True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 7

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Todays episode start with next morning in badi sumi comes to swaragini room and wake up swara and it is see by her eyes that she is crying whole night
Sumi: sona what happen
Swara: ma I am missing ragini so much
Sumi: so get ready we are going to meet her
Swara smiles: sachi
Sumi: yeah there is pooja in their house in ragini house so we have to attend it ok
Swara smiles
Sumi: now get ready

After some time swara get ready and they all go to mm and their all are doing prepration of pooja and gm come and all great them
Swara: where is ragini
Sujata: relax swara she is coming
Here in room ragini is getting ready and see lucky sleeping and see the time and get tensed
Ragini: lakash wake up
Lucky: please ma let me sleep
Ragini: its me ragini and its already late we have to go in pooja other wise papaji will get angry
Lucky wake up hearing dp name
Ragini: go and get ready fast
Lucky: yeah ragini otherwise hitler will give me punishment
And runs in washroom and ragini smile seeing him and then she goes down and see her family member gets happy and go and take blessing from dadi and then hug shekar and sumi

Swara: ragini you forget me I will not talk to u and trun her face
All smile seeing swara behavior
Ragini goes to her
Ragini: how can I forget my sona
Swara: no ragini I will not talk to u
Ragini: oh my sona get this much angry
Swara: yeah
Ragini: then these chocklates which I bring for my sona what will I do of it
Swara turns happily

Swara: then give it to your sona
Ragini smiles and give it to sona and both sister hug each other
After some time lucky come and sanskar also come lucky see swara but swara turn her face and lucky fells bad and here sanskar goes to swara
Sanskar: hi dost
Swara: hi sanskar
Swara: sanskar would you like to share my chocklate
Ragini get shocked
Ragini: my sona is sharing chockalte
Swara: yeah he is my best frnd na right sanskar
Sanskar noded and swara give him chocklates and sanskar smiles innerly seeing swara behavoiur and think how childish and innocent she is but I have to be strong and have to do this with her today only

Lucky comes to them
Lucky: hi swara
Swara coldly: hi
Lucky is about to say something
Swara: come sanskar lets go from here
And swara goes with sanskar and lucky get hurt by this and a drop of tear come in his eyes but he wipe it
Swara goes to ragini
Swara: are you happy na ragini if anything tell me
Ragini: sona don’t take tension I am happy see my face its looking sad
Swara: no but
Dp annoce that pandit ji come and we start the hawan and ragini lucky sit and then all sit sanskar near swara and sanskar slightly geatrue pandit
And pandit start uttering marriage mantre dp stops
Dp: pandit ji why this marriage mantre
Panditji: shree mann this will make their bond stonger and after hawan he make her waer mangal suter and sindoor
Pandit start the marriage mantra and all closes eyes and pandit gesture sanskar to make her wear mangal suter and fill manng
Sanskar take sindoor and mangalsutre and tied in swara neck without her knowledge and then put sindoor on her manng and some sindoor fall on her nose and she open her eyes and see something red on her nose and wipe it as she don’t know what sanskar did

After hawan they all open eyes and lucky is about to take mangalsuter but not found
Lucky: ma mangalsutre is not their
Ap and all get tensed but no one see swara ragini suddenly see swara
Ragini: what is this swara you are wearing mangalsuter
Now swara see mangalsuter and see her manng filled with sindoor and shocked and all other shocked seeing this
Dp: whats all this
Sanskar: I have done this now she will be with me whole life right dost
Rp: sanskar you know what you did
Swara is stunned by this and about to fall ragini hold her
Ragini: swara sambalo aapne aap ko
Sumi: this cant happen he has done this in childness this marriage is not happen
Pandit ji: soory to say but he has put sindoor and manglasuter which is important for marriage and this marriage is happen

This is a big thunder for all of them specially swara
Swara hearing this faint and ragini hold hersanskar see this and get tensed but go to her
Sanskar: dost wake up what happen I will take her to room
And put her in arms and take her to room while lucky call the docter
Sanskar make her lay on bed and sit beside her and see her
Sanskar: wake up na dost
And ragini is also sitting beside her and crying all family member has tear in their eyes
Docter come and check swara
Ragini: how is she docter
Docter: she is faint due to strees she need full bed rest ok
And docter goes and all members came to hall except sanskar and ragini they are sitting with swara
Shekar: we cant approve this marriage
Sumi: yeah he has done this in childness
Dp: we are agree with your decision shekar ji
Ap: but this marriage is completed and we cant deny it
Shekar: so what are u saying we will make our daughter life hell by our own hands
Dadi: yeah she will go with us
Ap: please let her rest and then whatever she say we will do it
Dadi: no not at all I will not make her life hell
And here in room ragini is crying and sanskar is seeing swara and feels guilty
Sanskar thinks swara I know I have done wrong with you for my revenge I used u but I will give u all happiness which u desrve and its my promise to u
And ragini think what has sudden happen to my sona how she will handel this now I have to become her strength and support and cries
So what will swara decision I want your suggestion should she agree to stay or she move out of house please suggest


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