True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 6

Soory for late update and thnks for liking my ff
Episode start with next morning sumi comes and wake up swaragini and then make ragini get ready but swara is sitting sadly and get ready in her normal dress
Ragini: what is this swara you are not ready till now
Swara: I am ready ragini
Ragini: in these clothes
Swara: wo ragini I have to go orphanage as there is a fuction of charity so
Ragini: ok but after my engsgment
Swara sadly nodes

Ragini: now I want a cute smile on my sona face
Swara smile for her shake
They all left to mm and see the mansion is beautifully decorated only family members are present they great them and swaragini take blessing from them and lucky is seeing swara but swara is just ignoring him
Sanskar comes to them
Sanskar: dost your sister is looking so beautifull
Ragini: thnks sanskar ji
Dp: so lets start the engagement
Shekar: yeah
And lucky helplessly see towards swara and swara thinks I cant even tell her the truth what should I do
The engagement started and ragini makes lucky wear ring and lucky make ragini wear ring and swara seeing this a drop of tear come in her eyes and sanskar see this but swara wipe it
Ragini and lucky take blessing from all of them and they both go to swara and sanskar
Ragini hug swara and lucky see swara
Swara: congress both of you hope lakash you will make happy my sister always
Sanskar hugs lucky and think now you will get to know my pain and then break the hug
As engagement ceremony over
Dp: come we all do luch

Swara comes to sumi
Swara: ma I have a fuction at orphanage so shall I go
Sumi: yeah beta but come fast
Swara: ok ma
Ragini: best of luck of my sona
Sanskar hear this and thinks I know swara u are in pain and I cant leave u alone whatever it is but I cant
Sanskar: I will also go with u dost
Ap: no beta itni zid nahi karte
Sanskar: no I will go
Swara: ok come
Sanskar smiles and swara and both of them go on scooty to orphanage but there is no fuction as swara cant stand their and control her tears so she made excuse
Sanskar: where is function dost
Swara: I think its over
And they come in and all children come to swara
All tell hi to swara and swara give them chocklates and intridue them to sanskar and tell sanskar to be with them and himself go andsit on a chair
But sanskar go behind her but stop at a little distance
Swara started crying bitterly

Swara: what I should do I cant see my sister going away from me why god alawys me why you do this with me I cant tell her truth if I tell her then she will get break and I cant see her like this you have snachted her mother in her childwood and now why are you snatching her love and the reason is me I curse myself the day when I make that laksh my frnd
Sanskar hear this and feel bad and goes near swara and sit near her and put his hand on shoulder and swara see him and put her head on his shoulder and cry and sanskar put his hand on her head
Swara cry her heart out
Sanskar: please don’t cry dost I cant se you in tears
Swara come in senses and wipe her tears and smile little
Swara: come lets go
And they stand and go to children
Swara: ok bye bacho

Childrens: bye
Swara: don’t you forgetting something retrun gift
Childrens: yeah
And they all come and one by one kisses on swara cheeks and sanskar see this and see swara her hair are blowing by wind and she is looking so beautifull and sanskar doesn’t control himself and he also goes and kisses on swara cheeks swara get shocked by this and see sanskar and sanskar also think what you have done sanskar its not right you have to control how can you do this with a girl
Swara smiles and think how childish and pure hearted he is how every one is not like him
Swara: come lets go

And they go and swara drop sanskar to mm and then goes to badi as sanskar don’t stop as he is felling guilty for his work
As days passes the weeding arrangement are going and swara completely ignore lucky when he try to speak her she goes away and here swara and sanskar are coming close as sanskar care for her both don’t know that this is love and sanskar is continuing his drama of being mad
And the weeding day come all are ready sanskar wear sherwani and lucky in his room seeing himself in mirror
Lucky: today is my marriage but I cant do this
Lucky soul: what you cant do this marriage
Lucky: who are u

Lucky soul: I am your inner voice
Lucky: yeah you heard right I cant marry her bcz I love swara
Lucky soul: but she hates you from the core of her heart
Lucky: I know but I cant do this
Lucky soul: what you think marriage is a game think if something will do like this with your sister left her at her wedding day then
Lucky: but she cant become happy with me
Lucky soul: she is your frnd and slowly you will start loving her think about it
An lucky soul disappear and adarsh come and call her and he goes out and barat start going towards gadodia mansion
Here in badi swara make ragini ready and ragini make swara ready sumi comes to them and blesses
Ragini: after my going my sona will take care of ma baba na
Swara: yeah ragini I will take care of them but you will take care of yourself ok
Ragini: ok my sona ma
And they trio hug each other
Barat come at door and sumi and swara goes out and ragini sit in room sanskar comes to swara and swara smile seeing him and sanskar also smile
Sanskar: see dost ma has has make me ready hoews I am looking
Swara smiles: so my dost is looking so handsome today and slightly pull his cheek
And dadi welcome barat and they come in swara see lucky and lucky also see her and swara think about how he tell her that he loves her a tear come in swara eyes and seeing this sanskar hold her hand and swara see him and smiles

Pandit start the rituals and then lucky sit in mandap and after some time pandit tell to call bride and swara bring ragini and make her sit next to lucky and she goes and stand beside sanskar lucky is seeing her only
And after seven rounds lucky fills ragini manng and then make her wear mangalsutr and pandit declare that weeding is over and they take everyone blessing and now its bidai time everyone is crying speciaaly swara swara runs and hug ragini
Swara: ragini always stay happy and I tell whenever I want want to met you I will come ok and call you
Ragini: ok
Ragini goes to dadi and she blesses her
And then she goes to sumi
Sumi: today your new life is starting so god bless you always make happy your inlaws
And they both hug each other and then ragini goes to shekar and hug her and blesses
Ap: you all don’t take tension we are taking our daughter not daughter in law we try to make her happy alwaysok swara now smile
Swara smiles hering this

Swara: yeah ragini take care of yourself
And then they sit and go and swara hugs sumi and see them going and then they go in and swara to her room and see her photos with ragini and cry and goes to bed and cry their and sleep while crying their only
Here ragini grahpravesh is done and she goes to her room and sit on bed and start wating for lucky lucky comes after some time
Lucky see ragini and comes and sit next to her ragini is felling nervous
Lucky: ragini please don’t take me wrong but I need some time
Ragini see him
Ragini: its ok I understand
And ragini goes and change the dress and then lucky also chand=ge the dress and take pillow and about to go but ragini stop him
Ragini: where are you going
Lucky: sleeping in couch
Ragini: this is your room and your bed also you can sleep here
Lucky: here but
Ragini: don’t take tension I have a idea and she make a pillow wall
Ragini: now you can sleep here

Lucky: thnks ragini for understanding me
Ragini: before wife I am your frnd so I will understand u better ok now sleep gn
Lucky gn

Ragini sleep on her side and lucky on her side

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