True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 5

Episode 4

thnks guys for comments but I think you get bored by my ff that’s why I am not getting good response so I decided to stop this ff here only

Todays episode start with swara sitting in couch thinking how to tell ragini as tomarrow is their engagement so she has to do something and decided something
Here ragini in kitchen with all ladies as they prepared lunch
Ragini: ma cachi ji app jayeye hum kahana ley kea ate ha
Ap: no beta we will help
Ragini: ma pleasei am here na to work you both go please
Sujata: chalo jiji our bahu don’t let us do any work
All smiles ap sujata sumi comes out and sit on dinning table and pari and ragini serve them food
Ragini: pari di you please serve the food I have to call swara she has not eaten anything from morning
Pari: ok ragini you go and call swara I will serve the food
And ragini goes from their
Sujta: both girl love each other so much
Ap: yeah ragini take care of swara like a mother
Dp: its all about values which we give to childrens
Rp: you are right bahisa we are lucky to have that girl as our bahu
Dadi shekar and sumi smiles proudly

Here ragini goes near sanskar room and see door closed and knock the door swara comes and open the door and see ragini
Swara: ragini you
Ragini: yeah come for lunch
But swara goes in and sit in couch ragini is surprised by her act and come in and see sanskar is sleeping and she goes and sit with swara and see swara eyes are red
Ragini: why my sona is crying anyone told her anything
Swara: no no I am not crying
Ragini: oh my sona start telling me lie I am hurt

Swara brust by these words and start crying ragini see this
Ragini: ok sona soory I am just joking you cant hurt me never ever
Swara sees her and think not to tell anything
Ragini: ok baba soory tell me are you sad
Swara: ragini you will leave me after your marriage and I will be alone whome I will play
Ragini cups swara face and wipe her tears
Ragini: oh my budhu sister whenever you want to meet me just call me I will come with your jiju ok now smile
Swara smile for ragini but crying in heart
Ragini: ok now come with me for lunch
Swara: no ragini I don’t want it
Ragini: sona I am not telling you I am odering you ok come lets go
Swara noded and both hug each other and then goes after their going sanskar lopen his eyes
Sanskar: they both love each other so much I have never seen this type of bonding but I know I am hurting them but I have to do it now I have to excute my second plane
Swaragini goes down and their swara see lucky sitting and holds ragini hand lucky see this and feel bad ragini goes and sit beside lucky and swara sit beside ragini and hold her hand and they did lunch and then shekar sumi dadi goes and swaragini wait there

At evening swaragini goes with lucky to badi and today sanskar is also with them
Lucky and ragini are sitting on front seat and swasan on back seat lucky is staring swara from mirror and swara see this and look away sanskar also see this and put her hand on swara hand and swara see him and smiles and then he put her on swara shoulder and swara see him but smiles lucky see this and become sad (as sanskar is doing this to make lucky jelous)
After some time badi come and swaragini and sanlak come out of car sanskar goes and hug swara
Sanskar: bye dost
Swara: bye sanskar
Ragini: don’t you tell bye to your new frnd
Sanskar: yes bye
Ragini smiles and tell bye
Lucky: bye swara bye ragini
Swara gave a roughly bye and ragini also said bye and they go in sanlak go to their home
Swaragini come home and do dinner and gi to their room
Swara: ragini I ask you something
Tell by sitting on bed
Ragini: yeah sona and sit on bed
Swara: by chance ragini by chance if lucky betray you then what will you do
Ragini shocked by her question
Ragini: swara please I cant imagine this he is my first and last love in my whole life I have consider him my husband from the bottom mt my heart swara like I cant live without you like I cant live without him if it will happen I will break in pices I don’t know what I will do I cant imagine this I love him so much
And tear come in ragini eyes and swara wipes it

Swara: soory I make u cry
Ragini: its ok swara but swara are you hiding something please tell me
Swara: no ragini what I will hide I will only asking this to see how much my sister love her better half
Ragini: oh
Swara: yeah now sleep tomarrow is your engagement ok
And they both sleep swara turn her face and hold her mouth and cey slowly so that ragini cant hear
Swara thinks I cant have guts to see my sister heart broken I cant tell her truth from now I will be away from lucky and closes her eyes
Here lucky in room ap comes their with milk and see lucky tensed
Ap: lakash beta what happened

Lucky turns and say ma I want to tell you something
But at the mean time someone call ap and she goes
Lucky: ma I know its not right time to say but ma I don’t want to do this engagement I love swara ma I tell yes for engagement for bahi only ma plase try to understand me
Lucky doesnot get the response so hee turn and see ap not their
Lucky: I have gather so much courage to tell this but where is ma go and sit on bed and hold his head and a drop of tear come in his eyes
Ap comes with sanskar as sanskar thinks that lucky will tell her everthing so he called her and she goes from the room ap makes sasnkar sleep and then goes to her room
Screen splits on swalak crying face and sanrag sleeping face
Don’t know what happen now

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