mirror ragini cant see her sister like this and goes to her
Ragini: atleast swara fall a drop of tear from your eyes
Swara: no response
Ragini shakes her
Ragini: swara are you listening please cry your pain out please
Suddenly their dadi and all members come and see swara awake dadi hold swara hand
Dadi: chal sona
And start taking her but swara stop and dadi turn and see her
Swara: dadi where you want to take me I am married now I am swara sanskar maheswari now this is my sasural I cant leave from here
Hearing swara sanskar maheswari from swara mouth sanskar gets happy and thinks why I am so happy hearing this
Dadi: no sona I cant let you live in this hell you come with me
Swara: no dadi you only tell na marriage is the puriest bandhan in this world and I cant break it
Dadi: but swara this marriage is not approved I cant listen to you come with me
Swara: no dadi marriage is the relation of trust faith love and I respect it very much and although relation of two families and destiny has selected this guy for me dadi I know I cant love him but I trust him very much and I will always with him bcz my marriage is based on trust I know he has done this in childness but we know how pure is the marriage realtion insulting it like insulting god now I go from here only after death

All hear swara and get teary eyed ragini hugs swara and here sanskar is standing and a drop of tear come in his but he wipe it
Sanskar thinks swara how can you trust this much on me how you fell you got to know about I truth no I cant let you know I will become mad my whole life but cant break your trust which you have on me now I will give you all happiness which you deserve but I cant even forgive lakash
And he goes to swara and hugs her
Sanskar: soory dost I have done wrong with you all are saying this
Swara breaks the hug
Swara: no sanskar its ok
Sasnakr: you come and rest docter said to rest don’t stand like this and he hold her hand and make her lie on bed

All see this and smile at sanskar concern and swara also smile
Sanskar sit beside swara and lucky who is hearing all this go from their in room and cry
Dadi: ok beta if you want this we don’t have any objection
Sumi: sona take care of yourself
Ragini: ma I will take care of my sona
Sanskar: no I will take care of my dost
Ragini: ok baba you take care ok
Sanskar noded
Shekar blesses swaragini and gadodia family go from their
Lucky in his room crying and thinking all incident happen how sanskar marry swara and how swara accept the marriage
Lucky: now what I do swara you always in front of my eyes then how can I move on why god this is happening with me

In swasan room
Ragini: swara you rest I will take breakfast for you
And ragini goes and sanskar hold swara hand and swara closes her eyes and sanskar is staring her lovingly he don’t know but he start loving her

After some time ragini come with break fast
Ragini: swara wake up and do break fast
Swara wake up and ragini feed her but after having little bit
Swara: ragini I am done now
Ragini: no way you have to eat all and then you have to take medicine
Swara: no way
Sanskar takes the plate
Sanskar: when you feeded me I also tell you that but you make me eat full na so I will also make you eat this full
And start feeding her and give her medicine ragini see this and a smile come on her face
Sanskar: dost now you rest
And swara lay down and sanskar sit their only and ragini goes to her room and see lucky and goes and hug him
Lucky: what happen ragini
Ragini: see lakash what happen with my sona and started crying
Lucky: don’t cry my brave wife you have to be strength of swara
And wipe ragini tear and there is a eye lock btw them and bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiya plays after some ime they compose themselves
Ragini: yeah lakash I know

At evening ragini make swara eat dinner and take sanskar to guest room and sanskar obediently go and sanskar sleep in guest room while swara sleeping in sanskar room but she is remembering all the thing which happen with her and started crying holding mouth with hand as ragini is sleeping beside her as she don’t want to show anyone her pain and don’t want to give anyone tension
Here lucky in his room remembering his moments with swara how they used to fight how lucky kidnapped swara and all and crying
And sanskar in his room crying and thinking swara word that she trust him and cry and think no swara I don’t deserve your trust for my revenge I am using u but swara belive me I will take care of yours I know after knowing truth u will break down so I cant see you like this and for you I can do acting of mad my whole life
Here ragini is facing opposite swara and crying and thinking I know my sona is in lot of pain but not showing it but I will stand with my sona in every decision why you did this with my sona you can make my life hell but why you did this with her
All 4 are crying for their reasons but they don’t know destiny has make them meet their true love


Credit to: rani

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